Battle on the High Seas

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An over the top duel between Samantha and Zaradel aboard an old pirate ship docked in the Sandfire Bay. The weather was altered through the use of high power specials, and the two locked in fierce combat in front of spectators.

A Gym Challenge like No Other


  • Samantha
  • Zaradel
  • Caly
  • Denzira
  • Inle
  • Russell
  • Zhen
  • Kheemi
  • Zetano
  • Crimson

Original (Edited) Log

[Sandfire Bay] Zach's Boat (PrP)

A marvel of nautical engineering, The "Prince of the Sea" is the type of boat one buys when they live, breath, and worship the sea as their home. At 48 feet long and over 15 feet wide the modified catamaran yacht was truly a sight to behold when it was tied up to the docks or out sailing in the open seas. The boat had around three to four feet of draw to it, sitting high above the water and rolling lightly with the occasional wave that passed by. A single mast jutted skyward; two flags waving in the breeze to mark the boat's status as an Uto sailing craft. Around the sides plastic lifelines kept the unsteady from pitching themselves overboard, although they were not rated for exceptionally heavy morphs or large pokemon.

The hull was newly painted and polished; bleached white over its topside while the ship's platoons and underbelly was painted a deep sea-green that reflected light that bounced off the ocean's surface. The boat's topside deck was dominated by the cabin that sat between the two platoons; closed off and concealing the galley, head, sitting room, and cabins within while the surface was rough underfoot to prevent slipping when wet with water. The bow of the boat was taken up by two plastic trampoline weaves that flexed underfoot, providing the perfect spot for sunbathing or relaxation in the open air.

Towards the stern was the helm; a small indent into the main body of the ship that was filled with knobs and switches labeled with a neat practiced hand as to their function or purpose. The stainless-steel wheel was spoked much like an old-fashioned control and was set before a large compass that was screwed into a handing plaque to hang charts or make notes on, and although the area was cluttered with pencils, equipment, and other such gear it was clean and orderly; each object in quick and easy reach and tied down to prevent it from flying overboard.

At the far back was a small inflatable dingy that the ship towed in case for land side approaches or emergencies; a small deck low enough to sit just over the surface of the water acted as a platform for divers or swimmers to climb in and out of the water easily. A small hatch sits into the floor over the port platoon, acting as a cargo hold for weights, sails, and other such goods one may need out on the open ocean. The only entrance available to people to use was a single rather normal looking door that led into the cabin; the other hatches locked tight with a key that only Zach held.

[Exits  : [D]own, and [B]ack to [B]each ]

[Players : Zaradel ]

Zetano has arrived. Keemi has arrived. Zhen has arrived.

Samantha carries Zetano, Keemi, and Zhen with Samantha.

Zaradel stood on the bow of the ship looking out to the sea as the wind was strong enough to actually whip the chain laiden coat about his form. The sky had turned a dark green and violent as lightning crackled over the waves. He had to put a paw on the hat to keep it in place before he turned and smirked a bit with both paws in his pockets, "This stylish enough for you captain?"

Zetano was dressed up as Jack Sparrow, concidently... When no one was looking, she had even managed to do her blue hair up into dreads and lace beads in them... Of course, she was missing the gotee but you have to admit... She looked good in that outfit.

Russell has arrived.

[RP] Samantha says, "Over the Sandfire Bay a storm brews. Clouds thick with lightning and ire are amassing overhead the docks. A storm brews. (Overdramatic Challenge in Progress)"

Samantha leads the majority of the people from the Park to the Docks and grins just a bit. "'Owever, I can't enter jes' yet." She pulls her hat off and swishes it over her form, vanishing like some sort of Cheshire cat. It does take a moment of two for her to really respond to Zaradel. Afterall, she needs to heal up first... before she can really get into this.

Keemi isn't dressed up a whole lot different. The only thing that was different for her was a well...super huge thick military commander jacket. You know, the kind that super huge people wear that makes them look even super huger.

The Staryu can pretend to look like a pirate.... If you look at Peth pirates, she certainly resembles one of those, by jimminy.

[Players : Denzira, Caly, Inle, Russell, Zhen, Keemi, Zetano, and Zaradel ]

Hopping off his 'mon, Russell asked, "what's going on?"

Zaradel chuckles a little as he opened his eyes and with a purple glow the ship he was on actually knocked itself out to sea to brave the harsh winds and weather while leaving the rest on the docks. He turned to face the storm holding his hat to his head as he put a foot up on the railing, "Come on Jetfire! I can't think of a better time and place! Don't waste it!

Zhen waggles a cardboard sword in the air... don't ask her where she got it from, "Yarrr."

Denzira quietly follows along behind the others, she was interested in seeing a real match for one. Not something akin to the overheated dramatics Vanilla had been dishing out to everyone and their uncle tho visted to the Gym there. She goes off to find a good spot to take a seat, wobbling a bit as she has to get used to being on a boat now. She's never ridden one of these things before.

Creeping after the collective, Inle follows the Pirate-lead group, keeping to shadows. As the storm gathers overhead, his ears lay back. Ugh, Rain. And water. Looking out at the bay before him from the dockside as he quietly finds a seat to take up and watch, he remembers faintly the vessel he'd been in that sank to the bottom of this very bay shortly after he narrowly got out... One of the few things he does remember clearly. The Umbreon grimaces some. But otherwise keeps quiet for the moment..

Zetano sees the ship floating out to sea... She then looks back to the others on the dock... "Hold on." She then holds up her hands, the Jack Sparrow cosplaying porygirl floating a bit as she then pointes to the dock and a thich plastic box forms around the dock to keep the spectators dry with two doors so they can leave, having a large Statium-type moniter hovering off the dock and she pulls out a camera that looks like it belongs in a studeo, the big-screen turning on and showing the ship with Zaradel on it as she pory flies out to get a better shot... "Well, even though I was first in line for thic challange, might as well make it so others can at least see it while Zaradel gets his turn."

Caly pokes her head in, curious as to what is going on. Looking around, she tries to find a spot to sit out of the way of everything so she can watch.

Oh so true. One cannot waste a setting such as this. Lightning crackles across the dark clouds, sending a sudden flash over everything, as a cold rain starts to fall. There's a suddenly rumbling bang from high up in the atosphere, before the leading bow of the Phoenix nudges past the clouds. The dark purple painted hull lined with lazturrets and particle accelerators overshadowing half of the bay as the sound from its pulse engines drone loudly, their force waves kicking up the surf and sand. Leaning out of the port airlock is Samantha, grinning just a bit down at Zaradel, "Oh, I do not intend t'waste it..." The renamon grins and adjusts her hat, leaping out of the airlock on a steel zipline and careening towards the ship below, slowing down as the rain begins to sheet, deflected off of the Phoenix's massive size for now. She lands and unhooks the zip line, "So then, shall we engage in this battle between those of like persuasion? Against a backdrop of misery an' potential, aboard this sad excuse fer a boat?" The renamon gestures up into the air, the Phoenix turning to slide upwards through the clouds, letting the rain fall in earnst.

Keemi blinks. That was a little over the top but, thats her captain...

Russell says, "HOLY SHIT!!!"

Zetano focuses the camera on the giant Star Destroyer.

Zaradel grins a bit as he sees the spaceship and tilts his head to the side leaning into the wind as his he still remains in place not even the least bit wavering due to the acclimate weather. He finally reached into his coat as the captain leapt aboard the ship and he pulled a sabre free to point at the captain, "Well then captain Jetfire... What're we to do?" He took up a combat stance with the sabre outstreatched before him.

Zetano hovers right off the starboard of the boat, looking overhead as she raises a hand and forces some lightening to crash down near the boat for dramatic effect... Thunder+Rainy Day=Speilburg perfection. Two large steros pop from the side of the moniter on the docks as the pory holds the camera steady and the 'He's a Pirate' theme starts to play full blast.

Eyes widen at the great ship Pheonix, and even 'Utasho', the male of the yin and yang within the single Umbreon, has to admit he feels small, and uncomfortable looking at that thing. It brings back memories of ... Of... Some dark place he barely remembers. The umbreon wraps his arms about himself, and shudders, grimacing once more, especially as the rain begins to fall, roaring like concussion fire off the metal sides of the space ship. The rumble of thunder brought on by lightening causes his fur to stand on end, and, hiding away from Zetano's little viewing box -- not wanting to be seen just yet -- it makes his fur clump into black and blue spikes, much to the dismay of his fastidious groomer female half. He takes into account the Lucario... and Samantha, who he still can't figure out what kind of Morph she is. She looks kind of like a deformed Ninetails or Jolteon.. And then settles back somewhat to watch.

Denzira frowns a bit as the weather starts getting more ugly, feeling her ears droop as the cottony fluff parts of her fur become heavy with water. She tries to wring them out a bit but with not much luck before she simply lets herself get soaked and keeps her attention focused on both Zaradel and this unique looking Pirate Woman that the Headstrong Lucario had challenged.

Zetano focuses a close-up on Samantha's face after Zaradel issued the challange. The Staryu ooh's and ahhh's at all the effects, liftin gher face skywards to watch, her cardboard sword lowered, for the moment, with her awe at the dramatic display.

Russell leans aganst a railing, not wavering his eyes from the unfolding confrontation.

Samantha cackles softly as she watches Zaradel pull a blade out. "Oh, I was supposin' we coul' fight like two adversaries now..." She reaches down and undoes the sheath lock on her own sabre, pulling it free with a long, drawn out peel of metal on metal. She flicks the sword forward, letting water droplets fly off of the length as the rain begins to dribble from the brim of her hat. "Well then, I can only stand t'stare at yer face fer so long..." She launches herself forward in a sudden overhand slice, aiming for the shoulder as the water sheets off her justacorps, sending small waves of the liquid across the deck, "Y'will taste th' blade tonight, oh yes!"

Zaradel grins a bit as the water had soaked his hat through now making it heavy enough to stay on his head as it too was pouring the water it had collected wherever it seemed to find a place to relieve it's reservours. He quickly spun to the right lifting his own sabre to catch the captain's blade in an attempt to knock her off balance before he continued his spin trying to get a slash in at the captain's side. The sword flashed in the lighting's white glow as it moved fast enough to cut some of the rain in half.

Denzira quietly pulls her hood over her head and tucks her arms inside of her thick sweater. This keeps her mostly dry for the time being as she looks at the huge ship as her little head ponders what sort of expensive and one-of-a-kind equipment might be on board. She imagines there could be a small fortune of items small enough to fit in her sweater that she could get away with, but then again their security is probably so tight she wouldn't get away with anything.

Zetano's planted Microphones all over the ship to increase sound quality through the speakers so the other spectators can watch and various cameras start to cut to the two at proper times, making it seem like a movie.

Ears lay back some at the amplified sound, watching the two pirates thoughtfully, eyes somewhat wide. Goodness, but this looks like it's going to be a doozy of a fight. And all for a ... gym? Whatever that is? He considers. Perhaps he'll try fighting for a 'Gym'. Although from the sound of things in the park, he needs to be dressed a certain way. He looks down at the shorts Zetano gave him earlier... And hms. That's all the clothing he has... Which means he'd probably not be accepted for a battle. Quietly, he converses with his female mind, wondering if she knows anything about dressing like the two battle-ready 'mon out at sea.

Katchang! The swords hit one another with a sudden loudness, prior to a peal of thunder from the lightning just prior. Samantha grins a bit in the sudden flash, the lightning relfecting off of her pearly white teeth like some sort of demon. The sword arm goes to the side, putting her into a spin before her opposite arm comes around, the faintly glowing screen on the new armored computer leaving a trail of light as the sword blow hits the heavy armor. "Ahahaha! Yes! Come at me an' give me this challenge... Show me 'ow good you've gotten, o paladin!" She flips forwards the gain some distance and turn back towards Zaradel, spraying water towards the Lucarion before bringing the fist forward for an attempt at a solid looking punch aimed at the gut, a faint glow of green circling her hands as soggy leaves come into existance around it, "Fox Leaf Arrowhead!" The punch is accompanied by these soggy, emerald colored leaves to another crackle of thunder in the clouds.

Awestruck, still, the Staryu girl's eyes remain rooted to the scene that Zetano's broadcasting, goggling at the corny interactions with great interest.

Zetano hmms... She looks up to the sky... Not dark enough... She points a hand to four corners and the area gets a bit dimmer as she calls down a few more localized lightening strikes, making sure to capture every moment of the battle on the Live Feed for the spectators.

Zetano adhusts the mics a bit on the boat so they filter a little of the background noises and pick up more on the two combatant's voices as well. Somewhere on the muck, Hana has disconnected.

Zaradel grins a bit as the lightning makes his hand and chest spikes glimmer in the darkness as he tilted his hat a bit at her words. He dodged backwards and chuckled softly as the world seemed to slow giving him a greater reaction time. The rain itself could be seen as the leaves were as well. He cut them to shreds before they got to him. Of course the onlookers would only see the sudden flash of the saber in front of him before he spun to the side again this time lashing out at the captain's back with a paw that would likely try and push her over the side of the boat.

Caly continues to watch in curiousity from her seat, staring up at the screens with interest.

Zetano sends out camera drones, the little round hovering camera camoflagued in the darkness of the clouds and the tinted wall she put above the clouds. The droones start to record and one of them even snaps a closeup of Zaradel's sword slicing out the leaves.

Russell narrows his eyes, as movie-like as this was, it was still very real... He silently Rooted for Samantha though, 'cuz he knew her a bit better...

Soggy ears perk as Inle watches the fight, his nose wrinkling some at the rain overhead. Horrible horrible water. He shakes his head, sendinf droplets flipping off his ears, and then, looking about, creeps somewhat closer to the dry box Zetano has provided, waiting for a crash of thunder to mask his opening the door and slipping in, hopefully unseen, to crouch near the back as he closes the door, sitting there, wet to the bone. He doesn't know who to 'root' for; he's more interested in watching the battle. But.. fighting with swords? Why not use attacks? Why not use the 'weapons' nature gave? He's confused by this.

Denzira has been mostly glued to the battle going on in front of her, it is only after a while she briefly glances towards Zetano, and then double-takes as they appear to be trying to set up a very exacting ambiance for this match. She snorts a bit and rolls her eyes at this, thinking that computerized whackjob has too many processes running in her CPU at once for her own good.

Samantha sails on by Zaradel as her leaves are cut up and the Lucario sidesteps from her. She laughs again as the Lucrio shoves her back, rolling into a somersault as she leaps off the edge of the boat, spinning in the air as the trail of air empty of rain follows her, "Y'ain't gettin' rid of me that easy, oh no..." Thunder rumbles overhead as she throws her sword at the Lucario, letting it dig into the wood nearby as a sudden flash of lightning arcs into the Renamon, lighting up her less then sane smile as the lightning makes the cartoon skull and crossbones light up, before she jerks towards her embedded sword, reeling herself in on the steel line as lightning transfers from her into the blade, "Jes' remember... I used t'be one of th' best lightnin' types in existance... an' I ain't afraid 'o a little lightning." The zap cannon travels through the cord, shorting and crackling off into the water droplets nearby, causing it to have a much wider path then normal.

Zaradel spun to the side to avoid the sword hitting him only to see the lighting following the line. His eyes went wide for a moment before he pulled his own saber into his jacket sleave and bent down so one of the chains on the back of his jacket would touch the ship itself, "You're gonna have to try harder than that to hit me with something like that captain!" The electricity traveled through the coat instead of the lucario making it steam a bit but it was already soaked through so having it burst into flames wasn't a concern. He leapt back then gripping the side of the main mast and quickly scrambling to the top before pointing his sabre down at the captain from the sail's boom. A dark orb formed on the tip only to fly out at the renamon as he threw a shadow ball.

Electricity. That, Inle can appriciate, eye eyes glowing breifly, as, in the dull light, his rings start to pulse some. The Umbreon is obviously entranced by he fighting now as actual attacks are brought into play-- the sword strike was interesting, and he's sure the Lucario will have something else to counter it with. At least he hopes! While he watches, absently, his feminine mind takes over autopilot and begins wringing the water out of his tail fur, and fastidiously picking apart indevidual hairs to try and puff his tail up again. Once the hands are done with the tail, they transfer to chestfur, trying to shake water out of it with scrubbing motion of fingers. The Shadow Ball flung from the sword gets an appriciativ 'hoom' from the Umbreon, before he suddenly catches himself preening, and stops, sitting on his hands as he resumes watching.

Zetano watches the battle... "Come on! Someone needs to score a hit..." She focuses in a little on the fireworks at least, giving a bit of lense flare before dimming it some.

Samantha drops into a crouch on deck as the Lucario dodges the attack, she stamps her foot onto the deck and rips the sword free of the wood, sending splinters to float on the sheetig water as it drifts this way and that on the deck, mercy to the worsening surf. She looks up as the downpour gets heavier, sending an almost constant stream of water off of the back of her three point hat and down the back of the justacorps, while her tail and arms begins to mat down from the everpresent wetness; even the renamon's ability to stay perfectly pretty can't last in this weather. She frowns at the incoming ball of shadow, ducking under it as it shaves some fur off of the tip of her tail, "Y'aren't getting away, come paladin... I will fight wherever y'wish it." She leaps onto the mast, letting her claws dig into the wood as she climbs up the mast, sword moving into her jaws to allow her to move all the faster, before leaping off of the mast and into the rigging to make it up to the crows nest, armored fist flying towards Zaradel once more, without the special effects this time.

Denzira covers her eyes up at the sight of the lighting as it goes off in a spectacular burst of skyborn energy due to the power of the Zap Cannon. She watches Zaradel wisely avoid the worst of the the attack and quickly retlaite but the strange morph more than prepared for him as she charges into the fray in true buckaneer style to do battle with her opponent.

Zetano considers creating a ghost ship to come by and start shooting cannonballs... That might move things along more than a tradeoff of Matrix dodges and near-misses. But she keeps the camrea trained anyway as she thinks on a design of ship.

Zaradel with grace and agility he leapt into the oncomming rain to fly over the top of the captain and land facing the renamon's back. He brought his sword down with a powerful downward thrust that there simply was no way she would be able to dodge this time. There just wasn't enough room to do so. Lightning flashed again making him close his eyes for a moment as the flash seemed to actually effect his vision as now things were all dark and it took time to switch on the Aura vision.

The sword flashes in the light as it pierces through Samantha's coat, leaving a long slash through the back of the justacorps, which starts to leak water down over her back. She stands still for a moment, before spinning around with the basket guard of her sabre in her fist, going to punch the metal type off of the crow's nest, "Y'realze of course... that didn't 'urt." Lightning flashes overhead as the small line of translucent data that makes up her form can be seen for just a moment, before the cut seals itself, without even a bit of blood to stain her waterlogged fur. "But it means... th' stops end 'ere."

Ears are now erect as Inle keeps watching, his hands fidgeting under his wet rear, because while the male mind may be quite enthralled by this show of sportsmanship the female mind is annoyed and insulted that he would allow their body to look so bedraggled from rain. And those shorts are soaked! Augh, men! ... But Inle says nothing, except for the occasional noise of approval. As the pirate leaps up the mast, he leans forward, literally on the edge of his seat, watching. Half of his mle mind appriciative of the brutality and fighting. The other half unable to not notice her fine figure as it cuts through the rain. And his female mind absolutely beside herself.

Zaradel lets out a yelp as he gets lifted off the boom with the metal guard under the chin. His vision went to stars for a moment as the metal clashed against his steel bones and he fell from the mast. On impact with the deck the boards creeked and cracked almost sending him through to the deck blow. He shook his head a few times as he knew it was time to stop fooling around. His eyes flashed for a moment as he went to the Aura vision completely now to allow him the ability to hit the captain, "A ghost eh?"

Zetano continues to watch and she flies around a bit as she circles around the ship, zooming in as Samantha attempts to knock Zaradel out of the nest.... FINALLY! A successful hit that wasn't just a lcugh and then brush off... Wait... No, it was not effective at all. By the makers!

Samantha smirks a bit as the hit lands true. She leaps up on the edge of the crow's nest, the rain dripping off of her body to the deck below. Her tail barely half of its usual fluffyness. She brings the sword up to kiss the hilt before giving yet another one of her insane grins, "Oh yes... y'can stand t'take a hit from steel.... but that is not all in store fer ya..." The sword flicks out, cutting at the air in front of her horizontally, then once more vertically, leaving a faint trail of something to hang in the air, holding off against the rain. "Th' fires burn bright in th' 'eart, but brighter outside!" The blade suddenly sparks, lighting the iron cross shape into a crackling red inferno, forming a cloud of steam in front of her as she shoves the cross in the middle, launching it into a massive fireball towards Zaradel, "BRING FORTH TH' FURY WITHIN!" The fireblast is an angry red and orange, fighting off the heavy rain and leaving small splashes of oil-fueled fire to rain down upon the deck.

Denzira watches the Lucario pull off a risky and cunning excution as it creates a visible slash, but the damage apparently was null and void as her eyes widend at the sight of the injury repairing itself in a near instant. She imagines Zaradel was just as surprised as her as he takes such a heavy hit by not reacting quick enough. She shakes her head and hopes the Lucario has some showstopper of an assault planned to shake the resolve of this overconfident cut-throat captain.

Zetano dosn't care who wins because either way, this is going to make a pretty decent movie... She'll think of a backstory and title later... And some good music to go with it! The camera zooms in on the fires starting to burn as the moniter over the docks has the sound of crackling wood and sizzling water, a mic next to one of the fires before the sound dies down.

Zaradel griped his jaw to reset it only to see the sudden bright light. He couldn't afford a hit from a fire attack and so quickly got to his feet forcing all the power he had inside him as he shouted out, "The Aura is the fire within my heart that will never die! See now it's power!" He threw both his paws into the mast hard as the Aura erupted from him and blasted through the other side. For a moment it looked like nothing had happened until finally the base of the mast exploded into shards of wood.

The burning cross is etched into Inle's mind; he'll have to remember that whatever Samantha is, it knows fire. He counts hit for hit in his mind, as well, uttering, to himself, "Amazing.." as he keeps watching. A ghost type. Hm. Okay, from now on he'll remember all 'Mon and 'Morphs that look like samantha have ghost in them. But what else? Possibly fire? Or steel? There's all kinds of elements being used here. Without a thought, he ignores the blatent complaints at the backof his mind to find some means by which to dry off. Tongue running the length of his lips, he ponders fighting this ghost woman himself..

Zetano thinks... Yeah. She'll edit out all the dialogue and replade it with louder music... replace it with*

Samantha frowns just a bit as the fire attack misses, sending flaming wood splinters across the deck as the oil fueled fire sputters in vain against the rain. There's the sudden crack from below as the crows nest drops a foot, coming out from underneath Samantha as she falls backwards into it, "Y'dare t'say such things? Then I will show you yer precious Aura." As the mast begins to creak and groan the Renamon leaps into the air, rigging ropes snapping and whipping across the deck from fore to aft. "BEHOLD! Th' power of AURA!" She brings her hands together and starts to pour data from her hands into a little purple ball, growing it larger and larger before she throws the sphere of life energy at Zaradel, using the force to give her a little extra air time.\

Russell uses his sheathed weapon to shield his eye from the rain so he could see the battle. glued to the attack Sam was using...

Zetano had to back up a little from the ball of power an she watches it, focusing and planning to make that part slow motion with a Latin Chorus i the background as it flew...

Scene pose for those coming in: The entire bay area is beset by dark angry clouds. Lightning and thunder peal through the clouds, lighting everything in small bursts as rain sheets down over the area. The ship itself is floating off the dock, at the mercy of the increasingly bad surf as two figures fight upon it, flames licking near the back of the main deck.

Caly continues to watch from where she sits, trying to follow what is going on as best she can.

Zaradel opens his eyes wide as he see's it all happening in slow motion as his muscles locked up. The Aura was gathering about her and forming itself into a sphere that he recognised all to well. All the Lucario could do was brace for impact and hope for the best as there was no way he could dodge the attack. The Sphere blasted him hard leaving only a hole in the upper deck as the mast was still falling. It was all happening so fast... He opened his eyes letting out a groan as he got back to his feet, "Enough playing around pirate!" came the voice of Zaradel as a chain flew out of the hole with a bayonet at the end of it. It stuck into the falling mast and threw him back up through the hole as his sabre was now charged with the aura flame as he was going into what looked like some sort of dance swinging wildly at the renamon now.

Denzira watches the heated exchagne of both words and flames between the two combatants as they displayed their power in dramatic flare, it seems the Pirate Woman is still going strong with the definate advantage in this match with her unbridled power at her command. Zaradel had been enduring the worst she had to dish out and though he wasen't loosing any steam he wasen't truely gaining enough ground against her.

Zetano hmms... Okay, she'll add a ring of fire around Zaradel after the massive hit in the edit and play some Dark Lord theme music since he has the Invincability power going on there as the lucario gets up and she looks up to the ranged weapon fixture, the various twenty weapon pods all captyring the fight at different angles and switching on the moniter when appropriate.

Samantha starts to fall after a moment, moving in slow motion as she balances one foot on a bit of rigging that has yet to full collapse on itself, before hopping down towards the deck. "Gotchyer." She then takes a step back as the bayonet thunks into the falling mast, bringing her sword up as Zaradel launches right back at her. Her own sword flies up, charging up with the crackling sizzle of lightning as the aura-charged blade hits it, parrying it to the side with a shower of sparks, spinning the blade downwards to parry the second swing, the lightning arcing into the deck as the sword discharges, the renamon leaning in. "Then come with all th' passion of mew y'ave, 'r we be locked in battle fer an' eternity, warriors fighting fer ideals until th' end of days, an' th' final 'orn sounds...." She leans in and then punches at Zaradel's ribs, her hand charges up with the fire of her wrath, leaving sputters of fire in its wake, most going out after touching the water soaked deck, the whole ship creaking now as the mast settles, and it begins to take on water.

Ignorant of Zetano's planning to buff up the imagery of the fight, Inle is lost in the actual battle. The 'schitzo' Umbreon watches, ears cupped forward, with eyes locked on the battle, and, thoughtflessly, moves to a higher seat, perching odly with knees folded to his chest. He starts chewing the claw of a finger absently as he watches the fight, tail waving side to side behind him. Wide eyed, the messy-furred, somewhat dry by now Umbreon continues watching, uttering an appriciative "Hmmm..." As Samantha speaks, and aims a punch at Zaradel's ribs. Have to watch out for firey punches, too..

Zaradel grits his teeth as the punch catches the coat ablaze with the oil fire leaving him with a pair of bayonets attached to a long chain. He growled a bit as he quirked a brow and smirked, "Or you could just die..." He shruged a bit and snickered before throwing one of the bayonets and using the chain tuged himself along at an incredible speed to try and shove a knee into the renamon's gut. The Other end of the chain came with him as it swung in a wide arc at the captain now charged with his Aura.

Russell finds himself having to leap out of the way of a peice of falling rigging, saying "Wow, talk abot a spectator sport!", as he back up to a much safer distance, Great a sinking battlefield too...

Samantha hehs just a bit, turning with the sword to help deflect the bayonet from her, before Zaradel screams towards her, knocking a firm hit to her gut and making her double over, stumbling backwards as she growls. The aura charged blade hits the armored computer with a heavy thump. A peal of lightning goes overhead as she flips the sword around in her hand, "'Ow 'bout not?" The sword catches the light as it comes forward with the renamon's full strength behind it, caring not for sword of bone as she goes for a face shot, following through by lifting off the deck by an inch, ragged tail flagging as the heavy crash of thunder vibrates through everyone's bones.

Zetano makes sure to snap a shop of frame-by-frame of these shots to use for some really slow motion... But then she speeds everything up with the camera to get back to the fight.

Normally it's considered dumb to go running into the heart of a storm for no reason, but Crimson's case differs in that she can see something happening. Colorful lights on a ship. If she had to guess, it's a battle, but it's still just a guess. Flying low, the Latias makes her way through the air at the side of the dock, and looks over. Is this... Ugh, she'll figure it out in a minute. The dragoness zips under cover and pulls her shirt forwards a bit, starting to wring it out. "Is this a movie filming?"

Zaradel cries out as a flash of blood is seen in the arc of the sword and the sound of metal grating on metal fills the night. He flew up with the blade for a few inches before stumbling back. His hat had flown off with the blade's arc and was now lost in the raging storm. He held his face in his paws for a few moments before his Aura ignited around him and he looked up. A long gash could be seen over his right cheek that continued over his brow and the steel bone beneath could be seen through the deep cut. He was bleeding profusely from the wound and the only thing that saved the eye was the fact that his bones were made of steel and the sword was stopped before it could damage the valuable organ, "Enough!" He spun the chains now before throwing both ends in opposite directions to stick into the deck on either end of the ship, "If I'm to go down with this wreck you're comming with me!" He threw a vibration through the chain that went to either end of the deck and then sent a rippled through the wood causing the entire top of the ship to explode into a shower of splintering wood. Turns out earthquake on a boat had rather detrimental effects.

Russell looks at the newcomer, "No, they are fighting over control of a gym, and that...", poiting to the ship hovering in the air not far away, "...If i'm not mistaken"

Zetano watches as the fight starts to get bloody... Hmm.. She'll have to put an new rating on the movie... Oh! The ship vlew up! She jerked backwards a little and blinked as she had a splitered 2x4 imbedded in her stomach and sticking out the other side. The camera droned were scrambling to not get hit by the debris but the picture remained stable since there was a drone far off to capture the explosion. Zetano recenters the camera, ignoring the 2x4.

camera drones were scarmbling to not get hit... etc

Ears perk at this statement of Russel's as the Umbreon breifly looks his way, tup of thumbclaw in mouth. He looks away again, back to the fight, enrapt with the battle. So they are fighting /for/ a gym, not for a gym. Hm. That changes things a bit. Inle has no desire to own a gym, he doesn't even know what they are. He does, however, have a desire to fight-- it proves dominence, power, strength, and who the 'top dog' is. Or, in his case, top cat-fox-thing. He doubts, however, even were he to win a gym, that his feminine side would allow him dominence over the body they share; the only reason he's kept it this long so far is the close proximity he has to a lot of other people at the moment-- something his feminine self becomes claustrophobic around.

Crimson's eyes widen a bit when the camera person suddenly has wood sticking through them. When they ignore it, though, she ignores it too. If they're not going to make a big deal out of that, they're probably just fine. Or totally insane. Both good reasons not to get close. The Latias floats back a bit, and hugs herself. This is nearly unbelievable! It's really messing with her head, and yet she can't look away.

Blood splatters over the Renamon's face from the cut into Zaradel, the Samantha's feet landing on the deck again as she laughs, bringing the bloodied sword up to gesture to Zaradel, the rain working to let the red stain into her cheeks even as it washes it from the blade, "Let th' storms kno-" The sudden loud crack of the wood all across the deck cuts her sentence off as she loses her footing, before the entire upper deck explodes into splinters, the Renamon falling through with a growl. There's a faint explosions as a ball of fire lights up into the night a powder keg ignites, followed by the Renamon launching forward with the sword once more.

Zetano blinks and she zooms in close to Samantha's face as she launches from the aid of an explosion and then cuts to a different camera, one looking for Zaradel.

Caly has left.

Russell shouts in shock as the boat floatsam in an instant, thinking, "Bye Sam..." Before he saw her face on the moniter... wow, that was lucky...

Zaradel falls onto the deck below as the entire ship simply could not withstand the storm now. He quickly tugged the chain on either end of the boat to have the bayonets come flying at him. He spun quickly releasing them from the chain and taking their handles in hand he blocked the incomming sword with both of them. His strikes were serious now and aimed to hit area's that would actually do damage. The speed of his blades was relentless as they glowed with his Aura fire. Zaradel's mind was hyperfocused now even as the ship was sinking and barrels were exploding from the oilfire.

The boat blowing up causes Inle to bark, and he falls backwards, nearly falling off his seat in the plexiglass protective box, landing in a surprised heap on the ground. He sits there a moment, before clambering back to his feet, dusting himself off, and climbing back into his seat, resuming his odd perch pose as if nothing happened-- immediately watching the battle again. Samantha's skill with the blade impresses him, and his tail is now wagging to beat a drum, so to speak.

Samantha only has one blade, but that one she does well with. Turning it against the blades that flash towards her, she keeps the majority of the blows from landing true, small cuts showing up on her body that do actually start to bleed. Her blood has a faint unnatural sparkle to it, catching the flashes of lighting as the small cuts open up along her torso and against her arms, slashing back when she has the chance to, charging the blade with a variety of different elements as she tries to land a few more cuts on the Lucarion, trying to disable him...

Zetano smiles... This footage was rather well. The sheer immortality of the combatants was amazing... The lucario had not died from blood loss and Samantha was a zombie that could auto regenerate... But what's this? It seems that she was taking hitstoo quickly to regen! She makes one of the cameras float a little closer to catch a glimpse of the two fighting in the infurno, one of them even getting a worm's-eye-view before a fire snuffs it out.

Zaradel grits his teeth as he is recklessly taking hits on his arms and legs. It seemed he was starting to get into his high risk high return style he normally ran. It was time to end this. The world began to slow again as he went into extremespeed once more he kicked back and started kicking barrels of the gunpowder at her. He slashed them open sending the powder free to ignite in her direction, "Burn in the fire of your own overconfidence!"

"This... This is stupid. And dangerous. All of this over a gym? Is it really something so important?" Crimson hugs herself tighter, rubbing her arms. "I thought anybody could start a gym, send in an application... Do you really have to kill the gym leader to take over?" Maybe she's jumping to conclusions.

Zetano sets Zaradel up in the role of 'evil pirate' and... Well, Samantha is not a white knight either... She'll have to think of the backstory later, now is footage!

Ears lay back breifly, and Inle turns, murmuring, "Shhhh. The fighting is fantastic. And she's a ghost. I don't think they can actually die." To Crimson. Women. So silly about fighting. Goodness knows his own feminine half was dead against it, and half the other things he liked to do, but they did try to get along. They were stuck with the same body after all. He turns back to watching the fight, uttering a noise of thoughtfulness as he notes the shimmer of blood in Samantha's fur.

Samantha takes the breather as Zaradel launches away from her, doubling over for a moment to put a hand on one of the deeper cuts in her side, obviously needing the break... The barrels however, were not expected, "Y'wish us t'both die in a watery grave, then... so be it!" The renamon jumps upwards and spins as the powder kegs tip over, catching on the dregs of the oil fire before another massive explosion rocks the ship. Samantha rides the shockwave in true dramatic fashion, letting it launch her up towards the cabin on the rear of the ship, the wood groaning and creaking as huge cracks for amidships, the ship beginning to fail under the strain and the new hole in it, leaking water profusely. The renamon's coat caught on fire as her claws at first fail to grab onto the wood, causing her to stab her sabre in to gain purchase against the wet wood.

Denzira quietly continues to watch the battle, the collateral damage being done with nothing short of phenominal and both the Pirate and the Lucario were starting to feel the effects of this extended battle. She turns her attention briefly over towards the Latias that seems to be put off by this brutal display. Honestly she doubts she could ever reach a level of power where she'd be able to handle herself in a gym battle as extreme at this.

Zetano pages, "You want me to teleport you two to safety in a sort of 'director's intervention'? Giving the spectators a climatic finish but no one really dies?" to Zaradel and you.

Zaradel closes his eyes as the explosion sends him backwards. He was already gathering the Aura between his paws for his coup de grace. It formed into a massive ball of energy that seemed to keep growing as he continued to bleed out of the wound over his eyes and the less severe cuts all over his arms, "You squander the power of the planet pirate! I have seen your heart and it's black as pitch oh traveler of celestial seas! Now you will see the true power that with which you play! SEE THE FULL POWER OF THE AURA!" He threw the massive ball even as he fell into the turbulent stormy seas.

Zetano makes the speakers play and overly dramatic Latin Chorus as the ball flies at Samantha, zooming in the ball and then to Zaradel who sinks into the ocean, a symphony of viloins 'mourning' him before cutting back to Samantha and her reaction.

Crimson frowns. "The fighting looks awesome, I'll give you that. But... It's different." It's violent, that's what. It's not for sport. They're clearly trying to kill each other, too. There's nothing she could do, though. Getting in the way would mean an instant death for her. It's almost over anyway. "I wonder if they can swim." she says, sounding detached.

Without much time to catch her breath the Renamon can hear the power forming... in her inner eye she could see the mass of aura, event hough the drenching rain her eyes and the wounds distract her. She grunts and kicks into the wood, pulling the sword free and twisting in mid air to launch her sabre at Zetano, a thin covering of Aura around it. It passes through the massive aura sphere on its way to its target, cleansing it of the added power, before the sphere impacts her square on the chest, launching her upwards like a rocket as she gives a last, final grunt. The impact so great in fact, she actually sails past the cloud layer, her hat slowly sinking onto the deck from where it was finally knocked off.

Zetano catches the sabre flying through the air and she pushes a hand out. a portal opening in front of the sabre and then one openning up on the beach as the sabre lands in the sand and she goes back to filming. Well that wasn't nice at all! If she were organic, she might have died! She lets the camere free-cloat as well wuile she goes to working the 2x4 out of her stomach.

Zaradel fights the waves to the surface as he lets out a gasp only to find a sabre flying at him. he opened his muzzle and moved as quickly as he could now using quick attack to actually skitter across the surface of the water, catch the sword in his mouth and snag the hat on the right side of his head. He was bleeding and panting hard now as the elements were hammering into him, "We'll see eachother again jetfire!"

<OOC> You say, "Sorry Zetano, it was supposed to be aimed at Zaradel" <OOC> Samantha mistyped, is again sorry. <OOC> Zetano says, "sorry." <OOC> You say, "Its okay <3" <OOC> Zetano says, "I understaand. Our names both staart wih 'Z' and it may be confusing." <OOC> Samantha is also stupid, there's that to consider :3 <OOC> Zetano pets the foxy. <3

Russell peers though the rain, trying to see if he could spot anything other than rain, and debris...

Zetano keeps the camera pods on the water to searh for anything, one of the pods dramatically suicided as it submerged itself under the water and a piece of debris covered the lense so the moniter cut back to the sky view.

The terrible storm starts to lessen up a bit as the conflict comes to a close, the heavy rain turning into a drizzle as the clouds part once more, the massive heavy intercepter coming down through the clouds. A rather beat up and bloody Samantha Jetfire is in the airlock, assisted by a female lucario in the ship's uniform. "HAH!" She coughs a bit, before flinging something down towards Zaradel on a beam of light. It glints in the space ship's landing lights before seeming to be on a straight path to Zaradel's head. The Celestial Badge. Once so flung Samantha is ushered inside by her crew, the airlock on the ship closing with a loud hiss as the Phoenix arcs upwards towards Low Orbit once more.

Zaradel tilts his head to the side as the badge flew down at him. He was careful to make sure the angle and force were enough so the badge would do exactly what he wanted it to. The sharp end stuck through his left ear just below Enzo's badge and he quickly capped it as he shouted back with his last opertunity before the remains of the ship sank, "I'm keeping your hat and sword!" He snickered a bit before using the last of his energy to extremespeed along the surface of the water to shore.

"They're pirates. What man of the sea wouldn't know how to swim?" Inle asks, distracted, watching as the Lucario sinks waterward, while the ghost'morph flies skyward. He hmms, softly, to himself, wondering what's next, his ears laying back. As Samantha's pod comes in low, and the badge is flung to Zaradel's head, however, he perks his ears. What's that? A strange bit of glittery metal? That's it? All of that battle for a shiny bit of metal? He finds a bit if distaste in his mouth. Fah, that's it. The Umbreon shakes his head, muttering something to himself, before he shifts off the chair and turns to slip out of the booth and back into the rain again. All of that, and there's no greater reward than a peice of metal. Zetano hmms and she flies back to shore, zooming out as a result and making the camera and screen fade as she nods. "Perfect... This will become a Blockbuster."

Russell shakes his head, "If that is what it take to get that badge, I think i can live without it...."

Zaradel actually chuckles a bit to Russel as he starts heading inland while using the newly aquired cap to cover his most grevous of wounds, "I'm sure there is an easier way..."