Apollo Silverheart

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Name:Apollo Esamir Silverheart
Gym Membership:None

Overview and Attitude

Apollo is just a calm, happy Gardy boy who wants to make lots of friends through kindness and making people laugh. He often does the latter with his street performances, attempting daring feats and practical illusions with his psychic powers. He can be very cautious however...and when someone's bahavoir or something odd has caught his eye, it's almost assured he'll watching it for a while.


Most assume he's some sort of traveler by his choice of dress, which is shirtless with a heavy crimson cloak and a pair of his trusty leather greaves strapped onto an old pair of worn navy blue trousers. As for his body itself, it's well toned from extensive travel and contains all the other orthadox characteristics of other Gardevoir, abiet is his unusual hair color, which is silky blonde instead of green.


Apollo was born to an odd paring of a morphic Alakazam father and a Gardevior morph for mother, who happened to be pair of traveling performers. So as a young Ralts, Apollo spent most of his time wandering the grasslands and sharpening his psychic abilities to help his parents perform for the travelers on the road. Things didn't always work out the way he wanted, however… Apollo showed surprising capability in his power for a mere Ralts, he lacked the control over it for it to be safe to be used in not just performances, sparring as well. This frustrated the Ralts to no end, as he had taken a secret interest in fighting behind his parent's back.

When he finally turned fifteen, Apollo had evolved into a Kirlia. With his new evolution came more interest in his seeming untamable power as his parents told him they were to start towards a defined destination soon. A special one. He was excited, as they would not tell him what it was. Since they had actually begun to let him perform openly with out seeming to care about the broken props and scared patrons, he assumed his wild talent was finally starting to be appreciated by his folks. He…was wrong. Gravely wrong.

It was another three years later when Apollo's mind was finally clear and sharp, able to command his abilities with ease and little risk He was very suspicious of his parents now, however. If asked, he'll probably reply those were the longest three years of his life. With his potential so in focus now, why hadn't his parents brought him to the grand destination yet? Well, it came one day soon, and it was a day he'd regret. It turned out his parents had been running an experiment on their son for those long three years, developing his talents so he may be studied and observed on a reserve for research. When he became aware of this, he was appalled at his parents, but little did he know they stilled loved him very much. The research promised to pay well, and it seemed their performances were making less and less revenue each month.

Needless to say Apollo escaped his parents' grasp, who didn't dare to follow after with his frighteningly powerful psychic talent. He was far from invincible however, and fending for his own against wild 'mon taught him that. Without any money or food to sustain him, he wandered in the wilderness to the point of starvation when on the day of his nineteenth birthday, perhaps from a desperate prayer to the trinity, he arrived at the gates of New Gensing. With a fit of pure relief, the Kirlia finally evolved into a full fledged Gardevior, then took up his old job of entertaining pedestrians to make a living. Although with his keen intelligence, he is looking for another profession now a days.