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Name:Stephanie Crimson Drogohine


Formerly upset at not ever being given the choice of what her 'job' in life would be and simply being stuck as the avatar of a legendary, Stephanie has mellowed out quite a bit with the passage of time. Even so, she's easily described best as 'fiery'. Warm and inviting, but painful to those who mistreat her or try to approach too quickly.

Crimson has immense willpower, believing no task too great to those properly prepared and willing to follow through. She enjoys challenges both physical and mental, often meeting them with a grin on her face.

She's also an avid collector of knowledge, eagerly listening to stories, both of the fairy tale and historical variety, taking particular interest in those centered around one person. She gladly listens to the life stories of individuals, happy to learn what she can from the experience of others.

The dragoness is actually rather playful once a friendship is secured. To her friends, she often becomes a tease, using her quick wit and natural good looks to provoke reactions. Reliability is another of her great strengths; she will never fail to be a shoulder that can be cried on or arms that will embrace.

Among her faults would be her fiery temper and slow forgiveness. Dishonesty or disloyalty both go a long way towards breaking her heart. The Latias doesn't appreciate those of dull wit either, vastly prefering the company of intelligence equal to or greater than her own, sometimes becoming frustrated with those who don't see solutions where she can do so clearly.

When problems arise, Crimson shows a calm, level-headed, diplomatic side that is vehemently insistant on peace. Her anger in such situations is channeled into a quiet, blazing intensity. Rarely does she resort to violence, only ever if it is absolutely and fully deserved. She is more lax with dispensing her fists when there's less on the line: trying to peek under her clothes is a fast trip to a slap in the face.


The Lati species is naturally gifted with great defensiveness and durability, along with the ability to fly with perfect maneuverability at speeds exceeding high quality aircraft. Crimson herself is also adept at a multitude of martial art, in addition to being well-educated and clever from a long life. She also has plenty of practice changing the form of elemental attacks. The Latias also sports divine powers. While not possessing the raw strength of some of her peers, the dragoness is quite clever, and knows how to get more 'bang for her buck' in primal expendature than most. Among her divine abilities is her power as a god of death. Crimson controls all aspects of the afterlife, and can instantly end the life of whoever she chooses.


Stephanie was the answer to the prayers of a pair of faithful worshippers of the legends, most devoutly in Latias. After her mysterious and unexplained apperance as a child near the outskits of Ginseng, she was adopted by the pair of a Furret and Pidgeot wishing to raise a child of their own. Gentle and kind, Stephanie made the model child to complete the peace-loving family. However, she clearly was no regular child: Her parents believed her a gift from Latias, and whenever a comment was made about the legendary, she gradually learned to cringe. Credit for herself was difficult to earn: she belonged to Latias.

In school, things were normal, but never normal enough. Stephanie went to regular classes, and tried to fit in well enough, but when you look like a legendary there's either too much attention or too little. The Latias suffered a case of the former. In elementary school level, she was just the new kid. In high school level, she was the odd one out. Autographs were asked of the avatar, along with various less savory proposals as the child began to bud into a woman. Something had to be done, and Stephanie took the matter into her own hands.

The name and species of the child who received a broken nose at Stephanie's hands were never released to the public, and known only to those who watched the incident. Nobody actually saw the Latias break the boy's nose, thanks to her ability to become invisible at will, but all agreed that it happened, was definately Stephanie's doing, and all agreed that after trying to hit on an avatar he definately deserved it. Stephanie was still unpleased that the reason she got off easy was the fact that she was a legend's avatar. Clearly her point wasn't getting across.

By the end of school, the Latias-Morph had taken up the moniker of 'Crimson', playing off the color of blood, but getting away with it because of the color of her feathers. She still graduated with flying colors, though showed reluctance in doing so at all. Being squeaky clean wasn't any fun, but when Latias demanded she set a good role model for others when appearing in the avatar's dreams, how could she do anything but listen? However, Crimson had long since decided that she would do it her own way. While her grades were perfect, her attitude and attire were far from it.

After straying out into the large world on her own and hitting her worst of luck, Crimson was eventually taken in by Helio Nami and joined the Power Plant Gym in Ginseng. Her attitude and personality improved with experience in the 'real world', and she managed to form a few romantic interests, some which bore fruit and others which taught life lessons.

Eventually the God Ball event happened, leaving Crimson in a new world, divine powers blossoming within her as they were always destined to do. She worked to protect the growing tribes of life, leaving them to their own customs but making sure her face and support was known to all. The Latias began to grow curious in other universes, and constantly sought knowledge, growing more intelligent as time passed. Her creation of an afterlife more suitable for the world's progress led to her become a god of death, among other things.

Artist Notes


  • Face: Outer polygon runs through corners of eyes, peaks at nose, back corners at temples. Inner polygon on forehead, comes down between eyes somewhat but doesn't touch them. Stops before hairline.
  • Back: White, goes between wingbulges on mid-back (white all the way down her spine proper). Stops at her butt, before her tail curves out. Same 'w' of red as on her sides.
  • Collar: Spike of red pointing up her neck, which slopes down above breasts and runs down her sides as a border to the white stripes.
  • Chest polygon: Light blue triangle with rounded corners. Lower half placed over breasts, topographically pointing at nipples.
  • Sides: White stripes down her sides, ending in a 'w' of red at her hips.


  • Irises: Gold
  • Wings: All red.
  • Earfins: White
  • Neck: White
  • Underarms from elbow onwards: White
  • Lower arm to elbow (Elbow not included): White
  • Upper arm to hand (top half of fingers): Red
  • Everything from hips down: Red