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Name:Akikaze 'Ampre' Huzatu
Species:Electrike Werepokemon
Age:18, appears 3 nonmorphic
Height:Male: 5'10" Female/Herm: 5'8" Nonmorph: 2'4"
Occupation:Artist/Accidental Pokemon
Voice Actor:TBD
Rating:PG-XXX, mostly. Ask first if it's too weird.
Preference:Females and herms


Originally known as Akikaze Huzatu, Ampre was a relatively 'normal', intelligent young Electrike, the second and 'middle child' of a Manectric and Jolteon morph. Being the middle sibling of a mid to lower class family, he often ended up with the hand-me-downs that were too big or too small, while his younger and older siblings got the newer things. But he hardly complained, just so long as he had a book or friends to keep him occupied, and unlike many in his situation, his hand-me-downs were often still in nice shape. Even while a little bookish, he was always a sociable child, and often was found drawing or painting for his friends, or hanging out at the local game shop. But it didn't last. Midway through highschool, he started to feel trapped between his younger and older siblings, and started to feel like he didn't get the praise he deserved. But he percervered, and managed a scholarship to Tarada University, majoring in art design. It was then that he found something that would put him apart from his siblings. He found an ad for those wishing to try to evolve, and lept upon it. The results were less than promising. He didn't evolve. And now, things were worse. Things started changing, he started changing... Now his body changes between genders, morphic and non-morphic. Now they struggle to keep their curse a secret, hoping to get through college before it gets out, all while trying to find a little control over their own body.

Family Details

Coming Soon


Despite their 'curse', Ampre is a rather laid back creature most of the time. They tend to take life as it comes, knowing that even when things are down, there is always a silver lining. Even then, they have a tendency to be easily excited and surprised, which often leads to randomly shocking the person nearest them. They tend to have their muzzle in a book more often than not, but will typically not turn down the chance to socialize, although their 'curse' tends to get in the way now and again. But they are almost fiercely loyal to those who have discovered their curse, owing that friends who know their darkest secret are ones to be kept. They have little actual control over their curse, and often shift from one gender to another, whether morphic or non-morphic, the entire thing often leaving them a little confused, which leads them to confusing the appropriate pronouns, or simply plain gender confusion. Instincts are another thing which they have to deal with, as each time they shift into a non-morph, those instincts seem to become a little more stronger. None the less, Ampre is no slacker when it comes to fighting even though a bit of a book and video game-nerd, thanks to sibling spars all throughout a majority of their lifetime.


This curse is actually an instability of his genetic structure formed because of the experiments that he allowed himself to undergo in the attempts to become a little more 'unique' and evolve ahead of his siblings. The procedures didn't work, obviously. Now he randomly shifts from male to female, hermaphrodite or nonmorphic of any gender. He has a little control over it, such as he won't shift randomly in a situation that absolutely requires him to be morphic or nonmorphic if he wills himself to stay in the shape. But if he lets his brain wander for too long, there's a good chance that he'll up and randomly change to one shape or another. There is no way to end this 'curse', as the research company that he allowed to experiment on him have up and disappeared.

Personality Differences

Ampre unintentionally begins to act a little differently depending on what gender/morphology they are. It's a subconscious thing, and won't typically know that they're acting differently unless it's brought up to them. Even then, they won't really make any effort to change it.


Goes by Akikaze. He ends up being a little more proud of himself as a male. Not overbearingly, but he is certainly more ego oriented, and takes offense easily. He has a tendency to hide his artwork more often, and while social, isn't that much of a flirt, even though he's quite open to female and herm attention.


Goes by Ampre. As a female, Ampre is a little more flirty and a little more open. She's more willing to talk to people and help people with their problems, and a little more willing to let people see her drawings and paintings. She likely won't flirt with most males, but she's more than willing to flirt with the occasional female or herm now and again.


Goes by Ampre. As a hermaphrodite hir male personality differences and female personality differences intermingle. Sie's more apt to flirt with herms and females, and a little more open. At the same time, sie's also chilvarious and a little more proud.


Goes by Ampre. There isn't much of a noticeable personality difference when Ampre is in a non-morphic form, considering that their instincts have grown stronger in all of their shapes. But they are much more willing to fight, no matter the cause. When nonmorphic, fighting becomes all the more enjoyable to them, even though they are still just as likely to run away from an opponent that's just too strong.


Ampre owns no pokemon at the time, but that could always change as they get used to their curse and become capable of controlling it to a reasonable degree.