Azula and Tsung

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Name:Tsung Sediclaw
Age:Young Adult (18)
Gym Membership:N/A
Occupation:Pokemon Trainer
Name:Azula Desertbreeze
Age:Young Adult (18)
Gym Membership:N/A
Trainer:Tsung Sediclaw


Tsung : Tsung Sediclaw is a short Larvitar with a personality that passes waaaaay beyond his size. Loud, and outspoken, even commanding and dominating at times, this little earth-eater is indeed quite the one to meet.

Azula : Azula Desertbreeze is your typical Miltank Pokemon from a less than usual upbrining. Shy, meek, and slightly naive, this bovine mon has big dreams and aims to accomplish them with the help of her best friend, Tsung.

Story Background

It's spring time in the valley! The warm sunshine streams down between the twin peaks surrounding the small village of Aruka, flowers blooming all around to soak up the life giving rays and display their colors up to the heavens. Yes, the Beedrills and Combees were out, doing their thing. Even the Butterflees were out enjoying the morning air. But, not all was well within the little valley community. Just outside of town, a small circle of children seem to be gathered around something. Tossing grass, dirt and insults at whatever it is. A faint, crying moo, is heard over their clamor. And that clamor just happens to catch the attention of... something. Someone that happened to be eating a delicious rock when those children make a rukus out of insulting whatever it is they're insulting. Green scales drift between the grass as someone moves closer, close enough to where a squeaky, yet very loud and boisterous voice, cries out. "Hey! What're you doing!?" There for all to see is... a rather short 1/2 ft Larvitar child, incredibly miniscule in size! The tall grass around the little Larvitar's head part to reveil the local trouble makers of the village. The houndoom twins. As well as their usual gang. A little Teddyursa-morph, a tall Ponyta girl and a round Bidoof child. "Why don't you go chew on some grass with your mooooo-mmy!" "Yeah! You're such a pig! We wont have any food for the winter at this rate!" "Moomoo moo...! Is that all you can say? PIGtank?" All five of them turn towards the squeaky voice, the twins holding rocks in their hands. "None of your buisness, pip-squeak!" One of them replies, turning to face the runt. As he does so, it gives the Larvitar a good look at what it is they're gathered around. A young Miltank-mon. A girl, as if they came in any other varity, who's bawling her eyes out because of the other children's mean words. A few bruises can be seen on her face... Likely from the scattered rocks about her. Why were the picking on her~? She can't help what she is! <Oh~? Gonna call me names now? Pip-Squeak? Why don'cha leave that girl alone and come pick a fight with me, huh? Or do you have to rely on rocks? Come on, throw some at me! I dare ya! Unless you're chiiiicken, ya dirty dogs! Woof! Arf!> Along with his words, the Larvitar has incredible body language, tilting his muzzle up as he speaks and spreads his arms out, eyes narrowed as his mouth forms an o while he talks. As he dares them, he beats his chest with his right hand, then promptly flaps his arms like a chicken! Upon calling them dirty dogs, he gets down on all fours and makes a stupid expression. <Durr~...> The mon mocks, and just keeps it up, standing upright again as he laughs! All five of the pokemorph children turn to face him now. They look between eachother as if surprised by the little Larvitar's boldness... The pudgy Bidoof boy starts looking nervious and edging away from the group. "Um... Umm..." He stammers. The Ponyta laughs and looks at the two Houndooms, an expectant brow lifting with a wordless message. The two boys look at eachother, each of them holding a rock in their hands. "At least I'm not some dirt eatting pip-squeak!" The left one says, tossing his rock at the boisterous little mon. "C'mon you guys. They aren't worth the trouble. I bet we can trick my mom into getting us some snacks at the store." The one on the right, chuckles and nods. "Yeah! Heh heh...!" He flings his rock at the still huddled up form of the Miltank, striking her on the forehead and drawing a pitious sounding moo from her. With a snort from the Ponyta, who rolls her eyes, the group of children scamper off away from the girl and intrusive Larvitar. Focusing on their companion, the bidoof, who started to chicken out. He gets a good swat in the ears from the Teddyursa as they wander back towards the town. Nom! The rock is caught right in the little mon's mouth, who smacks his lips as he uses his teeth to gnaw down the rock, and swallows, mmphing as he nods his head. As they move away with their longer legs, the little 'mon squeaks! Waddling quickly over to the Miltank, he scrambles up her side and shakes his fist at the group! <Yeah! You better run! Everyone runs from the Tsung!> His little open-pinecone tail brushes back over the miltank girl's ears, brushing off the dirt from her neck as the Larvitar scowls. <They didn't know who they were messing with! At least they're smart, they knew that when Tsung comes into town, they best get It's widely known in this perticular village that the majority of those living there were pokemorphs. Atleast in the center part of the village. They didnt have that many normal mons around town. The majority of them wild and didnt usually come into the village. The houndoom who first threw the rock yelps upon seeing it be eatten, running a little more urgently towards their home in town. A little whimper sounds from the Miltank, hooved hand rubbing at the bruse forming on her forehead and body shivering as something crawls up onto her. Once it gets off, she lift her head, blinks teary eyes at him and sniffles. <Huh...?> The little Larvitar blinks at the tears, and goes to wipe them with his stubby little arms. <Hey now, if you cry, you're just giving them what they want! But don'cha worry no more, they aren't gonna mess with ya! Or else they'd have to mess with me! And don't noone want that!> The green little earth eater winks up at the teary miltank girl, flicking his open-pinecone tail back and forth. The young Miltank blinks at him and shys away as the Larvitar reaches out to her, eyes closing as if expecting pain... But when it doesnt come, he looks at the little mon and lowers her ears. < But... They were saying all those mean things... And...> She rubs at her eyes a little bit and sniffles. <Thank you...> And the little green Lavitar moves to pat the Miltank, having to streeeeetch to rub her side, giggling softly. <Hehehe! You're big! But you ain't no pig. You're too pretty to be a pig, yup.> The earth-eater nods as if it's a common known fact. <What's your name? Mine's Tsung! I live right outside the village, in the rocky ledge near the valley walls!> A blush fills the already rosey cheeks of the Miltank girl, ears perking up faintly to the side of her head. <O-oh...? But those other kids... Said...> She points in their direction, fresh tear running down her cheek. <Um... Ah... Azula. I'm Azula.> The bovine mon replies in a shy voice. <I... live with my mommy... Just at the edge of town... Near the flower fields.> Little Tsung then gives a confident smile. <Forget what they said! They don't matter. I matter.> Yes. Definately cocky. <And ~I~ say you're a pretty little moo moo girl, kay? Kay. End of topic. Period. Nada else. Nope! Nu uh! No~!> He's now jumping up and down in front of Azula. <Don't say annnnyyything else about it. Cause you're a pretty moo-moo girl. Even got the hooves and everything! And... you live in flower fields!> Suddenly he opens his eyes wide, and gasps! <Flower fields! Think you could show me some time?> Azula blinks damp eyes down at Tsung, sitting up a little more and whimpering a little at the bruises that become known to her body again. <Owie...> She touches at the one on her forehead and begins to tear up once more. <Mmmph... Um, ah... Oh... Okay. If you say so... Um. Sure. It's got alot of flowers. And grass. My mom likes it lots. So I do too...> As Azula continues on and on, Tsung brings his hands up closer and closer to his chin, eyes growing wider, before he can't help it! <Let's go see it! I bet it's soooooo cool! You an' me, Azula? We're gonna be best friends, just'cha watch. Come on! Is it that way? I'll race yah!> The once pouting Azula looks a little confused at Tsung, carefully getting up to her hoofed feet. Her bruses and welts forgoten for the moment. <It's on the other side of the village... Um... Okay.> She agrees tot he first part of what the little mon says to her, blushing down at the second. <Y-yeah, that way...> Tsung grins brightly! <Great! Watch this! I'm fast!> He says, before turning to the direction in which said field is... and running! Well, really a rapid dragonish-waddle... Azula mrooos in surprise as the little Tsung takes off ahead of her. <Ah...! W-wait for me!> She calls out after the waddling mon, lumbering after him with the beginnings of a smile starting to grace her face. Since that day, Tsung always defended Azula! Always! Few kids their age had the nerve to actually try and beat someone up who had a mouth like that. Little kids are like that! Someone who knows how to tell you off can do more than people with good fists! Until they get to a certain age... then fights start. But not for Tsung and Azula! This wonderous pair went everywhere together... and the Larvitar visited those Flower Fields often, sometimes just falling asleep against his best friend among those flowers, and slumbering for hours, nestled against her warm body and the scent of the flora. Through all of Elementary School did they go, and once or twice when Tsung was placed in a class different from Azula, his... ahem... rather obsessive and dominating speech quickly changed those schedules around! Now, Tsung had taken an odd quirk of riding on Azula's back, instead of wobbling around all over the place. Graduating Primary School, now is their first day in the second stage of the educational career, the Larvitar sitting between Azula's shoulders as he rumbles happily. Now he's close to 9 inches tall! Woo! A full.. what, 3 inches growth? Awesome! He's a big kid now! <Hey! Azula! You know what I'm gonna be when I grow up? One of those awesome trainers on TV. You know, the ones that know everything about everything and make tons of money? There's a lot of morph ones... I want to be one of the few mon ones! What do you think?> Lumbering through the crowded halls of their Middle-school, Azula seems a little more subdued than most of the kids coming into their first year out of elementary school. Even with Tsung settles atop her backpack and between her shoulders. < O-oh really? You want to be a trainer, Tsung? > She seems rather surprised at this! Sphere tipped tail perking up slightly. <Um, I think that'd be cool! What kind of partner would have?> Her voice becomes alittle meek at the question, her girth stopping in the midst of the hallway's flow while she waits for a response. Now, it wasnt really common knowledge among the children of the village, but Azula's father had recently left home himself! Sirus, the Village's resident Arcanine, left on a pokemon journey with a passing mophic trainer and Azula really missed him. Tsung would certainly know this. <A strong, big one of course! Gotta be someone I like too~... > The little Larvitar pats against Azula's ears, rumbling as he looks around the school. <First we gotta conqueor this school though! What do you plan to be, Azula?> Yes, Tsung definately knew that Azula's dad was gone. So, he was quickly trying to change the subject! <I bet it's something cool... Like, Queen of the Universe!> Oh, if only the Little Larvitar knew. Which, he soon would. <Um, yeah... someone you like...> She starts talking forward again, trying to find their home room assignment. <Erm, me? I... I want...> She trails off for a moment then shakes her head and smiles. <I want to be like my Father. Um... And travel the world with a trainer...> Her face flushes slightly, head turning to peer back at her little riding friend. <Kind of silly for some one like me... Don't you think?> Then it hits the little rock eater. Tsung blinks back at Azula, tail brushing against her rump as he tilts his head, crawling closer to her head as he scritches her ears. <It's settled then!> He stands up, a gleam in his eyes as he proclaims! <I shall be your trainer!> Wow, assumptions! <Huuuuuh?!> Azula blinks back at Tsung, turning around in a slow circle to try and face him... Dispite him sitting on her back. <B-but... My trainer?> And that makes it look all the funnier! Tsung on Azula's back, and she spinning around as the Larvitar points to random direction Uno... and ends up pointing in a circle, before he drops down and hugs Azula's neck! <That's right! We can help each other achieve our dreams! I'm sure of it! Don't you feel it? The destiny! It courses through our veins!> Azula mrrrroooos and blushes as the little mon hugs her neck, tail flicking about in what could be considered... Excitement? < W-we can? We can! But... Um... We have to get to class first, Tsung.> She says, glancing around as they've gathered a small audience with their theatrics. Tsung just laughs, snuggling into that nice, furry neck more, before blinking at the audience. <? What's everyone staring at? You're right, let's go to class and get away from these wierdos! Seriously, people have noooo respect. No respect.> What the little Larvitar didn't realize is that he'd set two lifelong things. He'd progressed his relationship with Azula... and at the same time, discovered his lifelong saying. 'No Respect.' And sure enough, during their classes, Tsung studied like mad to memorize everything about everything there is to know about pokemon. And thus, he learned quite a few things about his own species, as well as Azula's. Thus, he expected it very much when he started to feel attracted closer and closer to Azula. That 'always being around one another' didn't shorten a lick over the years. Growing apart? Never! Afterschool, every day, Tsung helped his best friend practice her Stomp attack and other such things! Finally... the day came. As always, atop Azula, Tsung speaks first at the Graduation Ceremony. <We did it, Azula... Oh~! We did it! We're going to be able to go out there... and win the world!> And so it was! Standing there, gown draped over her shoulders so that she'd blend in with many of the other morphs at the ceremony, Azula smiles up at Tsung, in a hushed voice so that the principal of their school wouldn't notice them speaking amidst his speech. <I was worried that you weren't going to pass that science class... But, we did do it...!> Her cheeks are flushed with excitement. <A-are you nervous to graduate, Tsung?> <Me, nervous? Nah~! Worrying is like a Rocking Chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere. If you waste time worrying, you won't get anything done, ya see?> The Little Rockeater says, rubbing Azula's head with his fingerless paws. <Meh... Science. How about I let you do all the science stuff? I dun't neet to learn about REID chips or something another... all I know is that's how I gots money, and that's all it's good for! Did learn some things about the body though...> He blushes a bit more, as the Principal finishes his speech, and begins to call off names... <O-oh. I guess you have a point...> She says, tilting her head up a little bit into the rubbing. <But, those chips are important... And, um... That's what the teacher said, anyways.> She blushes a bit further at the comment about the body and ohs? <Like...?> Her round ears flick and she lowers her gaze towards the Principal, eagerly awaiting for their row to be motioned up and their named called off. <Later! Right now~... Graduation!> Tsung licks at Azula's nose, then stands at full attention on his Miltank, rumbling happily as the Principal calls off row by row... until finally. Their row was called up. <We're next... We're next! Woo!> Tsung was so worked up, he was nearly at tears, tail as always brushing over Azula's head. <Okay. Right!> She smiles and mroos softly at the lick, rubbing at her nose then his side with a cloven hoof. As their row is called, she straightens up to her full height and giggles. <Almost there.> She says to her little rockeatting rider, moving along with their other classmates to lumber up towards the stage to await their names to be called. Said Rockeating Rider squirms all over, tail lashing back and forth as finally, for some reason, the Principal calls them together. "Azula and Tsung." <YES!> Tsung bounces happily, licking all over Azula's nose, before straighting up. Ahem... Azula bounces happily under Tsung, stomach exaggerating the motion. Once it's their turn, she blinks a little as they're called togeather and blushes. Slowly, she makes her way up to their Principal, closing her eyes and wrinkling her nose as Tsung lavishes her face with his energy, nearly bumping into the Medicham that ran their school. "Ahem." The Medicham shakes his head and hands Tsung and Azula their degrees, and bows his head, Tsung almost EXPLODING with excitement and energy as he rumbles oh so deeply! <Thank you, Thank You! You've been a wonderful audience, really!> He says to everyone, as boisterous as ever. <S-sorry, Principal Dondalinger.> She dips her head to him after taking her degree then laughs up at the little Larvitar bouncing around on her back. She waits until he's done, or until their shoo'd off stage, before quickly trotting down the other side of the stage then back to their seats. <Hee! Love yah all! When I become famous, I'll write you all auto~> "Okay Tsung, that's enough." Principal Dondalinger scolds, waving a hand to Azula to send them back down. <What? Don'cha cut me off! I've still got lots of stuff to sa~> And he's cut off as Azula moves quickly off stage, the Larvitar snuggling down on top of her head. <We did it!... When we get back to the fields, I have a special gift for you...> Giggling lightly at the mon on her head, she tilts her muzzle back as if to peer at him. <I thought your speech was nice... Um, oh? Okay. Lets go right after the ceremony... Before the party.> She says, sitting back down on her seat, listening to the wood groan as she does so. Unstablized for just a moment by the muzzle tipping, Tsung giggles down at Azula and blushes, nodding. <Thanks! We'll go riiiight...> He looks around. <Let's go now...> Nodding quietly she starts to slip away from the crowd then pauses. <Now? But...> She protests... Dispite her continued movement away from their peers and the ceremony. A soft pat on the head from Tsung is all that he offers for a moment, before he nods sharply. <Yes, now, hurry! Before we're caught!> He wriggles softly, knowing that he's not needed here any longer anyways... his gift was extra special... so he wanted Azula to recieve it right away! Azula eeps quietly and scurries away from the gathering as fast as her gravid body and pudgy legs will take her... Soon, the two of them are sitting in their childhood meeting place just outside of her and her mother's home, surrounded by flowers that sway in the evening breeze. It's so beautiful... really, it is. The golden light of the setting sun casts a orange-gold hue over the field of flowers, the sparkling motes of pollen flickering in the air as Tsung leans back against Azula's udder, sitting in her lap... looking out over the flower. <I love this place... so beautiful...> He blushes and almost says something up to the femme-mon, but catches himself and shuffles around on the ground, sniffing... before he looks up at Azula. <Are you ready for your gift?> Lightly rolling the diploma next to her as she sits with Tsung, looking over the wonderful scene in front of them, Azula looks down at the mon in her lap, rubbing at the side of his head with her other hoof. <Me too... So... Many memories...> She mrooos... then blinks down to him and smiles shyly. <Okay.> Almost immediately, diploma by his leg, Tsung digs into the soft earth... and uncovers a well hidden collar. Using his tounge to clean it, a very effective method considering he eats earth, he shows her the collar. Fine black leather with golden weaving stiches driving back and forth in a double helix along it's girth, polished and shined to perfection, with a silver loop and a polished chrome tag in which is inscribed 'Trainer: Tsung' on one side, and 'Pokemon: Azula' on the other. The Larvitar blushes as he offers it up to her... Azula blinks down at the Larvitar's digging and mooos, watching him clean off the object. <What's... O-oh...!> She bwiggles a little against him then draws him extra tight against her soft belly with one arm while the takes the collar with the other. <Ts-tsung... That's... For me? ... Um... Really? Does that mean...?> She looks to be at a loss for words, tears rising to her eyes as she looks at the tag. Squeak! For all his tough talk, that's still the sound the Larvitar makes when he's tugged in extra tight against a soft miltank belly, even by just one arm. <Yup!> Tsung assures! <It's for you from me... You're my mon! And we're gonna train to win all the badges... pass all the contests... you're going to be my mega-mon, Azula! You're gonna be the league champion and the Contest Masters!> The mon squirms in a bit extra tight. <Heard of this new place... New Gensing... Tomorrow, let's head out to it... it's where all the Gyms are...> He explains... Evening turning to night. A small droplet of water splashes down onto Tsung's head as Azula looks over the collar, ears twitching at his words. It takes her a second for it to click. Another tear running off the edge of her muzzle to splash down onto the Larvitar's head. <Tsung... I... I never thought this way would come...! Th-thank you.> She squeezes him extra tight and moooooos warmly. <You and me togeather... All the way, right?> <All the way! They're gonna respect us, Azula! You believe it, and stop worrying. > Tsung giggles, scales sparkling with the tears that spread down over his back and tail now, nuzzling in against the miltank. <Azula, we're going to the top. We'll always be together. Trust me.> His bright smile and closed, believing eyes reign true in what he saws, hand patting the side of Azula's udder... <Now come on, let's go!> And they travel torwards this place called New Ginseng...

Background Interview

The room is dark. Pitch black. Azula is sat in one chair, Tsung the other. Who knows why they've been brought here. <Ahh? Azula, you there?> Tsung asks, unable to see in the darkness. <Um... Yeah, Tsung... This chair hurts to sit in... It's too small.> She replies, wriggling lightly in her seat. <Well I'll get'cha a big~WAH~!> Poom! <Owww...> The lights suddenly turn on. There's a human there, reporter type, with his face covered up. Tsung is flat on his front in front of his chair, apparently having... stepped off of it. Another human lifts up the Larvitar and places him back in the chair. <Ahem. I'm going to ask Ms. Azula here some questions about her past... while my colleague here will ask Mr. Tsung... please respond accordingly. <Gah! Ow ow ow...> Azula rubs at her eyes with the back of her hooves then blinkies at the reported while trying to get the spots from her eyes. <Um... Okay...> The man with the covered up face clears his throat. "Lets get started, shall we? Now then! Can you please tell us your full name and where you were born, Ms. Azula?" Mroooing softly, Azula sits up a little bit in the uncomfortable chair. <Um, my name is Azula Desertbreeze, and ah-> <She was born in the Village of Aruka! Between two great mountains. Yup! Good rock there.> Tsung nods sagely, the rumble coming from him. <Why do ya wanna know?> "Information collecting, Mr. Tsung. Now then... "The same question to you, Mr Tsung. Full name and birthplace." <Tsung Sedifang! Born in the Crags of Aruka! Right outside of the Village!> Azula rubs at the side of her neck and awaits the next question. "Alright then, please tell us a little bit about your parents, Ms. Azula." The man askes, looking directly at the Miltank. <Oh, my mother's name is -> <Tora! Tora Desertbreeze! Hee... nice lady!> "Erm... " The reporter looks from Azula to Tsung. "?" <You got a staring problem or something? You looking at my Azula funny?> "No sir... your Mother?" <Yui Sedifang!> Azula looks to Tsung for a moment then back at the reporter, fidgiting with her hooves. "And your Father?" He prompts. <Sir-> <-us! Sirus is her father! Gah~ why don'cha stop bugging her?> "And y-" <My father's name cannot be said in any way that a human can understand, whether it be Morph, Mon, or Wild. Kay? Kay.> Azula mroos quietly, blush working up in her plump cheeks. "Oooookay..." The reporter says then clears his throat. "Well, then... What is it that made you want to start this journey of yours, Ms. Azula?" <Oh, um, well my fa-> Suddenly, Tsung leaps over into Azula's lap, laying back on her udder like she was his rightful property. <We're gonna be the masters of the League, even better than Azula's dad! You'll see.> He toooootally didn't answer the question... The reporter coughs, Azula reaching forward to hug Tsung against her udder and look down at him. "Ms. Azula..." He starts, looking pointedly at Tsung. " How did you and your trainer get meet and join together?" Azula doesnt even try to start talking, letting Tsung field this one. And Tsung jumps right in! <I was just eating a rock, right? Sitting there, eating away... then I heard lots of yelling and name calling! So I go over and see what's the matter... and they're picking on this pretty little miltank! So I tell them off and they get scared, cause they were just dogs, an oaf, and a stupid, silly pony. And then Azula showed me her flower field! Best friends ever since> Azula blushes brightly as he tells the story, ears wilting. <Tsung...> A little giggle from her while the reporter adjusts his notes. "Oh? And why... Did you two stick togeather?" Tsung blinks up at Azula. <Whaaat? What's so funny?> He blinks... and gahs! And starts scratching at a tooth. <There's something in my teeth, isn't there?> Then the Reporter... <Because... well... I dunno... I like Azula... she's fun to be around! Nice. And big! I loooove big women.> He nods, and turns to bury his face inna udder. Azula shakes her head softly then mroos, and blushes more. "Erm... Okay then! That about wraps it up for this week's trainer talk... This is Chet Miffilton... Signing off."


Tsung : Tsung always stands by his friends! Always! And when something isn't the way it should be, this energetic, spunky little Larvitar is one of the first ones to try and set it straight! Whether a morality problem, or a more physical one, Tsung doesn't fear anything! Period!

Azula : Shy, quiet and skittish at first, this Miltank lass lacks a strong social presence to those she's unfamiliar with. But, spend a little time around her, get to know her, and Azula turns out to be a kind and caring Mon. Though, a little naive.


Tsung : A dark green flesh runs over this Larvitar's body, scales this deep emerald color that seems to radiate light as he walks. The name of Tsung is what this Rock Skin Pokemon's is. Ruby red iris' with marble whites around them make up what are to be known as his eyes, while a bit of soft, black flesh surround said eyes. A slightly narrowed head, at the muzzle at least, is what this pokemon boasts of, while the back of his head is rounded, save for the jutting part of his skull which points upwards, and is also covered by his emerald green skin. His muzzle slants down softly in a fashion, his mouth curved in a cute 'o' as he looks at you, his deep red tounge right at the bottom of his maw, while the abyss of darkness beyond signifies his strangely large belly, though one can't tell from the outside, despite how little, cute, and plump he is. Below his head is his short neck, just as big as his body, said neck spreading out into the deliciously precious and cute plumpness that is his torso! A little patch of dull orange scales cover his rotund belly, which is nearly indistinguishable from his round rump. Jutting from his upper body are two short, fingerless arms, and jutting from his rump are two short feet, without toes or claws, though slightly round in nature. And spreading out behind him is a strange, open-pinecone shape of a tail, consisting of mineral-developed scales that form said tail.

Azula : Pokemon No. 241 - MILTANK gives over five gallons of milk on a daily basis. Its sweet milk is enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. People who can't drink milk turn it into yogurt and eat it instead. This particular Miltank goes by the name of Azula, though such isn't all that apparent by just looking at her. At least, unless you look at the black collar around her neck. A ring of black leather sits with a small ring and a name tag attached to it. Engraved on this is her name followed by the words 'Trainer : Tsung'. In general, Azula is a text book example of a Miltank. Heavy frame, round belly complete with udders, and a pink and black coloration. There are a few subtle differences... But, how best to discover those differences than to inspect her from the top down. Standing at a height of 3' 6”, give or take an inch or two, Azula typically has a reserved demeanor about. Quick glances, avoidance of eye contact and blush that cuts through the light fur of her cheeks. Starting at her head, for pure appearance, she bears a hood of black fur covering her ears and around her face. Poking up from this, atop her head, are a pair of small blunt horns. Sticking up less than two inches or so from her thin fur. On either side of these are her round ears, sagging to the side under their weight and constantly moving, flicking and focusing on her surroundings despite their natural downward aim. Centered on her forehead, surrounded by black fur, is a triangle of pink that pushes the edge of her black 'cowl' down slightly between her eyes to accommodate the marking. Her face is what one would expect from a bovine-like 'Mon. Short muzzle, black colored nose and bright eyes peering around it. Soft blue irises frame the young Miltank's pupils and easily help make them the most expressive part of her body. Unlike the rest of her head, her face is pink in color, and sports rather soft looking cheeks that match the rest of her physique. The cowl of black coloring from her head slips forward just above her chest, avoiding her shoulders, and ends in a smooth line with a semi circular curve. A pair of rather pudgy limbs jut out from her shoulders, arms ending in hard black hooves which maintain the pink fur coloration of the majority of her body. Back along her chest, the small stretch of it that she has, also has the pink coloring but quickly gives way to the large expanse of her belly. Instead of pink or Black, the heavy curve of Azula's stomach is covered in fine white hair, thinning out closer to the center of it as well as around the four teats that stand out amidst her stomach. In reality, her midsection can be thought of as both stomach and udder for the bovine Mon, as it acts as both. Instead of the typical hanging bags of milk canals and mammary glands, her's are spread out over her stomach and give her a little more ease of movement with her legs. Though, with a stomach like hers, that still isn't saying too much. Yes, even by normal standards for Miltanks, she looks a touch overweight with her belly exaggerating even the simplest moves she makes. This, compounded with the four nipples that bounce and move around along with the stomach, gives her a slightly oafish look to the casual observer.

Down near the lower curve of her stomach, between the upper and lower pair of the four points of furless flesh, her rather strong looking legs begin and are burdened with the heavy task of supporting her bulk Looking around these to her back, it's easy to see the four large, black, spots that are placed along her back. One up between her shoulder blades by her neck, two staggered down the left side of her back, and the last wrapped around the right section of her abundant rump. It isnt quiet as flabby as you might think, but still sports a rather plush look to it if you are so inclined to inspect it closely. Just beware if you're caught staring. Her spine gives way to a length of tail that could easily reach up to her chin, two feet in length total, and ending in a large, spherical, puff of dark fur. It serves as a good alternative to looking into her eyes as to her moods. Just what kinds of motions mean what, is hard to say just by casual inspection though. Back around front, her legs bend and flex with each step she takes upon her black hooves. Digitgrade like a true bovine's, her legs and knees are a little altered to help keep her upright rather than on all fours. The majority of her legs are her strong looking thighs, though there looks to be little difference between thigh and calf. Only a little bit of pudge is seen on these, considering the strength they must have to hold and transport her weight. After the knees, her legs fold back in a slow curve to place her hoofed feet below the center of her hips.