Anarururu Kitsume

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Basic Info

Aliases: Anarururu Kitsume, Anna, Anaru, Ruru

Title: Unfabulous

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Size: 1m 64cm (As anthro)

Species\Morphology: Sie is a WereNinetales.

Occupation: Mother

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-Good


Pretty open to anything, but is emotional, though. Sie has a temper, but is not easily offended... Most of the time. Sie's passive... possibly too passive for hir own good. Will attempt to start a relationship with anyone, starting off as basic friends, then depending on how compatible their personalities are at that point, will move on, then repeat till maxium compatible relationship is reached. Will not often push hard, as sie isn't assertive, but can get aggressive if angered. References Hermaphrodites as females (usually), and and wishes others to refrence hym as a female.


Sie was bred special. However, when sie didn't win the beauty prize, hir first trainer cast hym out. Since then, even though sie's open, sie randomly becomes shy and insecure. Sie has travled a lot, in and out of sun, rain, hail, smog, etc... Along the way, sie got hymself durable clothes for hir anthro form. Sie wore a blanket that sie used as a child as a cape in anthro form and as a scarf in pokemon form, until it was ruined. Now sie wears an Xtra-Long Red Scarf in either form.

Tiny Histories

Eight Tails: Hir first trainer assumed 9 tails would bring on curses, so had one surgically removed. If you get close enough, you'll see that it was the center tail that was removed.

Forehead Indent: There was a glass sphere in hir forehead that had been embedded to make hym more beautiful, but cost hir first trainer to lose the competition for cruelity to pokemon. The glass sphere looked like a ruby due to a blood build-up behind it. Sie thought it was kind of cool. It also gave hym brain damage preventing any understanding of the opposite morpholigy, but since it fell out, sie has regained those abilities.

Misc.: Anna was released from her first trainer becuase of cruelty to her. She hopes to open a training facility to help others better themselves and to learn a little more about her own skills.

Family Treasures

Flame Gram: The Friggin' HUGE Arse Sword. Sie recieved it from an unknown sender. It is 2cm thick, 60cm wide for 1m of it's length, has a blade length of 1.20m, has a full length of 1.55m, the blade is made of Silver apperently, Hilt is made of 10 karat gold appearently, has red glowing hiroglyphs on either wide side of the blade as well as on the hilt and they're different in all three spots, appears to require two hands even though sie can wield it with one, has a different wieght to each person. The note that came with it says that sie inherited it from hir father/mother and the guy wrighting the note said that know one knows wich parent it was. The note also included information about it bieng mysterious... It's only visible when sie's an anthro.

Xtra-Long Red Scarf: Was mailed to hym by her mother, who appearently is still alive. Hir mother stated in the letter that she could change genders and she wore the scarf to look 'uber cool', but no longer needs it. Anarururu is glad at least one ancestor of hirs is still alive.

Solar Device: It was orginally crafted as a gauntlet and is over-sized to hir hand and arm. Being as insane as sie is, had it mechanically attached to hym, replacing hir right lower arm and hand. It also morphs with her, giving her an over-sized right foreleg and paw. She recived via mail from her grand father on her fathers side, with a note saying something about sunlight.

Solar Gun: A gun that came in pieces with her Solar Device sent by her grandfather. She has put it together using information from the internet and now uses it in battle. It charges it's power cell via sunlight.


Love: Anarururu is not picky when it comes to love. Sie is attracted to the strange and unusual pokemon and anthro, and will approch them subtly, but openly... If sie notices them. Any other pokemon or anthro must make the first move. (exception when sie is in heat.) Sie belives that it is ok to have more than one mate as long as sie gives them as much attention as each of them needs, wich depends on personality, past experiences and age.

Goals: To trade Mate Balls with the one she Loves, Have a large number of people living with her

Clothing Style: Django/Sabata (Konami Manga/Video Game Characters)

BattleStyle(pokemon): (Non-)Jutsu

BattleStyle(Anthro): Blues(ProtoMan).EXE/RockMan(MegaMan).EXE Sword-Type style fighting and Django/Sabata Sword and Gun style fighting.

Gym Status: Not a member of a Gym currently. Aiming for FoxFire, or Possibly hir own.

Badges (Contiki): Iris (Zeta)

Badges (Kyogara): None

Badges (Terne): None

Skills (Lvl.0): Learning, Not falling from trees after climbing them

Skills (Lvl.1): Training, Battling

Skills (Lvl.2): Social talking, Being happy

Skills (Lvl.3): Mating, Drawing

Traits (Good): Open, Kind, Loving

Traits (Bad): Child-like, Niave, Loving

IC Birthday: July 8th

IC Age: 16

IC Likes: Romance, Friends, Plushies

IC Dislikes: Water

IC Allergies: Bananas, Peas

Rating: X/R

RP Prefs: Anything except dying.

Voice Actor: Phran Gauci