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Digimon exist in the Digital World which was created when the Internet was first born. As the Internet evolved so did the Digital World, and the Digimon that inhabit it. It wasn't untill around the year 1990 Earth time that the Internet was advanced enough that Humans could actually converse with Digimon. News about Digimon was kept a secret from the general populace for the most part by a secret government organization called D.I.E.E. or Department of Internet Exploration and Expansion. A year after the first confirmation of sentient life forms in the Digital World, D.I.E.E. randomly selected a group of children and distributed Digivices, devices origionally designed for travel to and from the Digital World via 'gates', the the kids. After careful observation and several more unknowing test groups, D.I.E.E. developed a perfected Digivice. After a freak Digimon outbreak into the real world was succesfully contained, D.I.E.E. emerged into the public's eye as an international company designed to safely bridge the two worlds so that everyone who was able could learn about Digimon and enjoy the Digital World, for a fee ofcoarse.

With Digimon in the public view, some have flocked to the major cities to learn more about them, while others that were content with their Pokemon simply shrugged the notion aside. Just as there were plenty of people that adored Digimon, there rose others that resented, hated, even feared Digimon. In particular Francis Mc'Graggon labeled Digimon as a dangerous conspiracy developed by D.I.E.E. in an attempt to control everyone through this Digital World, especially after he had found out that D.I.E.E.'s early test groups were unsuspecting children. To this date D.I.E.E. has offered no official explination as to their decicion about the first test groups, only that they made sure that no one was ever in any serious harm and that the promise of this 'new world' and a peacefull coexistance with he natives more than justified the means that they had used.

Digimon Types

Digimon have one of 3 Primary/Main types. They are Vaccine, Virus, and Data. Digimon also have one of countless Sub-Types. A list of sub-types known to date by the writer of this: Amphibian, Ancient Animal, Ancient Fish, Android, Angel, Animal, Bird, Crustacean, Dark Animal, Dark Dragon, Dinosaur, Dragon, Evil, Fire, Ghost, Icy, Insectoid, Larva, Mollusk, Mutant, Mythical Animal, Mythical Dragon, Pixie, Puppet, Rare Animal, Reptile, Rock, Sea Animal, Skeleton, Vegatation, and Wizard. Who knows how many others there are out there.


Digimorphs are a special kind of Digimon. While normal like any other Digimon in the Digital World, when they travel through the gates into the real world they automatically are changed into a Human, Pokemon, or Pokemorph.


In every major, technology orientated, city D.I.E.E. has a Sub-Headquarters building, with the main HQ building located in Washington D.C.. These buildings are almost like self contained malls, offering restaraunts, gift shops, sleeping rentals, and ofcoarse the pride of D.I.E.E., the Digital Warp Gate. These gates are capable of bridgeing the real world and the Digital World, allowing for true interaction between Humans, Pokemorphs, Pokemon (if one is somehow able to get a Digivice and the yen to pay the access fees) and Digimon.

The only way to travel through the gate is to have a Digivice and a Digimon Partner. The fee for accessing the gates range from 5k yen to 10k yen.


D.I.E.E.'s other pride. These devices allow for on the go communication with a Human or Pokemorph with his/her Digimon partner, as well as allowing the Human or Pokemorph and their Digimon partner to travel between worlds via the gates. All attempts to reverse engineer Digivices had ended up in complete failure and the total self destruction of the Digivice in question. Only D.I.E.E. knows the specifics on how they work and operate, and they're not telling. This combined with goverenment backing ensures that D.I.E.E. will have no competiters.

Digivices can only be obtained by purchaseing one at one of D.I.E.E.'s buildings for 50k yen.


Digi-Merging is the result of a Human or Pokemorph and their Digimon Partner decideing to become one. The two personalities will merge as one however the memories will become fractured while the other loses their body. Example, a Charizard and a Patamon decide to merge. The two will merge mentally but lose the memories of whatever current body they end up in, either the Charizard or the Patamon. There is no way of telling which one will live within the new body, and the result is permanant. For this reason mergeings are extremely rare and when they do happen, often accidental.

The result of a Digi-Merging is reffered to as a Hybrid and labeled as such. A Poke that finds themself with a new digimon body can only use techniques of that digimon and not any of its previous form. A Charizard that now has a Patamon's body can not use any Pokemon techniques it had, likewise a Digimon that now has a Poke's or HUman's body can not perform any techniques that it used to have.


Digivolving is more like Powering Up than the actual Evolution of Pokemon. The levels goes as follows, from weakest to strongest; 'Baby', Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. The duration that a certain Digimon can stay within these higher forms is directly dependant upon how strong the individual is. Also dependant on the individual strength is what level a Digimon can power up to. For most Digimon, digivolving from Rookie to Champion is almost as basic as a human changing clothes. However it takes a Digimon of grat strength to Digivolve into an Ultimate, and digivolveing into the Mega form is a very, very rare feat usually involveign both digimon and Partner involved in some high stress and otherwise utterly hopeless situation, although there have been an even more rare few cases where digivolveing to this level was mastered. After Digivolving all Digimon will revert back to their Rookie form. While it normally takes little effort to Digivolve to Champion, a Digimon will need to rest for a period after Digivolving to an Ultimate. The period of rest depends greatly on the strength of the individual Digimon and can last anywheres from a few hours to a few weeks. Ofcoarse this figure can be doubled or even ripled for a Digimon that manages to ascend to Mega level.