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Name:Anamalech Aamon
Species:Snubbull Morph
Gym Membership:None
Badges:None at this time
Alignment:Lawful Good
Occupation:College Student
Voice Actor:Jack Black.


ZOMG THIS GUY IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! He's not sexually deviant, he's not brash or bold. No, he's not even cocky. He's happy, sane, and dangit, as wholesome as apple pie. Sure, he might get angry every now and then, but who doesn't? He is not ruled by his emotions. I wouldn't label him a prodigy, but he's not stupid either. Fairly intelligent, Anamalech is fascinated by the stars, and his biggest driving force is to one day see space from, well, space.


Anamalech Aamon. Quite a mouthfull for a name huh? But then, if your Father was named Asmodeus, and your Mother named Andromalius, you'd understand. Aside from that one little bit of not exactly normal, Anamalech is your typical, everyday teenager. His father was a hardworking, blue collar Ambipom, who did everything he could to make sure his one and only son had every opportunity he could possibly have. Mom was the Poqmori equivilent of June Cleaver, what with the cooking, and the cleaning, and the sweeping whilst wearing pearls. His folks are, obviously conservative to a fault, and they instilled an iron clad work ethic in Anamalech. Of course, growing up in the Tundria Union will do that too you. As a child, he turned that work ethic towards books, finding books of astronomy and the stars to be his favorite. He wasn't the best at math, but he worked hard, and finally, once he was a high schooler, the pieces started to fall together. Math, science, these things came to him with ease, and he focused all of his energy in preparation for college, so that one day he can step aboard a starship and see those stars he loves so much. It is to that end that Anamalech said goodbye to his parents, and to the only world I ever knew, and now, well now he finds himself in Uto, New Ginseng to be exact, where he's getting ready to start his Freshman year of college. Oh the joys of learning!


Though he's quite bookish, Anamalech's parents thought it best he learn some form of art. Since he couldn't draw worth a poo, he chose music, the guitar specifically. Now, he's no Jimmi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, but, well Anamalech is pretty decent when it comes to playing the guitar. He has a penchant for writing silly, up beat songs.