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Name:Azazael de Lioncourt
Species:Kabuto Morph
Age:Unknown, but appears to be in his late 20's
Gym Membership:Leader - Delta Gym
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Voice Actor:Stuart Townsend


On the surface Azazael appears somewhat aloof, perhaps even standoffish. He can seem selfish and egotistcal while simultaneously appearing caring and noble, but all of this is a carfully and skillfully crafted facade. In truth, Azazael is a cold, calculating, ruthless and brutal being. His only one true desire is to feed, but despite all of this negative around him, deep within him lies a good natured, albeit misguided soul.


Azazael de Lioncourt is the only son of a wealthy harbor master in a large port city in Kyogara. He grew up with the best of everything, and this perhaps led to the spoiling of a good natured boy. Anything his heart desired he got, and got in abundance. He spent his early years studying navigation, but this quickly bored the young Kabuto morph. Soon after leaving school, Azazael took to more mischievous pursuits, even going so far as to fancy himself a pirate. Like all things with Azazael this was not to last. During one late night of debauchery Azazael came upon a most wonderous sight, a Pokemon battle. This battle was unlike anything he had ever seen. Raw, feral, these battles took place without a combatant's natural born powers. Azazael was enthralled and very soon he was competing as well. Losing himself in the violence and brutality, Azazael rose quickly in popularity, his name chanted by the crowd at every fight. All of this popularity brought the Crab under the radar of a group of unscrupulous fight promoters who were determined to go any length to put the Crab under their thumb, going so far as to murder Azazael's entire family.This of course drove the Kubuto farther away, into the role of revolutionary leader. Gathering the fighters he himself defeated, Azazael struck back at the promoters and during the ensuing battle was knocked unconscious. This coma was to last ten years, and after waking up, Azazael was left with a case of amnesia, but with the help of a friend, his memory is slowly coming back, and despite his checkered past, Azazael is slowly coming to the realization that a life of thuggery is not for him.


When he was a young Kabuto, still learning the ways of sailing, he met a Vaporeon Morph who also happened to be an accomplished knife thrower. During one particularly long voyage, the Vaporeon taught Azazael this skill, a skill the young Azazael quickly took too, and has since practiced every day, save the time spent in the coma. Though his skill isn't quite what it once was, given enough time, he just may surpass himself.