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Age:? (Near since the beginning of time)
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Occupation:The Deity of Shadow
Title:The Lord of Nightmares

History and Creation Legend

Cresil is Darkrai, the deity that represents shadow, evil and impulsive inner desire. He is no longer seen typically by the denizens of Poqmori, however this wasn't always the case. Many years ago, when life was still young on the planet, Cresil was a simple human. He was regarded as one of the most powerful plunderers and thieves, willing to crush anyone in his way to get something valuable.

Legend has it, after he had stolen all of the artifacts of value in the world he locked himself inside his palace. After thirty days of mulling over his treasure, he finally decided he was set out onto the world one last time to look for something that would make all of his other possessions pale in comparsion. He came upon a small village with nothing material value, but a place rich with esoteric knowledge and legends of great power in it's history.

It took some coercing to get the village elder to cooperate with him, but Cresil learned of something that peaked his interest... The legend of creation. In the beginning, when Arceus created the universe, he left behind different plates as a sign of his power. If someone was to find one of them, it is said that all their wishes will come true.

After being told to never return to the village ever again, the thief informed him he was making no promises. He set out to find these plates, or at least one of them, then he could truly be the king of all thieves! No, the king of all life on the planet! His travels brought him to an ancient temple in the far, snow-bitten reaches of ancient Poqmori where he confronted a secretive order that was dedicated to worshiping Arceus and keeping his secrets.

It was here that he learned one of the plates, more namely, the Dread Plate, was being kept in a sealed domain called the shadow realm; and the entrance was in fact under the temple itself. Forcing the monks to undo the seal to the cursed plane, Cresil entered fearlessly with the hopes of pocessing ultimate power.

He indeed found the plate he was looking for in the depths of shadow realm. When he touched it, his wishes for power transformed him into the monster of darkness people call Darkrai because of his evil nature. As for the shadow realm in which the plate was kept: It was twisted from being a simple wandering place for wayward souls into Cresil's vision of a perfect kingdom. His next goal was to rule Poqmori itself.

Fortunately for the living world, the monks of the temple were able to seal the gate below the sanctuary before it was too late and with it, Darkrai inside his own twisted kingdom. The seal should have remained for eternity... Thousands upon thousands of years later, the mere legend seems to have been proven true when the god of Darkness was seen being summoned on the roof of New Ginseng by a group of fanatics...


Cresil usually watches the mortal plane from his castle, housed in the middle of the world of shadows, an infinite wasteland of jagged peaks forever bathed in a overcast shroud and a shadowy fog. Instead of communing directly with reality, Cresil has an army of poltergeists at his disposal which inhabit his shadow world in small hovels; along with the the loyal service the High Priestess of the Cult of Darkrai, Myrrodin and some other devout followers.

Patron Deity

Cresil is the patron god of Dark and Ghost Pokemon, who tended to be in his service when he was living on Poqmori as a thief. Since Ghosts, already dead, could easily pass through walls and avoid traps while Dark types were masters of stealth.

A Dark or Ghost type praying to Cresil might receive good fortune, safe passage to the afterlife or rarely, a vision. (Even though he is the patron god of Dark and Ghost types, that's not to say he won't listen to the prayers of other types as well.)

The Cult

Being the evil and tyrannical deity he is, the Cult is not too far off from Cresil's desires for the living world. Although he does not express a particular hatred towards Dittos, or Dittokin, the Cult's goals are backed by his support and sometimes aided directly with subtle actions...or some not so subtle ones.