Darline Bodine

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Name:Darline Bodine
Voice Actor:Reba McEntire
Rating:G to X
Alignment:Neutral Good
Occupation:Long haul Trucker

Darline Bodine


Darline has always been friendly; she's ever smiling, warm and genuinely cares what people have to say. You've got a friend in Darline, and Darline's got a beer to lend. She is the quintessential good neighbor, holding cookouts, returning tools on time and never once bringing back your lawnmower without a full tank. This being said she's not without an ornery streak, she takes the guardian role rather seriously and if someone threatens or harms her friends or something she believes in she'll be sure to set them straight, either with words or some 'gentle' persuasion.

Current Incarnation

Darline was born in the back of a truck cab with her parents racing to the hospital, her mother, a luvdisc morph and her father a truck driving seaking. Her mother was having difficulty in birthing the egg, her stomach was deflated and they feared the egg had burst inside the womb. With her father driving recklessly over the dark highway her mother passed out in the back.. When they both got to the hospital her father looked in the back to find her mother unconscious and laying on her lap a silvery blue egg. Months later at the hatching her parents were surprised to find instead of a little luvdisc baby some strange white creature curled up.. They of course cared for the child but Darline's father was understandably wary of the child that was supposedly his. She was named after her mother's great grandma who was then named for some famous figure in history and had a very sheltered childhood, her parents pretty much raising her on their own on their ranch. When Darline grew to be a young woman she had the urge to explore, she felt her calling was out there in the wide world and her parents were a little worried, here they had a daughter that looked like no pokemon they ever saw, who was abnormally strong and good with water and mechanics.

Eventually they relented and had let Darline take her fathers old eighteen wheeler out to explore and find her place in the world. Darline eventually settled into a long haul transporting job that took her anywhere and everywhere in the world, she used the money to fix up the truck she affectionately calls Delilah and has settled in to a life of travel. It was during one of these travels that she finally became aware of what she was. She was stopped in a seaport town where a hurricane was blowing through, huge waves threatening to spill over and wash away the town and all its inhabitants. Faced with the destruction of an entire town of innocents she felt herself glow with power, a soft voice spoke in her head and told her how to save these people, she lashed out with her newfound energy and diverted the waves sending them back in on itself and making a barrier of water until the storm subsided.. it was from then on she knew she was Lugia, the guardian of the sea.


Darline travels around looking for people to help and watches for any corruption of the sea or an unbalance in elemental power, she mainly wants to go around and help people, doing so makes her very happy. Otherwise she continues to do her trucking job, hauling freight and medical supplies to pokecenters all around the world.