Conduct Rules

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Conduct Rules

1) You are expected to maintain PG appropriate language and conversation on the PUBLIC, HELP and GUEST channels, the OOC Nexus, any OOC room and Guest Room. This is because guests can access these channels and these rooms and we do not want to scare them off.

Standard Punishments: Unofficial Warnings, Official Warnings, Loss of Channel Privileges.

2) If you are requested by another player or staffer to move your conversation to a more appropriate channel then you are expected to do so.

Standard Punishments: Unofficial Warnings, Official Warnings, Loss of Channel Privileges.

3) Respect Staff and Wizards. None of us are getting paid for this job the least you can do is not act like a prick when we have to deal with problems.

Standard Punishments: Dependant on the severity of the disrespect. +Jailing most likely, or other severe consequences.

4) Do not enter into private homes without permission. Whether this is random exploration, itemfindering or just out and out walking into someone getting it on in the bedroom its just not cool. Thankfully most private homes will be locked to prevent entry.

Standard Punishments: Considering this is mostly an IC thing expect your IC Actions to have IC Consequences. Being arrested, shoved in jail, put on trial is not entirely uncommon. Getting your butt handed to you by the owner is also a possibility.

5) Do not attack someone without permission. This is a consentual muck for the most part. This is of course barring you doing something stupid to warrant yourself being attacked like hitting on that snorlax's girlfriend or cutting off the mankey while flipping him the bird and honking your horn (also called the ICA=ICC clause).

Standard Punishments: XP dockings, Yen docking, being locked out of the rp system for chronic offenders.

6) Pose through when going through public areas with a gathering of players in it. This is not typically enforced very much unless the person spam-walks through a given room multiple times in a minute though it is considered good form to drop a pose or so before continuing on.

Standard Punishments: Unofficial Warnings, Official Warnings, Character being set IMMOBILE if they are guilty of spam-walking (Usually for a day or two).

7) Give warning before disconnecting. This rule is generally not enforced because we know players have emergencies, power goes out, computer crashes, ect... But for the most part if you have a minute or so before leaving a quick OOC message to the people you are RPing with is generally considered good form and respectful. No need to go into details just 'OOC Gotta go sorry!' is usually good enough.

Standard Punishments: None really. Chronic offenders might get a warning.

8) Keep IC and OOC Separate. So your character is the biggest jerk this side of Contiki? You don't have to be a jerk OOCly to the guy for playing his character. In the end we're all supposed to be able to kick back and enjoy whatever we're playing at the end of the day. This is one of the biggest things that cause problems for people RPing is people taking IC stuff OOC (Oh I hate that character so I hate you!) or OOC stuff IC (Hey look that's in this guys profile I'll use it against him even if I have no reason to know about it)

Standard Punishments: Variable. Can range from a simple talking to, to official warnings. Chronic Offenders will be escalated to higher levels of punishment.

9) Web-Links should be appropriate for the channel they are being linked on. Nudity and Sexual content links are only to be displayed on the XXX channel. NO GURO LINKS AT ALL ON XXX! Other links should be given some indication as to their nature if they are to be unappreciated by a large segment of the audience (IE. Watersports, torture, ect...)

Standard Punishments: Official Warnings, Removal of Channel Privlages, +jail for Guro links.

10) Reading of the Bulletin Boards Boards is REQUIRED. It is highly recommended that you read all boards. The mandatory and absolutely required boards are Board 2 (Announcements) and Board 4 (House Rules and Policy).

Standard Punishments: Doubling of any Punishment inflicted as a result of ignorance of the rules.

11) Reading the AUP is REQUIRED. You are also expected to abide by the AUP.

Standard Punishments: Failure to comply with the AUP (+help AUP) will result in severe concequences. Up to and including banning in severe cases.

12) Do not cheat. Cheaters never prosper. We can an will catch you. Cheating is defined as FINDING *AND* ABUSING a flaw in the code or the system. Basically if you are getting free XP or YEN from something then its probably cheating.

Standard Punishments: Complete and total sheet wipe, @frobbing, banning. Dependant on how flagrant the abuse was.

13) Do not staff fish. Just because it works with your mom and dad doesn't mean it will work here. The act of staff fishing is defined as the following 'Obtaining an unfavorable ruling to your situation from one staff member then covertly trying to obtain a favorable ruling from another staffer'. If you wish to appeal a decision to someone up the ladder then be sure to inform them that you are doing so and the persons previous ruling. If you have a complaint with ANY staff rulings then contact headwiz Phoex or Alynna.

Standard Punishments: Official Warning, +jail.

14) Do not rules lawyer. The rules are for STAFF to decide not you.

Standard Punishments: Official Warnings, +jail, removal of channel privileges if the arguments are taking place over channels.