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NOTE: The OFFICIAL version of the AUP is available on the muck 
with the command '+help aup' if there is any discrepancy between
this document and the one held on the muck. The version on the 
muck shall be held as correct.

Acceptable Use Policy for Pokemon Dynasty MUCK This Acceptable Use Policy (hereby referred to as AUP) has been made to protect both the intellectual and privacy rights of all who use Pokemon Dynasty MUCK (hereby referred to as Pokemon Dynasty). Please take the time to read through this file thoroughly, as it is binding, and abide by the terms set forth and defined in accordance with US Federal Law and California State Law.

1.0 Limited Access Policy and Legalise

Access to Pokemon Dynasty and use of its facilities is granted on a revocable basis to those who meet the specified guidelines, agree to abide by them, and do not violate the policies stated in this document. Connection to Pokemon Dynasty is at no time guaranteed. The use of Pokemon Dynasty facilities online is limited solely to Lawful purposes. Any use of Pokemon Dynasty to transmit or solicit illegal material that violates US Federal Law or California State Law can, and will be, punished and is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material that is threatening, libellous, or violates trade-secret, patent, or copy-right protections. By accepting this policy you agree to hold harmless Pokemon Dynasty, its staff, owners/operators of the computing resources, and all other parties connected with the administration of Pokemon Dynasty from all claims. Any and all traffic which originates from your character or connection is solely your legal responsibility. Notwithstanding the above, you agree that should Pokemon Dynasty or its staff be found liable in a court of law for any action or lack of action related to your use of Pokemon Dynasty, our liability is limited to $0.00. The Staff and Administrative Handlers of Pokemon Dynasty reserve the right to, at any given time, revoke connection status and membership for breaking the rules and policies as put in place by this AUP.

2.0 Privacy Protection and Privacy Rights

In accordance with Federal and California State Law, all users of Pokemon Dynasty are entitled to all privacy laws within limitation.


Under no circumstances is a user of Pokemon Dynasty to use programs, zombies, puppets, or objects or any other methods to inappropriately monitor and record conversations and activities. Zombies/Puppets, however, may be used freely within these limits.


The staff and administration of Pokemon Dynasty reserves the right to, at any time, monitor and record intrusively if and only if there is sound reason to believe that a user of Pokemon Dynasty is using Pokemon Dynasty's resources in an illegal manner, or if a user is conspiring to in any way tamper with or destroy Pokemon Dynasty's database.


Pokemon Dynasty staff and administration makes it known that all communications held within Pokemon Dynasty are not secure. At any given time your conversation can be monitored or recorded without Pokemon Dynasty being held liable. By agreeing to this AUP you are accepting and agreeing that the staff and administration is not to be held responsible for any secure information that is broadcasted or transferred via Pokemon Dynasty's computing facilities being stolen. This is a notice in regards to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. (ECPA)

2.2 Personal Information

In accordance with California State Laws and Federal Laws, all personal information is considered private, and thereby protected.


All personal information is to be considered private. Under no circumstances may the personal information of another user of Pokemon Dynasty be revealed without prior consent. Violation of this can, and will, be reprimanded by the staff and administration of Pokemon Dynasty.


Under no circumstances may a user of Pokemon Dynasty devise a program or system to reveal or extract the personal information of another user.


The Staff and Administration of Pokemon Dynasty reserves the right to access the personal information of a user for legal use and reasons that are justifiable based on the discretion of the Staff and Administration. However, the Staff and Administration will not, under any circumstances, disclose that information.


All information pertaining to a user of Pokemon Dynasty outside of Pokemon Dynasty is considered privileged. This information is accessible only by the owner and the Staff and Administration of Pokemon Dynasty and will not, under any circumstances, be disclosed. This information includes but is not limited to Phone Numbers, Real Name, Real Age, and Home Address. This information may only be dispersed by the owner at the owner's discretion.

2.3 Harassment policy

All users of Pokemon Dynasty and its resources are protected from personal harassment.


Harassment will also not be taken lightly; any reports of harassment will find the offenders pulled into the staff nexus for a chat with me, or whoever is designated as Rule Enforcement in lieu of me not being there at the time. We will talk about the report and what is going on between you and that person. If nothing can be worked out we will enforce a No Contact rule and neither of you is to page the other, nor interact with the other. In extreme cases the offender will be @booted. This will be the case for; Spamming, Crude Language, Repeated Unwanted Advances, ext. If an @booting occurs more than twice in a row, the offender will be @toaded, possibly Banned as well.


Yiff, intercourse, sex, relations, whatever you want to call it is both a touchy and mature topic. It requires consent of both parties, and as in real life, can impact IC life for one or more characters drastically. Therefore a few guidelines and rules must be set to deal with the issue. These rules hold all across the MCUK


Under no circumstances is a player to sexually accost another player out of character (OOC). This is not fun for the victim and will be punished severely. It makes the MUCK an uncomfortable environment to be in, and moreover if you harass a player, you will gain that reputation in the community and be ignored by it.


IC rape/sexual abuse is prohibited without prior OOC consent from both parties. This will be strictly enforced and failure to comply will have severe consequences. This helps keep the IC environment a pleasant place for people to bring their characters. People's chars are their own creations and they do not want to have them treated like garbage without having a say in the matter.


An intimate relationship with another character is acceptable. However note there are levels. Some players like to keep things 'PG' so to speak, only hinting at situations. Before you start a TS scene please confer OOCly with the other player(s) involved. This will help keep player conflict to a minimum. If a player complains to me about TS in a relationship, all parties involved will be brought in to discuss the matter with me and a decision will be made based on each incident at that time.

2.4 Alternate Characters

Alternative characters are regarded under the policies stated in section 2.2 of the AUP.

3.0 Intellectual Property and Rights

Pokemon Dynasty honours intellectual property rights as defined by the US Federal and California State Law System. All users of Pokemon Dynasty, by agreeing to this AUP, are bound by these laws as well and shall not, under any circumstances, violate them.


No resident may make or create a program, room, or other object that incorporates a copyrighted material or source without verifiable permission from the original copyright holder.


The Staff and Administration of Pokemon Dynasty become joint holders of intellectual property rights for all public rooms, programs, and/or other creations which become an integral part of Pokemon Dynasty. The owners of these items may modify and improve them as they see fit, but may not remove them from Pokemon Dynasty or alter the properties or code which make it an integral part of this establishment without prior permission from the Staff and Administration.


Any misuse of programs that require permission to port falls under section 1 of the AUP and will be regarded as illegal use of Pokemon Dynasty. Measures will be taken to reprimand the person or persons responsible for violating both copyright laws and the laws governing Pokemon Dynasty and will be reprimanded accordingly.


The Staff and Administration reserve the right to remove and/or modify any programs belonging to private parties without permission if and only if that program violates the AUP and/or poses a threat to the integrity of Pokemon Dynasty and those who share and provide its resources.


The Administration and Staff reserves the right to restore and claim intellectual property rights of any program or object that is wrongfully removed from Pokemon Dynasty without prior consent of the Administration and Staff.

.0 Acceptable User Outline

All users of Pokemon Dynasty must meet this standard before they can be considered for membership and connection privileges to Pokemon Dynasty and gain use of its resources.


Due to the nature of the content on Pokemon Dynasty, use of its resources is restricted to Mature Audiences Only. Mature is defined by the minimum consenting age as decreed by the US Federal Court of Law. Any who do not meet this minimum age requirement shall not be permitted access to Pokemon Dynasty.


The content of Pokemon Dynasty contains encounters that can be violent in nature, as well as those which can contain sexual content. Thus, discretion is to be exercised in all actions that take place on Pokemon Dynasty. Failure to do so is outlined by section 3 of the AUP.


In the event that a user of Pokemon Dynasty falsifies his or her personal information to gain access to Pokemon Dynasty, then the Staff, Administrators, and Owners/Operators of Pokemon Dynasty shall not be held liable in any way, shape, or form.


Should it be discovered by the Staff and Administrators that someone is operating under falsified personal information, that user will be banned from connecting to Pokemon Dynasty and using its resources indefinitely.


Administrators and Staff reserve the right to contact legal authorities to handle cases in which a user has provided false information to gain access to Pokemon Dynasty and its resources.


All Codes and Laws that bind the age limitations to Pokemon Dynasty are subject to change according to US Federal Law and California State Law only. Any laws pertaining to age restrictions and legal consenting age from outside of California and US Federal Law shall not hold impact on the decisions made for allowing access. Unless you fit the restrictions placed by these laws you will not be considered.