Alyssa Nirano

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Name = Alyssa Nirano

Species = Darkrai-morph

Gender = Female

Badges = None

Gym membership = None

Alignment = Evil


Alyssa, true to her type, is rather mischievious. She enjoys playing tricks on others, and is quick to hit someone with a snappy remark.


Alyssa was born a Sneasel, to a poor family living outside the city. She grew up with little in the way of material things, and always wanted some of the things she saw other children playing with for herself. But, her family was too poor to buy such things. When she reached her teen age years, she became a petty thief who made a living off of stealing and pawning the goods she stole, though of course keeping the best things for herself. Her parents soon gave up on her, and kicked her out of their house. Being a Sneasel, she was talented at her choice of work, able to conceal things and take advantage of the darkness around her. But, as with most thieves, her day came. She was attempting to make off with a rather expensive poketech system, and was spotted by a security guard. She grabbed the system and darted for the exit. They followed her outside, and a wrong turn landed her in a dark alley that dead-ended. She didn't know what else to do, and desperately wanted to get away, so she cried out to the only deity she had ever identified with: Darkrai. She promised that if he helped her escape, she would dedicate her life to him. He heard her prayer, and apparently saw potential to further his own plans one day. She gasped as she felt her body change, then she simply melted into the shadows, though not intentionally. To her it seemed like the guards simply lost sight of her in the darkness, which wasn't entirely inaccurate. When they were gone, she tried to step out, but...much to her surprise, she didn't step, but simply flow, almost like water. Then, the voice in her head. 'Your prayer has been answered. You are now my envoy to the mortal realm, just as you asked. You will carry out my will whenever I call. Other than that, you are free to do as you wish.' She shuddered. Who was that? she wondered. As she travelled along the ground in shadow form, little more than a patch of darkness, wondering how to return to her morphic form, she realized that this new power would give her even more chances to steal and otherwise cause trouble. As of yet, her dark master has not called on her, which is fine with her, as it means she can enjoy his power without any restrictions. But, in the back of her mind, she knows that one day he might summon her. That knowledge has lead her to learn as much as she can about him, and so she is often seen at the library, studying up on Darkrai, as well as the other deities, preparing for the conflict she feels is inevitable between the gods now that Darkrai has returned to the mortal world. She avoids contact with his Cult unless she needs something from them, but also understands that they are her followers as well now, and so sometimes makes an appearance, if only to stroke her ego.

-Relationship to Patron-

Alyssa's relationship to Darkrai is pretty straightforward: she does what he asks, when he asks it, and she gets to have his powers for her own uses. Of course, she is nowhere near as powerful as her master, but she aspires to reach his level one day, and perhaps be his dark queen. She also makes appearances to the Cult if and when needed.


Alyssa has no true goals beyond make money and stay alive. She does recognize her obligations to carry out her master's will, and is at his call whenever he makes it.

-Why should I get this character?-

Well, I don't know if I'm anymore worthy than anyone else, but I do know I will be able to play this character well, and make some nice RP. And isn't that one of the purposes of an avatar?


Some may feel a dark chill when they get near Alyssa. She stands pretty tall, about 6 feet, and is pretty skinny for the most part. Her face is partially obscured by her long silver-white bangs, though even if it wasn't the only thing visible would be her deep blue eyes. No mouth or other features are visible on her completely black face, though her eyes are pretty expressive. Usually it seems like she is smirking for some reason or another. Her neck is obscured by a red collar that circles around her neck at about a three inch separation. The collar is jagged, almost like sharp-teethed jaws. It almost looks like she is wearing armor, as the red collar is attached to a black section just below it that surrounds Alyssa's collar-bones in a cone-shape that tapers down into her upper chest. The cone-shape stops a few inches below her collar-bones. Her shoulders are a bit broad, and have long whisps of darkness flowing out behind them. Her upper arms are slender, with three little whisps of darkness along the back of them, looking like spikes. Her lower arms are wider than her upper, expanding slowly to her wide, four-digited hands. She wears a black form fitting outfit. The materials are soft and easy to move around in despite the tight fit. She figures when you look this good, might as well show off. Her shirt is custom made, with small straps over her shoulders to allow for the wide, whispy shoulders, and extra neck space for the cone-shape surrounding Alyssa's collar-bones. But, the neck shape follows the curve of the cone-shape, keeping her well covered, though it is just as likely that you wouldn't be able to see much detail even if she wasn't covered at all. She seems to be wearing a skirt, but it is actually part of her. The spikey 'skirt' circles her waist completely. Though there is no opening for a tail in the back, a long whisp of darkness flows out where a tail would be. She wears form fitting black pants over her long, toned legs, and short heeled sandals on her black humanoid feet.