Asher Darkkin

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Asher Darkkin

Personal Stats:

Name: Asher Darkkin
Species: Houndour Dittokin
Apparent Age: 10, 12 Years Old
Real Age: 25 years Old
Gender: Male
Size: 4 Feet Even
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Character Rating: PG-13 to R/NC-18
Voice Actor (Young): Macaulay Culkin
Voice Actor (Older): Johnny Young Bosch
Theme Song: Voltaire - When You're Evil

Distinguishing Features


Although his youthful Houndour pup form is by far his favorite and his most useful, Asher is also quite capable of assuming the form of an older version of himself, and, as well, through Dittokin powers, would likely be able to assume similar forms as others around him. While a houndour, however, two things set him apart from others of his species: instead of a skull cap upon his temples he instead has two half-formed houndoom horns, and the dark blue mane that he seems to have inherited from his Luxray father. Asher also has a half-formed Houndoom bone collar about his neck; and tends to sometimes wear a necklace with a skull hanging from it to try and complete the image.


Sly, sneaky, conniving. Some would say Asher inheirited the ancestral psychosis rampant in his father's side of the family; for he certainly can be quite unpredictable at times. Just as soon kill you as he would lie, cheat, and steal from you, he gets by in the world by assuming a younger appearance in order to instill a sense of security in others; however, make no mistake that this 'pup' is not a wolf in sheeps clothing. He also has a thing for the taste of blood-- that of those he attacks or kills, to be precise. Sneaky, violent, and volatile.

Badges / Gym Alliances

Asher has no badges or gym alliances at this time, nor may he ever.


Asher has no Pokemon at this time. He does, however, think Meowth are crunchy when in milk.



Many many many years ago, Dittokin were reviled, feared through all of Poqmori. Now, in this age of the present, Dittokin, while rare, are no longer as feared as they once were. They can register, be legal citizens, can make lives for themselves as long as they follow the rules.
Asher's Mother was one such Dittokin; born a houndour, she did not realize her own powers until she tried to evolve in her later years, and found instead she was capable of doing more then just that. Merthis was a genuinely kind soul, for a dittokin and even for a houndoom. Gentle, and honest. She just made bad choices, was too gullible of the belief that everyone in life is fair and just, that there is inherently good in everything. It was because of this that she eventually met Anatole.
Anatole Sevestra was a Luxray, coming from a somewhat dubious ancestry himself. His father had been head of the Dark Gemini theater chain, as had his father before him, and and so on for many many years down the line. This wealth and privilege had made Anatole vain and full of vice; though some said this was also the work of his ancestors as well, as it was rumored that there was a curse of family in the lines; werepokemon in his blood and veins. His umpteen times great grandfather had been found to be a semi-psychopathic degenerate in his later years, and it was somewhat apparent it had passed on down the line.
Anatole and Merthis met when she was looking for a job; he hired her to run one of his theaters in New Ginseng; but shortly there-after, with his eyes on more than her skills, he started courting the fair houndoom, and eventually asked for her hand in marriage. It was not until after they were wed, however, that Merthis noticed the change in his behavior. She was forced to quit her job, and he made her stay home all the time, cleaning house, and doing 'Woman's work'. If she spoke out against him, he would beat her until she was unconscious, and then lock her in her room until she healed. Sometimes, he would rape her while doing this, not stopping until he'd choked her unconscious and finished with himself.
It was shortly after one such evening that Merthis discovered she was pregnant; and when she told Anatole, she thought, maybe, he would ease up on her. Instead, he was even more angry and enraged, sure that it wasn't his, until they saw a doctor and did some tests. Once he was assured she was, indeed, carrying his child, however, he did back off for a while. Merthis enjoyed several very peaceful months while pregnant with her egg where Anatole would not hit her, nor beat her, where she did not have to hide bruises from the neighbors. But once she had given birth to the egg, Anatole was even more grumpy than before, because she was not able to do things while tending to the egg.


The egg became a part of Anatole's ire, but even he would not harm an unborn child, let alone his unborn child. So instead he would take his anger out on Merthis, yelling, insulting, and verbally abusing her. And then the day came for the egg to hatch. When Asher was born, however, Anatole knew right away that something was not right here; because the child, who should have looked like a houndour, was born with half formed Houndoom horns and a half-formed houndoom bone collar. It was then that he discovered what Merthis truly was; a dittokin.
So angry at the impurity of this was Anatole, that he had another fight with Merthis; however, this fight went a bit too far; and before his rage subsided, Anatole would be covered with the blood of his wife, and her dead body would be on the floor. His son, having witnessed this, was understandably upset by the noise and the violence. Instead of striking the whimpering whelp, however, Anatole studied him for some time. Then, after cleaning himself up, and gathering his son in his arms, he called the police to report that his wife, a dittokin, had just tried to murder him, and that she had been killed in self defense of himself and his child. No one questioned anything.


And so, Asher, named for an ancestor of his far back in the line, was raised to walk in his father's shadow. It was truly thought, however, that something just wasn't right with the boy; he often bullied kids on the playground twice his size; often made fun of younger, smaller kids. As he drifted on towards adolescence, he became a loner, keeping away from everyone else in the school when he could, delighting in tormenting people in secret while no one was watching. He was said to be emotionally disturbed because of his actions. Some others said he was just channeling a Dark Pokemon's natural aura. Still others, however, saw potential.
Truth be told, no one really knew how unhinged Asher was; growing up with his father he learned to take pain abd beatings from his old man, and then in turn, turned around and would turn that anger and frustration on neighborhood wild pokemon, hunting down the weaker ones and thrashing them soundly. As he did not fully understand his powers as Dittokin, he did not take any advantage at all to try and become exactly like what he would attack,. he simply attacked with blind rage like his father. As the years went by, the attacks became worser and worser. And then, on his eighteenth birthday, Asher made his first kill.

18th Birthday

Having just turned 18, his father went out to celebrate by getting stone drunk and coming home, and beating his son up horribly. Then, when Asher was far too bruised and battered to fight back, he kicked him out of the house, locked the doors, and took off. In his anger, Asher, as always, went out into the forsts just beyond Ginseng, and started hunting for a smaller victim of his own. What he ended up finding was a buneary. He trapped the rabbit-mon, and after giving it a sound thrashing, picked it up to inspect it's prone, worm out form. This hadn't satisfied him as so many times before had, no. And the smell on the pokemon's form was so tantalizing, so ripe, so new. He licked the rabbit's bloody wounds... And then, calmly, coldly, snapped its neck with a sound crunch of his teeth, and cannibalized it.
Asher's father never came back. He was found dead a week later, in what was ruled to be Alcohol poisoning. By that time, however, Asher had changed. The first taste of blood had awoken something primal in him; perhaps some ancestry decision thought bred out of civilized society for years. Having no real name for himself, not being well known nor even tied to his father's legacy, he threw the 'heavy inheritance' onto the shoulders of his father's legal backers, and walked off.


He hasn't been seen in years, having disappeared into the woods. Many thought he surely died.. but now, Asher is back. And he's looking for something; a purpose. His hidden lust for blood is not well spoken to the outside world or known. But it hides deep inside and lurks, waiting for a chance to strike.

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