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Message: 15/6 Posted Author BLACK FANG GANG MO'F*CKA! Thu May 17 Onuris

  • Small pipe bombs blow up inside the Pokemart. Spray painted on the walls everywhere are the initials BFG. Some places its spelled out: Black Fang Gang. Other places, it even has a symbol of black canines crushing a white skull. The pokemart is smoking, small fires along the ground. The TM department ripped off. Most if not all the poke/great/ultra/master ball stock have also been hauled off. Laying amongst the wreckage is a pair of morphs, no doubt innocent store clerks.*

Player Level HP Stat Sex Species Statuses

----- -------- ------ ------------- ------------------------

Krystal 23 146/146 OOC hermaphrodite Leafeon-morph Apollo 41 173/173 IC male Gardevoir-morph George 44 241/245 IC male Butterfree morph Corona 10 0/81 IC male Charmeleon Xzentia 29 127/127 IC Shemale Ninjask-morph Seprala 43 185/187 IC female Butterfree Morph Onuris 11 110/113 IC Male Biznatch Nidoking-Morph Nyomei 35 186/193 IC female Luxray Koden 23 79/113 IC male Eevee-morph Raiga 29 205/209 IC female Electivire-Morph So like the post said: Smoky place. All that biz. Fires blazing, sprinklers going off. Standing amongst the rubble is a fairly large spiked mon, most his self cloaked in shadow by service of trenchcoat and hood pulled over his head so his face was well, well shaded "Get the fucking tms and balls in the bag and go! Cops'll be here any goddamn moment, GO GO GO." Raiga heads around the corner. Her fur is practically bristling with pure electric. She spies one member spraying grafitti onto a wall, and picks him up via static charges, tossing him into a wall "FREEZE!" Krystal happened to have been outside of the 'mart when the bombs went off. Naturally the leafeon goes in to investigate. She stares at the group ransacking the store and primes her leaves as blades, "Hold it right there scum bags." Even if you knew the famous Gardy, you wouldn't recognize him today. Apollo doesn't even /look/ like a Gardevior, thanks to the mirage of his psychic powers. He's clad in a black raiding uniform none to less. He nods to the spikey figure and opens his bag and begins to swipe everything in sight. It's just looks like there's so many of...him! Double Team to fool to the cops ftw. Corona isn't following because he wants to be a hero. Not because he wants to help either. So why is he following? Because most of the park emptied out when the explosions went off. Hmm.. lots of them. And he's not particularly, well, good at fighting yet. Then the 'meleon notices something and goes to wander.. disappearing from sight a moment later. Following along at a relatively safe distance at the periphery of the police intrustion on the bad peopleage... Not yet stepping within the confines of the 'sploded mart where Raiga and cop-any burst in, she gazes into the smoke and raining debris, lush lips pursed into a mild frown, squinting for a better looksee... Nothing more wonderful than watching a uniformed fem bust up on some criminal's arsenal. Seprala follows behind Raiga, rushing as fast as her legs - and her arms - will take her toward the site. eyes narrowed in concentration as suddenly there are two of her, running side by side, she stops at the sight of the chaos. Looting, fires, destruction, death.... her eyes widen and she gasps softly, "Celebi, no...." she shakes her head, raising her hands, wings flaring out as a field of barely visible silver blades circles around her. "Grant me Your strength, by Your grace.... and let me protect this land!" ritualistic, possibly, but it does the trick as she - and apparently her double as well - go to work trying to subdue those she sees with a little silver wind. Nyomei rushes after Raiga, before sliding to a stop, though she doesn't manage to stop and she bumps into a wall, <Owow..> For now she looks confused and pissed at the same time, opening her jaw, a ball of electricity forming at her mouth, the swirling energy expanding slowly until she launches it in the form of a beam, spraying it across the row of Apollos. Koden doesn't take long to make his way on the scene, unfortunately he's about as powerful as a wet rag right now so he stands outside of the store, readying himself as a last line incase something happens, he had already made sure backup is on the way. A hitmonlee sidekicks a wouldbe officer who arrived first, booting him right through a window and out into the main area. It was with the window shattered and him turned does he see the arrival of the group. He turns to the leader, shaking a hand "BOSS!" He talks with the trademark Bruce Lee accent "We got guests!" He shifts and runs out the door, accompanied by two toxicroak. The toxicroak taking to poison jabbing clones of Seprala, while the hitmonlee launches himself upwards to fly up, and then down on a dropkick onto Xzentia. Meanwhile on the inside, the leader slings a pack over his shoulder, looking to the rest "C'MON." A scizor takes his sack and escapes. A Hariyama pats its belly and goes for the door, pushing down the ENTIRE wall "I'll go rush me some punkasses." Well, the real Gardy is no where to be found. With all the smoke and dust in the air, all of them all real. But then...more come! To be more specific, they look like white male humans clad in black sneaking suits with spiky blue hair and a black banada to cover their mouths. The faux Apollo clones chuckle in unison, then all pull out identical handguns and fire at the Luxray. The bullets riochet all around her, then explode into a chain of bright flashes at the same time. She and everyone else near her might need glasses for a while. ...and, before the enter key interupted him, the real Gardy, (looking like a ninja double image like the rest) is lurking near his boss somewhere. He's ready to pull out on moment's notice. Krystal is.. ignored by the crooks? Well a swift Razor Leaf would work fine, however she has a better idea! She takes a lighter from her pocket and sets her tail aflame. Hurts like hell yes.. but as the leaf burns and smoke fills the air, well you've seen the way potheads act when stoned all calm and easy going. How's that for an Attract? As a figure bursts out of the smoke skywards, Xzentia feels the impending fall, the swift Ninjask diving aback, her dancer's grace displayed as her figure pivots and glides, a sliver of flesh moving with glistening ease, her facetted eyes watching the Hitmonlee after it lands. Not retaliating just yet, her form swivels in place, the dancer apparently ready, but, not attacking, eyes drawn on the figure, her mind flowing... locknig onto the movements of the fighter-type, his gait and swiftness, using her agile body to dodge and somersault expertly over the attacking figure, the light, lithe fembug quite nimble. Oh celebi, poison. Brought back bad memories, memories of... strange thoughts. Briefly the Butterfree felt the sting of one of their blows, though most were taken by her substitute, the clone taking a few hits, retching back and disappearing in a spray of silver dust. Wincing and falling back herself, quite far back, Seprala raised one hand up in a defensive posture, the other over her now pierced side, groaning softly, feeling... lightheaded. "No! By Her power I will--" her free palm raises as if holding a dish, or a glass ball, the girl staring through it obviously and forcefully at the Toxicroak on her. Onlookers might notice a disruption of the air around them before a thin ray connects their gazes - painfully. She went from bravado to fighting for her life in a fingersnap, and it shows. Nyomei sighs slightly as she is blinded, <Using machine to do things for you cowards?> She growls and switches to her X-ray vision, not exactly depending on light anymore, but actually X-rays this time. She didn't know exactly what to hit, but decides to focus on one of the Toxicroaks, launching a thunderbolt at it now. Nikorasu nearly trips over himself as he enters the battle-ridden pokemart, stumbling right into Krystal, nearly putting her flaming tail out from bumping into her butt. Man, first day in a new city, and what does he do? He ends up seeing a battle with criminals, and something quite embarrassing. Sanvictus had been heading to the pokemart to get a TM for Seiryu which resulted in him slithering into the scene with a large armored shelgon by his side. His eyes going abit wide in surprise at finding himself in a strange scene with what looked like several people under attack by criminals? Unsure what else to do, he started to take a defensive posture while Seiryu turned his body some, <Sanv, whats going on here?> The hitmonlee keeps up his attack, swinging his stretchy legs out five feet at a time, just attempting to drive the bug back. And the twins, the toxicroaks that is, they keep up their attacks. When one goes down, the other one well, croaks. He breathes in, causing for his red neck to expand to the dize of five clefairies, then he upchucks a toxic loogie right at the bug. Five of the members make their break. the leader was still ushering people out. The hariyama goes into sumo mode and goes for slapping around Sanvictus. Meanwhile, a gloom sniffs the air, and then drops onto the ground. The leader looks over and eyes the leafeon, covering his nose "GET YOUR MASKS!" Too little too late as three more drop from the fumes, lulled to sleep by uber happy. Krystal's ass is on fire! That hurts, alot. X.x So when she feels something stumbleing bumping into her rear she doesn't think to look back, assumeing she just backed into a wall and starts rubbing her rear all up agasint the thing behind her to put the fire out, that rump wiggleing. She fires off some Bullet Seeds at the Toxicroaks ala living Gatling Gun.. cannon thing. Apollo pats the bandana over his mouth a few times, then chuckles softly. Even though, a criminal, the Gardy is a still a good criminal. Notice how he hasn't tried to cap anyone? Anyway, the real Apollo, in the back, suddenly disappears with a Teleport and reappears somewhere nearby, looking perfectly normal and pretending to look shocked. His ninja Double Team images are still dancing around like idiots though, swiping their illusional hands at random places to look like they're stealing something. The pretending to be shocked Gardy just gasps, covering his mouth and shivering at the scene. Dancing and dipping, weaving around the Hitmonlee's barrage of kicks and strikes, circling to keep the fellow within close proximity while dancing about, Xzentia's plush lips purse into a lavish grin, rolling and flowing like a thing possessed, eyes shifting, darting, following the motions of the fighter even as he attempts the foray against the fembug, using her nimble nature to keep him busy without actually attacking him directly. One down, one to go... and the poison's not making it any easier! Taking another step back, finding herself against the wall, Seprala's eyes widen, pupils shrinking, staring her potential mortality in the face. Only at the last moment does she manage to turn aside, coughing a bit, a wing caught in the blast and dissolving into an ugly framework, its spores sent flying from all the quick moves. Seprala finds herself against another wall, panting, noticing her exertion with a tremble, watching the haze of - well, that's one way to spread her stun spore about. The sight of no less than two other assaults coming her assailant's way seems to catch her, though, even if her senses are a little blurred from the toxins coursing through her veins. "Not... going to give up," she wheezes. Nyomei slowly regains vision and her eyes return to the normal blue color as she turns to the leader, not even knowing it was the leader but she rushed him and jumps into the air going to bite into his head, and just bite, really hard, this was actually the status of crunch and while she's doing that she randomly throws a thunderbolt from her tail, trying to hit the Hariyama, because he was attacking San, or well Mr.Belly-wubs. Though she would still be latched to Boss's head if she managed to bite him. Nikorasu kinda.. acks as he gets a woman's butt all rubbed over him. Despite the fact that he's being used to put out a flame, it doesn't really hurt all that much. Flame go out really quick. He's kinda.. stoned on the marijuana tail, so he's not acting like himself. Beware stoned eevees, they go perv on ya! Nikorasu blushes, considering the situation, but because of the effect that he's going through, he kinda.. buttgrabs. >_> Sanvictus grunts and growls, now whats worse than having a 30 foot snake morph whose entire body is steel? An angry 30 foot steel snake morph, and growing more pissed with every slap from the Hariyama. When Nyomeis lightning strikes the fighter mon, Sanv presses his advantage and immediately uses crunch to bring his large jaws down and onto the Hariyamas head as if recreating a scene from a wildlife documentary. Seiryu despite being encased in a steel shell tries to help his trainer, rushing towards the fighter and using his Zen Headbutt move with the front of his shell. Btw, Raiga is fighting people. No need to declare that but, she is fighting. Meahwhile: Toxicroak #2 sneezes at the paralyzing powder, caught up in a fit of sneezes, blindly tossing poison jabs at the butterfree. The hitmonlee also keeps up his attacks, looking like he could do this all day "Stay still and LET ME KICK YOU." And then, ohsnap, a mon with no nose? Yeah, a mon with no nose. A Sableye glows and spits out a ball of shadow before chasing it, aiming it and his self at the eon pair while they are all horny like. A stray gang member is tossed aside by Raiga, but then she ends up getting jumped by a Ramardos who headbutts her in the ribs sending her a few feet away. Ahd swinging out is a Primeape and Infernape pair, the two monkehs flying at San/Sieryu to go adequately: Ape Shit. Nyomei? Psh. The leader lifts his arms to get it bit, and then looks tot he cat "Piss off weakling." He slings the cat away and turns for the exit "Mop up." Krystal shrieks as her ass is grabbed! @.@ This causes her to move out of the way, inadvertantly dodgeing the Shadow Ball, it's okay Niko it won't do anything to you n.- Spotting the Sableye she takes a deep breath and launches another gatling volley of BUllet Seeds at the ghost type. Apollo needs to mop up his remaining clones, so under the guise of still acting shocked, he silently commands some of the clones to retreat with Onuris using his mind and the remaining few to make a handsigns like an old school ninja and whip up a tornado of debris to smack the 'vee pair around a bit with telekensis. After a few moments though, the energy fueling the hallow thieves runs dry and they vaporize. Do be do be do. Who'd've thought the other day when he watched that guy fix his car he'd learn something so useful? Corona couldn't really remember which did what by heart, so, he just started ripping a bunch until he found the one that leaked the clear stuff he knew as 'gasoline'. Then the 'meleon rolled out from under the car and went to the next, repeating as necessary until every one of the perpetrator's vehicles had their gaslines--along with several other fluids--running onto the ground. With the last one done he rolls to his feet, dusting paws off, and then glancing at the Pokemart. Eheh, this'll be veeery amusing. He moves off to the side for now, sitting down somewhere close enough to watch the festivities about to unfold without being notable. Stabby stabby stabby goes the Toxicroak, and the Butterfree, unbalanced from her damaged wing and the poison, stumbles aside, barely managing to avoid the assaults - all except for one. The last stinger comes through and slams into her chest, prompting a sharp, harried gasp as she falls back and onto her haunches, holding herself up with her hands, struggling and coughing up a fair amount of blood. She's not going to be able to take much more. "No.... no, by Her love..." her entire body is starting to glow, silver energy covering her as she stumbles back, sitting on her knees, looking up to the Toxicroak. "We.... WILL...." a deep gasp between each word, "KEEP... SAFE..." the energy falling off of her body and catching on the growing winds, despite her wing not moving. "OUR.... KIN!" the hand on her injured shoulder thrusting outward as the massive rise of primal energy halts, as if standing at attention. "BUG... UPHEAVAL!" the halt releases, the girl desperately letting the primal energy flow forward to rend and destroy as it may. Nyomei flies, hmm flying, she didn't know she could do that, what the heck just happen. She slams into a wall and drops to the ground and twitches slightly, the crater in the wall showing the fling was pretty powerful. For now she just lays on the ground twitching slightly. Krystal winces at flying debris, "Screw this. I just lit my ass on fire and somehow got groped by some vee. This isn't worht it, I'm out of here." >.< With that she leaves. Nyomei is knocked out and stuff...mega KO'd she wont be doing anymore...anything. Nikorasu gets shocked to his senses as he's hit by a shadow ball, although ineffective, and then tosses around by some telekenesis. "Oh.. shit. Did I.. just get stone and grab some poor girl's ass?!" Uh.. yeah. You did, mister tail stoner. He then looks around desperately, trying to find who he probably upset a great deal, as well as the exit so he can get out of here. Apparently the gangers are still here. He's really shocked, as well and embarrassed beyond belief, blushing like a madman. Seeing a pair of angry monkeys heading his way, Sanv tightens his jaws around the Hariyamas head and jerks right, then left, then yanks /hard/ in the pairs direction while releasing his jaws to send the fatso pokemon like an artillery shell towards the pair. Afterwards the steelix turns his head to Seiryu, "Light'em up lil buddy!" and the pair begin to inhale deeply before both release a gout of draconic fire towards the monkeys and their fighter companion. The dual monkeys evade easily to let fatmon fly by. Both the mon dive directly into the dragon breath attacks, feet outstretched for a fierce dropkick. The Toxicroak? Blasted away and left wondering 'wtf' just happened. The hitmonlee however...he begins to run up on Seiryu, swinging out his long leg for a sweeping attack. The leader right jabs the shoulder of one of the images of the gardevoir "Cops coming, lets get." With that, he hops out the hole created in the side of the room to the outside. All the mon and morphs begin retreating now. A shiftry goes to the side of the wall, laying down a solid blitz of bullet seeds for cover fire Apollo steps away at the ensueing chaos and makes with the 'fleeing terrorified act.' When one of his ninja clones is nudged, it nods a few times then darts out of the hole, followed by the remaining two or three. The humaniod illusions scatter in random directions and dart into the shadows. By the time it's all over, the innocent Apollo has left the scene completely. He's probably already stashed his loot at the hideout. terrified* Hmm.. here they come! Time to watch the entertainment, heh. Corona sits up, waiting, observing the group as it heads for a retreat towards the vehicles. If only he had one of those picture things 'morphs are so fond off. The looks on these guys' faces will be so priceless! Well, it worked. Seprala pants heavily, watching the crooks as they go about fleeing. She trembles, rocking back onto all fours, struggling mightily against the injuries she's sustained, starting to lose her breath as her vision dims. A few choked sobs sound out, the girl looking incredibly scared, "Please.... Great Forest Spirit..." the last of her breath? On a prayer? "Don't... let me die like this..." her arms wobble and then give out as she faceplants, her eyes slowly sliding closed as everything goes black. Nikorasu feels very bad that he can't do anything to help. "..Why did I even bother coming if I couldn't help?", he says, before seeing if he can find the door and leave, hoping to apologize to Krystal. Sanvictus holds his dragonbreath for as long as he can with Seiryu before the twin monkeys burst through it with their feet outstretched for a kick. The massive snake morph ripples abit with the impact and immediately follows up by twirling around and swinging a now glowing tail towards his opponent to try swatting them with Iron Tail, Seiryu tumbling back from his opponents kick, the twin eyes within the dark hole glaring, before he charges forward to do a Zen Headbutt on his monkey. One monkey down. Second monkey takes the hit head on, this one being the Infernape. As it gets hit, it doubles over in pain, but gives a last ditch double fist hit to the shell trying to crack it "KIYAH!" Most the gang outside cannot start their bikes. Grunt. So what do they do? They haul ass. Right as they finish, the shiftry leaves, making it so just the ones on the inside are left. Apollo watches the action from the shadows! Then suddenly dashes into the store and scoops Seprala into his arms dynamically! After a quick teleport, he's outside and then sets the Butterfree morph on a nearby bench and takes a revive crystal from his pocket and pops it into her mouth. "You'll be fine..." he coos. And an antidote for that nasty toxin. She could feel it starting. The sun's rays falling upon her shell, through the one breach where her eyes sat. All she could do was stare at the dawn, feeling incredibly sick, a feeling she'd gotten used to. Soon she'd break from the shell, more than she was. Suddenly the image contorted, the sun replaced with the face of someone Seprala knew. Eyes blinking as they slid open, face quite pale, she focused on Apollo's face. "... uh... where...? Apollo...?" still disoriented. Well, lets be ending the tp shall we? 8/10 the gang members were gone. The few that were left are either unconcious, or getting up so slowly that the backup squad comes in to arrest them. The Primeape stands up woozily, and goes into berserk mode as he charges the steelix, giving it all or nothing. The Infernape does much the same, going into close combat as he wales onto Seiryu's shell, wanting to break it and the mon inside Sanvictus topples over under the Primeapes attack with a loud growl, the monkeys attacks clearly taking their toll on Sanv while he brings his tail up to coil around his attacker and begin binding the painfully. Seiryu seemingly fairs even worse than Sanv, with his shell visibly cracking and the metal groaning from the stress of the infernapes hits until theres a flash of light bursting out from within followed by a pair of large crimson leathery wings shooting out from the sides of the Shelgon, the infernapes fists smashing in a section of the shell to reveal azure dragonhide before Seiryu gives a quick twirl while forcing a lengthy whip-like tail out of his prison to catch the monkey at the side of his head. Both the monkeys flail when caught in their own way. The Primeape is worse off from him being beat up the most, he giving up in only a few moments rendered unconscious. The infernape ignites himself nand blows up the floor underhim as he rockets out in a flare blitz towards the shelgon. More and more gang members were all be arrested, Raiga by now even sitting against a wall, holding her sides "...just relax. You got knocked out by some crooks. Just..don't move. The paramedics should be here soon." Apollo sighs and kisses her forehead. Then he winces at the carnage still going on in the store. "...I should get out of here soon. I'll just let the police handle things." the Gardevior shrugs and tries to comfort here. Corona's nose twitches a little. Well, most of the bad guys are gone, and he isn't even going to attempt fighting the ones that remain.. So, the 'meleon goes to wander off. He smells of oil and gas and, at this point, figures a dip in the hot springs is about the only thing that'll cure him of the awful aroma. Seprala closes her eyes as Apollo kisses her forehead, shivering softly. She looks up toward Apollo with a whimper. "I... I'm not... dead, am I...?" hanging on the answer. With a heavy, Sanv rolls the Primeape off him and releases his coils to get a breather before spotting Seiryu and the infernape going at it still. The infernapes hit blowing away the rest of the shell to reveal a large azure salamence where the shelgon once stood. Curling his lip into a snarl, Seiryu reared his new sinewy neck back and lunged forward to bite the infernape with his sharp draconic fangs. ", you're not dead, sweetie. Just relax. The medicine I gave you will keep you from dieing. That nasty poison you were hit with is gone now." he holds the insect morph close to him and gently strokes her forehead with the back of his hand. All Apollo can do it coo to comfort her, appearently. Bitten, and deafeated, the Infernape falls. More and more police officers flood the playing ground along with a fire brigade of blastoises who hose down the place. Even the police chief, a fairly large and mannered Dragonite comes down, looking over the damage Raiga looks over, falling to her knees "They got away chief. Musta been 20. They hit us while we had everyone one out in the forest." Seprala lays still as Apollo attends her, her eyes closing tightly as she tries to relax. "... Dear Celebi, I could have... been killed out there...." she whispers, her injured wing twitching as she realizes exactly what that means. Sanvictus sighs and reclines back, just trying to catch his breath and relax after all the constant fighting. Seiryu seems to be more than a little dazed himself, disoriented by the look of his new body and all the new sensationsa like that of having a tail and wings, his body looking like something from a childrens fantasy tale about shining knights fighting dragons for stolen maidens