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In every community, there are assholes. And sometimes, people are assholes to YOU.

You're not without defense! If you cannot deal with it then there are steps you can take to stop the Abuse.

What is abuse?

Things abuse is NOT

  • Someone rolling lucky during a fight.
  • Someone privately telling you they don't like something.
  • Someone who disappears without warning a lot. (Rude, but not abuse.)
  • Someone proposing a scene in private to you once.
  • Someone making a comment that you find offensive before they knew it was offensive.
  • Someone playing rough or brutal during a scene> (Ask them to tone it down in private)
  • Someone having a different opinion from you.

Things that are Abuse

  • Someone repeating something to you over and over (Spamming)
  • Someone who has been told they are not welcome in a scene forcing themselves into it.
  • Someone asserting their opinion to you after having been told to drop it. (PROTIP: Please be careful not to be passive aggressive on this front. Trying to end it by saying "You're wrong but whatever, lets drop it." is pretty douchey and makes you an asshole. Try instead "I'm not here to talk about <subject>, sorry.")
  • Someone telling everyone what an asshole you are in public.
  • Someone trying to bring personal business and grudges into public light.
  • A Wizard abusing his powers on you. (YES! It happens! Any community that can't admit they might have asshole admins is delusional.)

Alright, This guy is definately abusive. Now what?

Take these steps.

First, Ask them IN PRIVATE to stop. They may not realize they are being abusive. Hay, it happens. Be forgiving at this point, please.

If that does not work, Sqwelch them using @sq/add <asshole> ...If you come to a Wizard and they ask you if you Sqwelched them first, and the first thing out of your mouth is "No, but.." We will wonder why you're wasting our time.

If that does not work, page a wizard.

If that does not work, or the abuser IS a wizard, then page Alynna or Gengar. Leave mail if you need to.

Some Jerk whined/lied at the admins and got me banned!


An abusive admin banned me for no reason!

Look, I'm a sympathetic guy, and very forgiving. I'm also not a dumbass.

Here's what you can do: Leave a message on Gengar's talk page, or Alynna, You can also e-mail Alynna@kitsunet.net ..Honestly, my User Talk page is fastest.

Tell us who banned you Tell us what the person said they banned you for (Or what you think they banned you for) Tell is why YOU think you were banned And give us as much information as you can.


  • Play dumb (I don't know why x banned me)
  • Lie

If you did do something to get yourself banned, Own up to it. Maybe you had a bad day, we all have that.