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Breeding is one of the more interesting and fun pass times of the world. For the most part relationships tend to be with those of the same morphology and breeding compatible species. When things exit this realm things tend to require special considerations. Of interesting note is that Earth Humans are genetically compatible with all pokemon species and morphologies. Whether or not breeding is physically possible is an entirely other matter.

Under normal cicrumstances the resulting spawn of two parents is always the species of the mother and gains breeding moves from the father. Gender and Morphology are usually determined by the genes passed to the child from the parents barring any special considerations.


Poqmori has 5 different genders available for choosing. Male and Female tend to make up about 85-90% of the population. Hermaphrodites that is being born with both the parts of male and female genders account for approximately 7% of the population. Gendershifters are those who can switch freely between male and female genders account for approximately 3% of the population and the rest are covered by the neuter description as they tend to be gender neutral.

XX  - Female (~44% of population)
XY  - Male (~44% of population)
XXY - Hermaphrodite (~7% of population)
XYY - Gendershifter (~3% of population)
NN  - neuter (~1-2% of population)

Herms and Gendershifters may pass one or two genes. If they pass two the odds are higher that the result will be a Herm or Gendershifter. As one would imagine a Female and Male will result in about a 50/50 chance of a male or female. A female and a herm will result in a male, female or herm. A gendershifter and a female will result in either a male, female or gendershifter. A herm/gendershifter with a herm/gendershifter can spawn a male, female, herm or gendershifter. Neuters do not reproduce in the conventional sense.


First off we must indicate that morphology is genetic and that morphology is not as simple as 1 choice. This chart gives a rough indication of how genetically similar various types of morphologies are. Of interesting note is that all morphologies are genetically compatible with eachother for breeding purposes but some considerations may need to be taken into account for offspring

Wild-Pokemon: 100% Pokemon,   0% Human
     Pokemon:  75% Pokemon,  25% Human
   Pokemorph:  50% Pokemon,  50% Human
   Metahuman:  25% Pokemon,  75% Human
       Human:   0% Pokemon, 100% Human

If breeding is done within one step on this chart the result is always a 50/50 chance of being one or the other morphology. It is when signifigantly different morphologies breed that special considerations come into play.

Pokemons breeding with Humans

Wild-Pokemon and Pokemon are almost genetically identical, the primary difference is sentience between the two. When they breed with a Metahuman or Human the result is always a Pokemorph with the same species as the pokemon parent.

Pokemorphs breeding with Humans

When a pokemorph breeds with a human the result is always a Metahuman with the same type (or one of the same types in the case of dual typed pokemorphs).


The standard gestation period for pokemon and pokemorph is 9 months between conception and hatching. The egg typically stays within the mother for a period of 6 months (3 months for species derived from 'egg layers'). The remaining time outside of the mother the egg must be kept warm and cared for. Although pokemon and pokemorph eggs are significantly resistant to breakage and minor accidents, they are not invincible.

Special Theme Consideration

All Pokemon and Pokemorphs are hatched from eggs. In fact this is culturally accepted and the way the entire Pokemon Centers are based around. The only exception to this 'egg pregnancy' are those pregnant with Metahumans or Humans who have been brought to Poqmori as a result of various circumstances. This is a relatively new and unusual for Pokemon Centers to have to deal with 'live births' rather than eggs and the complications that arise as a result of this are new to the medical professions in Poqmori as well.

Keep in mind that 'live birth' is NOT something that most pokemorphs have been prepared to deal with! Culturally they're groomed to thinking that yes an egg should drop out and that effectively gives the would be parents some time to prepare for the change in their lives. Live birth is like BAM! You are a parent, get to work bub! They want feeding and blahblahblah... right after you pass that 8-9lb ham.