Angelita Parly

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Name:Angelita Parly
Gym Membership:None


Angelita is just a nice girl with a 'down home' attitude who just left her home town with high hopes in making it big as a famous baker by using her family's secret recipes that have been passed down to her by her mother. As well as making a few nice friends along the way, of course.


Angelita was born in a small farming village in Uto known as Hod, to what can only be described as a humble family of simple field workers that owned a decent plot of land in which to make their living. From her birth, her parents, a Tauros and Miltank morph, knew she was special. Through quite a rare occasion, which one would think is impossible, Angelita was born a hermaphrodite. She was named so, because they believed her to be blessed by the gods for such an odd gift, yet they decided to keep it secret from the other villagers. Hod was known for it's rather...superstitious inhabitants.

So Angelita's true gender was kept a secret, and her parents lavished her with what many of the scant villagers would not spare for their children. Toys, breaks from the never ending daily chores of keeping a farm productive along with food luxuries; from rare sweets bought from the traders that passed through Hod on their way to nearby bigger towns to home made pies. Despite all her special treatment, Angelita got along quite well with the other children, and was eager to help her parents with the field work. Although in her free time, outside of learning the arts of sewing, cooking and cleaning, Angelita heard about the world outside Hod from the other eager children of the village. Tales of riches, adventure and tall buildings... Despite how much she liked her home, thoughts of leaving home stirred in the back of Angelita's head as the days dragged on.

Angelita continued to mature into a fine young woman, by the age of twenty she was considered to be the best baker in all of Hod. Running a cottage sized bakery and selling her delicious family recipe made pies and pastries for the all little children, despite the feeling of accomplishment in her heart, her thoughts of wander lust still stirred within. So, with her trusty cart full of her fresh harvested ingredients, she set forth from home with home hopes of making a famous bakery in one of the larger cities, and making giving Hod the recognition she believes it deserves.


Angelita is a motherly, loving girl despite her relatively young age. She has a 'down home' type of personality, kind and caring to pretty much everyone she meets. Some say her kindness is somewhat of a weakness, because it makes her too trusting at times and able to take advantage of.


A real nice gal who likes to talk about her home village over a slice of pie and a tall glass of milk.

Present Goals

At the moment, Angelita is aiming to open a small, family-owned style bakery in the high rises of the New Ginseng tower like the one she ran back in her home town Hod. Depending on the availably of space, she might have to move to another city or have one built outside the city in the plains.