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Connecting to Pokemon Dynasty

To connect to Pokemon Dynasty requires the use of telnet, SSH or a MU* Client capable of establishing telnet or SSH connections. Pokemon Dynasty is hosted at and has been assigned the ports of 2069 for telnet and for SSH(Encrypted) capable connections the port 2022.

Port: 2069 (Telnet)
Port: 2022 (SSH)

Link to MU* Clients

My personal favorite is [TrebuchetTK]. This is a cross platform MU* program that works on Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms. Popular choices for Windows include [MUSHClient] and [SimpleMU] for their user interfaces.

SSH Compatible Clients

Don't want your local system administrator or boss to be watching your RP sessions. The ones that I have been made aware of that support SSH are [TrebuchetTK] and [beipMU]