Atria Velias

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Name:Atria Velias
Species:Pidgeot Morph
Sex:Female(Gender shift)
Gym Leadership:-
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral bordering on Religiously Insane
Occupation:Judge of the Gods
Voice Actor:-(undecided)


Atria's most commonly observed part of her personality is her blunt, and often direct and unreserved rudeness. Being the priestess of her own religion, as well as having learned the majority of it from that book she found, she's come to adopt its' teachings word or word -- Especially when it comes to interaction with other beings. The teachings(the work of fiction) spoke of a world where Bird pokemon and morphs were raised high above all others, and all others were trash, utter and pure. Of course, this often leads her to hate most beings, and most beings to strongly despise her. She's critical in her observations, often blunt and more often than not mean. That is only to non-bird 'mon of either morph or normal.

To Avian's... she's peaches and cream, even having a tendency to nearly revere them where they stand. This can lead to most people seeming to look at her funny, even various Avian's. However, she doesn't care, she treats all Avian's nice, even if they step on her(physically or metaphorically).

Otherwise, for what it's worth, she tends to be very helpful if she can, even for those she badmouths. She offers her help while being rude(yeah, makes no sense) and tends to force herself upon others til they forcefully reject her. Of course, not sexually, but more in the fashion of thinking her logic and line of helping is going to be vastly superior to theirs. One other point she tends to be a little more forgiving to the teachings is when dealing with mothers. Her own mother having died, she has a 'soft spot' for families, and more so for single mothers with only daughters.

Full Background

Sired and born in her village, which is secluded all to itself inside of the mountain ranges of barr, she was raised pretty much by herself. When she was born, she had no feathers at all, which, although natural, for her, lasted much longer than was supposed to. Her baby bald phase lasted well into her early teens, which has always left her with problems of her looks.

When she hit 13, she finally started to show signs of maturing out of her baby molt phase, but to everyone's surprise, she actually turned out to have a rare genetic abnormality that gave her quite a different look. To the common phrase, coloured.

After another year or so, though, just as she finally fully developed and hit her own form of puberty, her village came under attack by a giant, rabid Snorlax. Quite possibly one of the biggest of the species, it came and attacked the village in an attempt to find food... It did it's best to eat everything it saw. Finally setting its' sights on Atria, her mother did the only thing she could think of to keep Atria from being eaten by mistake, pushing her out of the way... taking the fate herself. When Atria finally realized what happened, she wound up evolving, though it didn't do much good.

When she attacked the beast, however, she couldn't so much as hurt it. Finally able to get the people of the village together, they were able to drive off the Snorlax with a combined attack. That wasn't, however, before Atria had been wounded, with several others. She was found by her grandfather and was saved from death, though it left her with a nasty scar on her abdomen permanently.

Around this time, Atria's depression and social problems began to hit her hard. Still being socially inept due to her early years of being teased on her looks, she often found herself hiding and staying to herself. During one of these sessions of seclusion in the mountains, she happened across a series of books that had been written some time previous. Reading them, she discovered they seemed to be a bible of sorts regarding the gods and how to worship them to ensure a passage to a proper afterlife. Her village being rather without such, she began to take the readings to heart. What she didn't know, however, was this book was purely fiction, something written by a hermit to pass the time and entertain himself, as well as attempt to make money. He couldnt't sell it, however, and instead simply dropped it there.

Over the next several years, Atria began to grow just a tiny bit crazy, following this 'religion' to perfection as best as she could. She WOULD get to see her mother again, even if it meant devoting her whole life to such practices. She finally left the village at 21, having managed to make her own little sect there that seemed to latch onto the promises that her findings offered. Her goal while leaving? Proclaim the word of the Avian gods and help save others.

On the journey to the more populated cities, however, Atria found herself assaulted many times by wild pokemon. Not being a fighter herself, nor a really trained pokemon, she tried her best to deal with them. However, if it wasn't for her two Pidgeot, she would have been killed some time back. The two pokemon, were, however, actually residents of her village. They decided to head with her when she left to ensure her safety, mostly because of the fact she practically worshipped them after finding the text. They saw her as a nice child, even if a little thatched, and wanted to keep her as safe as possible.

Through her attempts to get to the cities, she eventually came to evolve a second time, to where she is now and will be for the rest of her life, her third level, Pidgeot. Then... she finally got to the city.

One day, after having become attached to Darline, Atria had been wandering around inside of the Borean labyrinth, making her way towards the Mystic Pool. While she was in there, she happened to notice a small 'child' floating around, or at least, a small pokemon of sorts. She was entirely unsure what this pokemon was. She had no idea it what pokemon this was, she just knew it wasn't a bird. However, about that point, there was a shift and rocks began to fall. In a panic, she tried to jump and push the pokemon out of the way, but... it vanished, and when it vanished(teleported), instead of it getting hit by the rocks, she did, being crushed under the weight and mortally wounded.

Lying there, unsure what happened and waiting for her death to come, she felt... warm. A bright light, a fiery light, then... the sky. Ho-oh had been watching the girl for some time now, actually rather curious with her personality and her determination to worship her gods as she saw fit no matter what she was told or found to be different. And, thus, when she lay dying, knowing who she was and what relation she had to the other gods...(In particular Lugia), he offered her a chance.

"Become my avatar." he told her, "Become a protector of all of those in the sky, like you wish to deep in your heart. Stay on this planet, serve me and live a second life. This is my gift for one who has shown reverent dedication towards the gods they worship, through and through, even after learning that everything they knew was false. While you must obey my every word, if I give you any, you are free to worship who you wish, in addition to me."

That was another test by Ho-oh, however, to see how she responded.

And... well, she did. She apologized to her gods for having to add yet another focus in her worship, but then began to worship several gods.

Then the New World came about... Tisp.

She became a Goddess, killed Samantha, gave up her divinity, became the Judge of the Gods... and is now plotting world destruction. Kinda.


Stephanie - Atria cares greatly for this Goddess, affectionately and lovingly. She considers her the first that she actually would be willing to admit that she has feelings towards other than familial love(Amber, Ciere and Loretta) and devotion from duty(Darline).

"She is my best friend and I only wish I had met her sooner. I hope she stays around forever, she is a great source of companionship."

Lugia - She met her by pure chance while lounging on the bank of the Mystic Pool, a body of water inside the Boran Labyrinth. She now respects Lugia as a god, and a god over her gods in her own right. Much the same, however, Lugia helped her to realize the place and order of the pantheon of gods -- Helped her realize the place of /her/ gods. Darline is now her mate.

"She is a good friend and my mate. She cares for me and I for her, what more is there to say?"

Rachel Cole - She has a great amount of respect for the Avatar of Moltres, enough to the point she practically worships this girl as well. Originally having met Rachel in the City Park, she was quickly saved by her from a Mad Kirlia. Since then, she has also looked to Rachel as a bit of a protector, when not a friend.

"Rachel is... a wonderful being. She's devout, a true follower of Moltres, and she's very wise. I... I can only hope to aspire to be a fraction of what she currently is. She also has such a lovely personality... and she's very nice to hug as warm as she is!"

Kajin - Kajin is someone whom she cherishes as a dear friend. Much the same, she worships him as divinity due to him having told her he is the son of Articuno. She also loves to hug him because he's cool to the touch.

"Kajin is probably my dearest friend. He... might never realize it, but he means the world to me. At least, I think he does. Ever since he tried to console me when I was hurt and carried me to the 'center, I... I get all realxed when he's around. He's just so sweet to me!*

Drake - An Absol she met and never got along with too well. Eventually coerced him into capturing himself, though she ultimately abandoned him after he nearly killed her and left her to die. Has yet to see him since she forced him to the pokecenter for a broken leg.

"A rude scoundrel, yet... he is still my pokemon. I will tolerate him and be nice to him, yet... well, I still wonder what happened to him."

Ruby - A strangely-colored Lucario who claimed herself the mate of Drake. Atria was always nice to her and eventually took her as her own pokemon after Atria helped fix a little stuffed animal she always carried around.

"Sweet pokemon, always wants attention. Cannot help but feel bad for her having such a bad choice in who she likes. Still, I enjoy when she is around, as rare as we do interact... even if she is my pokemon."

Jamie - A Kirlia whom she has no taste for. He attacked her on several occasions physically in response to her chastising him or ignoring him. She can't seem to win regarding this one, thus avoids him at all costs.

"A psychotic heathen. He is not welcome in my domain."

Milandra - Mate of Jamie. Nothing much to say here, no real opinion of her.

"So similar to Ruby... such bad taste in partners. I wish her luck."

Samui - Someone she occasionally spoke to in the park. She began to open up to him as one of the first non-birds she really associated with. Fascinated with how he is cool to the touch.

"Simply someone I know from location association, nothing much I can say of him. Usually smells of berries for some reason."

Shade - Atria has no great love for this goddess. Having had previous altercations with her, she tends to stay away from her unless necessary. Not entirely scared of her, she simply doesn't like her.

"No comment. She is a Goddess... now, and I will respect that."

Astera - Avatar of Zapdos. Only met her a few times, generally got along with her well. She introduced Atria to how to use her Pokedex, thus Atria considers her a god of technology(in a sense).

"I wish I had and have more time to interact with Lady Astera. She is such a sweet woman, always willing to help. I suppose her area of expertise does not matter much in this new world, yet... still..."

Roja - Dislikes him and considers him a flagrant slut.

"Every village has their bicycle. He simply serves as the city's bicycle."

Jonathan - No real opinion of her 'adopted' little brother.

"He is young, headstrong... and he is my brother regardless. I have not much to say of him."

Sohpra - Someone she met when she first came to New Ginseng. She tried to be tolerant of her due to the fact she was pregnant and she could appreciate all mothers. Recently got into a fight with her and has yet to speak with her since.

"I still need to apologize to her... she did not deserve to be treated like I did to her."

Mashu Williams - Someone she lived with for a while when she first came to New Ginseng. Does not remember much of him save he always tried to bed her.

"I do not remember much of him... he walked with his privates out, thus I did not look his way."

Loretta - Atria's 'adopted' mother and a Goddess of the new world.

"I call her mother even though she is not. I try to tolerate her ways and I think she tries to tolerate me. We both have our differences and opinions on life... and death."

Entei - Amber's master and someone whom Atria places great trust in. He seemed to be a pleasant god.

"He was very kind to me even in my ignorance. I do hope he is alright."

Ashe - Only met her once and she ran off with one of her Pokemon to... enjoy herself. Thus, no real opinion of her.

"Rude enough to judge me by my appearance upon our first meeting, then ran off with Zoltaire. What a hussy."

Ciere - Considers him to be immature, despite being Loretta's son and her brother in part. Tolerates him, tries to enjoy him despite his immaturity.

"An immature boy, an even more immature god. I will still trust him and he seems caring, even if he needs to learn when to stop antagonizing me. How does one so immature as him have children? Makes me wonder if I should try..."

Mickey - Met on several occasions, generally enjoys his company. Doesn't know much of him, thus doesn't speak much of him.

"Yes, I know him, that is about it."

Fushou - Strongly dislikes this pokemon.

"Disgusting creature."

Garden - No real opinion of her. Met her several times, she was quite aloof.

"I know her, not of her."

Amber - Atria considers her both her sister and her closest 'relative' left alive.

"I love my sister dearly, much as any sister should. I only wish we could spend more time together."

Lune Sakamora - Atria holds a great respect for this fellow, who is now a God in the new world.

"He is a good God and a respectable soul. I admire him."

Denko and Denki - She dislikes these two ex-Gods, having used Ketsuki to remove their powers, then killing Denki for her continued threats against the world.

"They are both immature, though he has a little more sense than she did. I feel bad for him... them."

Lepus - Has a great distaste and distrust for this God of Dreams in the new world.

"He is not trustworthy. He is scheming and tries to twist everyone he meets against me."

Raven - Raven killed her when she was a Pidgeot which led to her becoming the avatar of Ho-oh. Still, Atria forgave her. They were friends, but now Raven doesn't trust Atria because Atria hates Lepus, her boyfriend.

"Why must these girls always have such bad taste in their loved ones. I do not understand... she is immature, though, and easily scared for one who is the daughter of the old god of Nightmares."

Kara - Goddess of Technology and Science in the new world. Atria thinks she could be decent if she would pull her head out of her ass and stop quoting her schooling.

"She seems... like she has a good heart, yet she is too booksmart with no common sense."

Ketsuki - Bloodball, Atria's companion and someone she trusts(though it was recently broken, she still tries to trust her).

"She is my companion and partner. I am the Judge, she is the Gavel."

Samantha Jetfire - Met her twice, first time she seemed like a polite, if not outspoken being. Enjoyed her company. Second time... Atria killed her because she considered her dangerous as a god.

"Because of my actions towards her, I am now a murderer. I must live with her weight for the remainder of existence. I will bear it, though, in honor of her sacrifice... and my actions."

Krysli - Met once. Lepus distrusts her, thus Atria trusts her.

"Time will tell."

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