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Note: This is an "NPC" cult mainly used for TP purposes. At this time, there is no way for PCs to join.

The Disciples of Rynos are a relatively small occult group guessed to be based in small camps and ruined temples that litter Peth's ancient jungles as well some of the forests in Contiki. They worship a warlord from a civilization referred to as the "Ancient Society" (an Aztec-esque style civilization in a bygone empire) dating back from over six thousand years ago.

A Brief History of Rynos

Rynos, the deity they worship, is a human warlord from the Ancient Society described to be the most dark and evil man of the time, and one of the most effective and strategic geniuses in battle as well as a largely accomplished martial artist. He originally served as a lowly lieutenant in the army of the Ancient Society, but was quickly promoted to Chief General by the High Elder himself as he continued to impress his superiors with tales of his brutal tactics and unnatural cruelty to the victims of his conquest.

Eventually called by names like 'Rynos the Demon' or 'Rynos the Soulless', the Elders, the leaders of the Ancient Society, realizing their mistake, decided he was unfit to further serve as Chief General and revoked his position, but offered him a palace that rivaled the High Elder's himself in elegance to appease him. Rynos however, could not think of abandoning his blood lust, it now an out of control addiction. The very next day, Rynos appeared on the steps to the Elders council building with the regiments still loyal to him despite his official dismissal.

The city's guard force was no match for Rynos superiorly trained men, quickly crushing anyone who stood in their way until the demon general himself stormed into the council chambers himself, ordering his men to wait outside, as this grudge was personal. He slaughtered over half the Elders on the council until he had the High Elder Rosc'Tesc, backed into the corner with his halberd at his neck. Rosc'Tesc pleaded with the human, saying if he spared him, he'd hand over the mantle of High Elder to him along with a sacred amulet that would increase his power a hundred-fold. Being a greedy man, Rynos accepted the offer, and upon placing the amulet around his neck, he was suddenly weakened.

Rosc'Tesc had given him an amulet cursed with an imprisonment hex, but it was not enough in itself to banish him to the nether realm alone. Spotting the Elder's decorative mirror behind his desk, he quickly shoved the general into the glass pane and, as he had predicted, it acted as a portal and threw him into the pits of the nether realm. His exploits that happened there aren't known to anyone except him.

The Ancient Society

Not much is known about this strange and enigmatic civilization, except that it existed about six thousand years ago and after a brief Golden Age they enjoyed the conquest of many other nations and immense riches, (Most of which were acquired by Rynos, ironically) before their disappearance. The style in which this existed can be compared to the real life Aztecs, although with different key varieties in the culture. According to common history, the fall of the Ancient Society began with a civil war between two primary factions; Rynos and his minions and those loyal to the Elders.

Even after Rynos' banishment, his minions continued to fight against the Elders and although they were eventually driven from the open, they caused so much collateral damage to the Society and exhausted it's resources so thoroughly that it eventually collapsed from economic failure. With men still loyal to Rynos, despite the civilization being long gone, they were eventually branded the Disciples of Rynos.


The Disciples' main goal was to retrieve their worshiped figure from banishment and have him lead them to a new Golden Age as the ruler society of the world by using military conquest. Although they succeeded in bringing him back, it was only temporary. After a lengthy struggle, Rynos himself was foiled by a group of heroic morphs in a remote temple in Peth and sent back to the nether realm.

Later on, a powerful shaman in the cult known as Balius (assumed to be the cult leader) shifted the group's focus to reviving an ancient weapon created by Rosc'Tesc to combat the minions of Rynos after his defeat. After being foiled a second time and taking heavy losses in both men and supplies from this attempt, it is assumed Balius is dead and the Disciples of Rynos are completely finished.


Xanthus was a weapon created by the High Elder Rosc'Tesc to fight the Disciples after their leader was banished to the nether realm. How it was lost in the Green Plains region of Contiki is still unknown. Presumably, it was destroyed by a small group of heroes.

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