Cyrilla Blackmoore

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Species: Hitmonchan

Morphology: Pokemorph

Age: 24

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Affiliation: None

Badges Acquired: None

Gym Membership: None

Level: 12

Hometown: New Ginseng

Job: Street Brawler


With a father who is very honest and friendly person, and a mother who runs a criminal business, Cyrilla is the product of a spilt upbringing. When in public, sie is usually quiet and keeps to hirself a good bit, but when something gets hir full attention and seems intersting, hir real attitude comes out, that of a high-spirited and energetic 'morph. As hir attitude blossums into full bloom she becomes more outgoing and friendly, every bit of hir almost always seems to be in motion as if she can't help but show sie is a friendly person, almost a mirror of her father when he's going in full 'Prince Charming' mode. However, when she enters a arena, that personality becomes very focused, as sie becomes almost a perfect copy of hir mother attitude wise, that of a Pokemorph who intends on winning the fight however sie can, even if sie is wearing a bit smile while sie tries to punch you into unconciousness.


Born into a wealthy family, Cyrilla never /had/ to work hard for anytihng but sie did anyways because of how sie was raised to be. Both hir parents had ran their own businesses for years before they met, and still did even after they were married and had Cyrilla, thought they went to great measures to ensure that they did /not/ mix or overlap.. not mainly because hir father ran a very popular cybernetics company that had a excellent reputation but because hir mother ran a rather successful criminal ring that stayed away from the darker side of crime and mainly dealt in smuggling, counter-feiting and prostitution. With parents like that, hir childhood was anything but typical, as she went to some of the best private school during the day, then spent the evenings following her mother around as she dealt with her businesses on one day, then going with her father to his work the next.

Over the years she learned the in's and out's of both businesses, but never really developed a desire to take over either of them, and with her parents content to let her decide what she wanted to do she had room to develop her own desires without any true pressure many parents put on their children. Even then they did not expect her to take the track she did when she evolved into a Hitmonchan, where they had been a Hitmontop and a Hitmonlee, and semi-devled into fighting. During her free time she was almost always down at some of the local arenas, learning what she could. Not too long after her mother started getting rumors that a Hitmonchan matching her daughter's description had been seen at a few of the less legal fighting rings and managing to win a decent share of the fights.

Rather then confront their daughter about it, trusting in that they raised her well enough to keep hirself safe when sie is in the less safe locations, they instead made arrangements that sie would be sent to New Ginseng's university to start taking college courses to both try to keep hir out of trouble as well let hir see if there was anything that caught hir interest. And it did manage to get hir out of the range of the more dangerous fighting places, sie still found a few places to get into fights after classes.

Additional Info

Character Rating: Inquire to find out.

Voice Actress: Chie Nakamura, undubbed voice of Sakura in Naruto