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+chargen is the command that starts putting together all your technical things. It's what allows you to fight and use moves to enhance the roleplay environment. To start, type out

+chargen <yourname>

What are you?

This is where you tell us what you are.


+pokechooser <gender> <species> <morphology>

Choices for Gender is

  • male
  • female
  • hermaphrodite
  • neuter
  • gendershifter (This costs more to create)

Choices for Pokemon are currently any Pokemon up to (But not including) all of Black and White. (We're working on that) You can always check our game's stats for a pokemon by typing

+dex <pokemon>

Yes, You CAN be a ditto, But you're transformation ability is NOT at will. The rules regarding Ditto/Dittokin have been wiped from the previous games. Ditto will function as the wild pokemon Ditto. You CANNOT be a Ditto Pokemorph.

Choices for Morphology are

  • pokemon (Domesticated and Trained)
  • wild-pokemon (Native to Iridia)
  • pokemorph

Examples: Bob wants to be a Wild Spheal Girl. Bob would type

+pokechooser female spheal wild-pokemon

Christine on the other hand wants to be a Human Girl with an extra suprise. She would type

+pokechooser hermaphrodite human pokemorph

(Yes, Humans count as Pokemorphs.)

What are your stats?

There are two sets of stats in this game. Pokemon Stats, and Attribute Stats. Lets talk about Pokemon Stats first.

Pokemon stats are largely dependent on what pokemon you are. but, You might be special. You might be faster then other Furrets, or you might be buffer then other Metapods. So type +freebies

You'll be greeted with stats! Notice that spending freebies makes you level slower, But makes stats go up more. The slower you level, The more potent your stats are at higher levels. Don't get too crazy- Spend it all and you won't grow at all!

Also, If you want a move from your dad (Breed Moves) make sure to spend the points here to do it. For example, Uno the Bulbasaur's dad was a Bellsprout, And he wants Ingrain and Magical Leaf. He would spend 4 in breedmoves.

If you had Breed Moves when you type +finish, It will as you about your dad.

Great I have stats, But where are my moves! I'm level 10!

In this world, Pokemon can have more then 4 moves, But you have to train with those moves. To buy a new attack, type

+buy <move>=<xp-to-spend>

For example, Jauffre the new Ghastly wants to buy Lick, and wants his Lick potent. Since he started just now, He is Level 10, and has 100xp to spend. Jauffre REALLY wants to lick hard, so he dumps it all.

+buy lick=100

On the other hand, Uno the new Bulbasaur wants to be moderate and versatile. He spends only 10 points in the moves he can have at level ten, so he would type each of the following lines, pressing enter at the end of each line

+buy tackle=10
+buy growl=10
+buy leech seed=10

Now, how about those other stats?

This is especially important if you're human. Type


Ten tell uss what's important to you in two words. The command will help you. With that finished..

Alright alright, Can I play NOW?!?

Of course. Go to @pub and ask a wizard to Validate you. They will look at you from afar to see your description, then look at your character sheet, And if it looks good, They will Validate you, and you're good to go.

Never be afraid to ask for help in @pub, at anytime before, during, and after all this. Everyone is very helpful.