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WHO: Sayuri, Apocalypse, Pestilence, Lirr, Asuka, Helio, Vonkruztian, Quin, S

WHAT: The detective 'S' deduces the Doctor's next move and dispatches a selected group to intercept.

WHERE: Che-An Province, Peth

WHEN: Nov. 18th, ~4:00 PM

<Tightwave> Sayuri says, "Now it is time for the first experiment. Apocalypse, Pestilence. Retrieve crate 34-Beta. Bring it to 34.0-15 N, 18.0-12 W, Peth, and open it. After that, you are free to do as you please." ... "Be sure not to damage that armor too badly, Pestilence. It was only just completed."

Each member of the party here - Barring a few - recieves a communication via pokedex. A letter 'S' on a white background, accompanied by a digitized voice: "Make all haste to Peth's Che-An province. The Doctor is preparing to unleash a weapon at the following coordinates." A string of numbers follow.

Those coordinates are here. Peth's Che-An Province. Swamp-like fields of rice and wheat stretching as far as the eye can see, blotched by forest and meadow. Tiny houses dot the distance. The Doctor is nowhere to be seen. Only a metal crate with a little heart on each face, which seems to be shaking back and forth. A high-pitched mechanical buzzing rattles the sides.

Once orders are recieved and co-ordinates locked into GPS systems, a pair of armored figures launch from a hidden base somewhere in Uto. The flight, made possible by armored conveyance, what you didn't think it was all just for looks did you, is not long at all, and soon the two figures are stood before the metal crate. The larger of the two looks at the crate and points at one corner, "You heard the orders." comes a digitized voice, recognition made impossible, "Let's just get this over with." The large armored figure rubs his hands together, and grabs for one corner of the crate, "Alright Pestilence, time to test out the hydraulics in your armor. On the count of three, yank." He gives a signal, counting down from three before reaching to straight peel part of the crate away, expecting the other armored figure to do the same.

The smaller armor-clad figure followed in step behind the larger; expressionless mask staring blanking at the crate that had been dropped. "Yes sir," cracked a low robotic voice as the smaller rounded quickly to the other side of the box. This must of been what it was like when one was opening a gift; although any signs of excitment was loss to any visual glance. With Armor shining like new Pestilence gripped his corner with its hands; a slight hiss in the air before the creature ripped away its part in time with the larger's.

Let us summerize. The detective known as 'S' requested many of these people to help stop someone known as 'The Doctor' from performing an experiment here in Peth, surrounded by rice fields and wheat. The Breadbasket of Poqmori. In the center of a field is a metal crate, which two armorclad figures just tore open.

"Time is of the essence." 'S' states over the pokedex. "If my deductions are correct, the world's food supply is in danger."

As if to punctuate this point, the rended crate explodes into a cloud of small, metal objects. Hissing, buzzing things. Little collections of chromed steel and glass, all points and edges and claws. As this swarm of insect-sized machines ascends, it spreads out into a swirling funnel.

A ripping roar echoes through the area, and a creature of silver scales descends upon the swarm with fire billowing from either side of it's mouth like a trail to a comet. Lirr has arrived, swooping down at the Robotic Locust and passing right over them in an instant, landing somewhere at a distance with her eyes narrowed upon the two figures and the opened box. Her tail flicks from side to side, the flame burning brightly upon the end.

She then realizes her feet are stuck in the muck of one of the rice fields. "...bother."

Asuka doesn't have all kinds of fancy shit like armor and helicopters or however they got there, so she just flew to Peth. Yes, she flew. She is a bird after all. Soaring on wings of flame akin to Moltres's, using the heat to create artificial thermals underneath her to keep her aloft. Spying that the crate is already open and robot bugs are swarming all over the place, her wings vanish and she drops out of the sky, the flames transfering to her foot and blazing a trail like a comet behind her. She drops right through the swarm to try and fry a few of them, and makes a small explosion when she hits the ground just for a dramatic entrance.

Helio sighs a bit as she is running towards the field, cheeks sparking up angrily as her tail whips around.. "OKay.. what the hell is gonna go on. This is kinda rediculous." she mutters, before spying Asuka's drop into the field. oO (Showoff) she thinks to herself as she looks up to the sky. "Thunder guide my electricity..." she whispers, cheeks sparking up more as clouds start forming in the sky if there wern't any. Loud, thunderous booms could be heard as she starts to dance, summoning up a rainstorm. "Rain help it hit.." as she launches her thunder attack at the swarm of metal bugs... Electricity should fry those metal bugs into bits...

Vonkruztian is here yes! His heavy boots would make appropriate thudding noises except that ground is softer than pavement. The imperialistic blaziken stares up at the buzzing mass of metal.. wait, bugs? He laughs, "Ha! Steel Bug types? I would think that this would be somethink serious." He watches as Helio does her thing. YEs electrical overload should do the trick. If not then he, ASuka, and anyone else capable of, can perform a massive Overheat and incinerate the pests. Wait that'd scorch the crops wouldn't it? Shhh.

Quin's ears flick and flatten back bah electricity. Those strong scalloped wings stretching to de-stress from long gliding flight. Her hands crack as she keeps a low flight path, her tail flat as she glances around, her fur frizzing as she tries to observe a barometer reading on her dex. Yes. She's actually using the weather center and a flight control option. She herself takes out a popcan top with a tail, hurling it into the swarm to check velocity. She's mostly *watching* it. with her eyes and ears. skree. She's keeping a non suicidal range and low altitude, hovering for now.

"These are very unusual." 'S' states over the pokedex. "They are eating the plants, then producing more of themselves... ...Okay. Attempt to keep the swarm from growing. I am going to try and help from this end."

Rain doesn't perturb these metal insects, though fire rips a hole in the tornado-like formation that lasts for a few seconds. The crack of thunder strikes right down the center of the cone. There's a blasting sound, and the tornado formation explodes, scattering the tiny machines in all directions. Many of them, smoking, settle on the exposed leaves of the rice plants and begin devouring them. As they consume, generators in the insectile abdomens glow. New units are generated, quickly replacing those that have been destroyed.

... The robotic insects seem to have no interest in chewing on the morphs, instead focusing entirely on the plants around them. Maybe they're vegans? ... Wait. Crap.

... "One of you, please try to capture a Metalocust without damaging it." 'S' adds after a few moments.

<Tightwave> Sayuri says, "The experiment is commencing. Do as you wish from now on."

"Pestilence, we've got company!" barks Apocalypse, pointing at each of the arrivals, "Time to earn your keep boy!" With a soft whirr, Apocalypse's weapon systems activate, primarily the focused beam swords. When it starts to rain, the armored terror begins to laugh. The mini-gun mounted to his forearm starts to spin. With a sweeping motion, Apocalypse lays spraying burst of projectiles at the interlopers. He looks over at Pestilence, transmitting on a private frequency, ~Our mission is complete, as long as one unit survives we're good, distract the interlopers, but don't get yourself hurt.~

Pestilence had taken a step back to watch the swarm of mini-bugs take to the sky; hidden stare regarding the creatures silently with a mild sense of wonder before Apocalypse's voice snapped him back to his surroundings. Pestilence did a quick 180 of the field to take note of each of the arrivals; free hand gripping the round oversized cannon built into his other arm as he spun a loose ring of metal to ready the weapon. ~Roger,~ came his reply as he brought the cannon up to spray a sudden stream of purple mud in a wide arc; the substance toxic to any fur or feather that it may of touched.

Lirr spreads her wings and crosses them in front of herself, a wide blue bubble appearing around her, the weapons deflecting and sliding off it harmlessly. Behind the bubble, she reaches for one of the nearby plants, snatching up one of the robo-locust and sticking it firmly into her strange collar, in a compartment inside it. She then waits for the flurry of attacks to stop for a moment, as the barrier she's using only last for so long against so many attacks.

Holyshitcounterattacks. Asuka reflexively leaps waaaay up into the air paying mre attention to the locusts for a moment as the multiply. She takes out her pokedex to try talking back to S and offer suggestions on the way back down. "If we attack them they'll just keep replicating until the crops run out. I think we should try and nuke them all at once. Even if it takes out this field, it'll stop them from spreading elsewhere."

Helio growls at the entire area... seeing the bugs chew up the crops... "Nuking the place may be a good idea." she mutters.... blinking as she's hit with th toxic stream... "Fuck... that's icky.. "she mutters, her tail chiming softly as she summons up a glass of milk... drinking.. Milnk Drink and Heal Bell was possibly the best two attacks she could have gotten from Bessie..

Vonkruztian that's two suggesting nuking the field? Well that's all the reason he needs to go through with his motion after seeing what electricity did. Those two in armor are annoying but clearly they're rtrying to provide some sort of strategic ploy. "Commrades." He calls out, trying to get the attention of the fellow fire trypes. "Let the sky burn, and let the inferno comsume all these vermin.." And with that he summons up his flames for an overheat to try and blanket the area, well the area with the metal bugs atleast. Let's see those pests bounce back from that.

Quin backs away, her ears twitching "Nuking is a great option.. If you want to infect fucking everything including the ground water." she called out to Helio. She just backs up to switch so the poison is flowing away from her body. She backs up a bit more, considering "I can stoke the fire with more air flow and help you get more spin up on it." She scratches her head. "Really hope this isn't like burning Poison Ivy..."

"That is a good plan." S responds to Asuka. "The Metalocust have spread beyond your combined range, but a majority of them are still concentrated around you. A combined effort will destroy approximately 90% of the swarm in one shot. Make it so. I will focus on my end."

As Lirr secures one, S speaks up again. "Interesting. There is a control signal. I cannot trace it, but it is most certainly from the Doctor. I can use this."

The sky burns, hundreds of tiny machines boiling in their own shells. However, as the swarm spreads, it begins to regenerate itself once again. Glass wings buzz at high pitches, the silver insects devouring the remaining rice plants and spreading out from the crate and the Steel Generals - Is that a good name for them? Hmm.

As the sky begins to burn, Apocalypse throws up a shield wall of small, honeycomb shaped, ablative plates. As the plates burn and crack, they are replaced by new plates, effectivly protecting Apocalypse from harm. He snaps his head over towards his companion, "Pestilence! They don't seem to be focused on us, let's use that to our advantage and get the fuck outta here!" The Armored Terror's metal wings extend, looks like he's about to make his escape, or is he? Another coded message is sent to Pestilence, this one sent over silent channels.

Pestilence stops the flow of toxic waste after most of his targets fell out of range and spun the ring set against the cannon again to a new setting. What crops that weren't covered with shining metal bugs was now coated with a fine layer of toxic sludge that would slowly drip it way down into the soil. The white-armored figure had justed started to fire a spray of high-pressured water stream from the canon about him in the air; although its ow form of protection from the heat was less-then effective then Apocalypse's. Pest's own form of flight folds out as he switches his cannon's setting again; taking to the air as he fired another round of toxic sludge downward to cause as much harm to both the morphs and the land as he could.

Lirr growls at the two Steel Generals, as her skin begins to radiate heat and steam builds up around her, rain evaporating before it hits her, a wave of steam coming up around her. And she fires a pure focused beam of heat into the swarm, steam flashing through the area. She isn't aiming to hit the middle of the swarm, she's aiming upwards... Into the direct path of Pestilence. Because she had been hit by poisonous sludge. And it burns like hell.

The mud around her cracks and peels, the plants lighting and fizzling out like matches in a short radius...

Asuka lands from her jump far away from where the explosion of doom is going to be. A fiery aura flares to life around her, crimson flames growing higher and brighter as she builds up her energy. She holds her hands out in front of her and all the fire migrates there, all her power being compressed into a single fireball in her palms. "I've been waiting for the perfect moment to use this for awhile..." Fire dances in her eyes as she grins, the ball glowing white as it's finally ready. She launches it at the center of the swarm, the recoil knocking her backwards, the ground igniting under it along its path. It finally detonates in a massive explosion, engulfing the field in a blazing inferno, every one of the bugs it hits incinerated instantly. The attack leaves Asuka out of breath and on her knees, but grinning nonetheless. "Blast Burn."

Helio growls, shifting out herself into a Blaziken... grinning evily... "Rain, go away and come back some other day for I call the power of the sun to bathe the area in its heated rays of fury! Power my fire and my friends and I shall reward you!" she yells out, the clouds dissipating as rain slowly subsides, the Sun's rays slowly but surely bathing the area in it's warmpth as she grins.... her enitre body set ablaze with fury as she howls in pleasure, launching herself forth as she blasts everything within her attack range with a furious Fire Blast attack.... "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, PEOPLE! DEFILER OF LANDS!"

Vonkruztian concentrates, arms held out, an aura of pyroclasmic energy swirling about him, heightened by the Sunny Day. "Fire shall consume all things. If it takes all the fire I have I won't see this metal plauge spread further.." The imperial blaz focuses his energy upon maintianing his Overheat, trying to spread it out to encompass the swarm itself, bossted a bit by the Sunny Day's assist, but as the sayign goes, 'A flame burns brightest just as its about to go out.'

Quin at the flash her ears twitching as she yanks her goggles down, the darkened goggles on her face as she dives away from the sun. She's headed for the source of the poison cloud, ears perked high on her head, trying to find the person creating it, air slash ready in hand. She's hoping to find it and slash the crap outa it.

The rain clears and the sun brightens, just as planned. Cue the triple-action-shot of Asuka's dramatic fire sphere. The blast is further augmented by Vonkruztian's and Helio's own flames, congealing into a sphere of solid flame. Many Metalocust are instantly incinerated by its mere vicinity. When the sphere explodes, it's as though a bomb went off. A wave of fire and heat washes out in all directions, flash-boiling the rice patty's water into mist. Twitching husks of Metalocusts still remain on the outskirts, but the epicenter is completely decimated. Handfuls of Metalocusts buzz between plants on further outlying crops. "I think... Yes!" S announces. Every pokedex on the defenders' side beeps, then sends out a seemingly random tone of sounds. Radiating out from the center of the crater that used to be a rice field, the eye-jewels of the surviving Metalocust flicker red, then burst. Tiny puffs of smoke erupt in all directions. Even the one Lirr captured explodes inside her collar.

<Tightwave> Sayuri be-beep. "...Damn. That 'S' figured out the self-destruct code. Withdrawl at once."

Apocalypse sweeps his head from side to side, inboard computers calculating risk of each of the interlopers. His targeting systems lock on Lirr. Deep, maniacle laughter of a digitized sort explodes from the armored terror. "Know this do-gooders, your days of peace and happiness are over. I am the Apocalypse, and I bring Death with me. You have no one to blame but yourselves, you caused this!" With a hiss of releasing gasses, a missile launches from Apocalypse's shoulder mount, streaking with deadly precision for the ground just in front of Lirr. Upon impact, a massive glob of biological sludge explodes into the air around Lirr, raining poisonous goop on the area around the 'Zard, giving the two Horsemen the opportunity to escape.

Pestilence kicked free of the blast the fire-types let loose in a tight roll as the general rounded the site of impact; looking for Apocalypse to take to the air before a hurried ring in his ear made him turn his head sharply over his shoulder; scanners peering through the gas at the inbound morph. Pestilence brought up his cannon and fired a small white object that was oddly rounded in a general humaniod shape. The object would act as a substitute in Pest's place to take the inbound attack as the white-clad general sped away with the idea that Apocalypse would follow.

"Grrr--!" Lirr is hit by the goop, which hits her wings and burns holes /through/ them, and scorches her scales horribly. Needless to say, she begins to retreat herself, and flaps backwards, taking flight and disappearing within a short time into the distance... Yeah. She's running away. Before her wings are completely destroyed trying to block these attacks.

Fortunately Asuka isn't being attacked, because she's exhausted. She collapses onto her back and stares at the sky, still grinning. "Phew... I can't believe how much that took out of me. You guys can take them, right?"

Helio sighs as she rams herself into the substitute, destroying it with fury and fire... mainly fire. "Cowards.... " she mutters, the Ditblazi very angry at this... "We need to burn these crops and purify this land.... before people are allowed to grow on this again.

Vonkruztian's flame wavers as he's reached his own limit. He winces and stumbles, falling to his knees convienantly near Asuka. "Damn it... I am of royal blood.. Shouldn't be this weak."

Quin's hands tear the substitute up as she heads on towards the source of the poison if possible, however he does have a head start and may be faster than her ( lol ya right). Her body is pulling some ass though.

"Excellent idea." 'S' states calmly in his digitized voice. "I will alert the local authorities as to the situation and outcome. It appears that the Steel Generals - For lack of a better name - have departed as well... ...Pestilence. Hm. This is not the last time we will hear from them."

It seems that all of the poison was from the Generals. All the Metalocust did was eat everything, until they were destroyed by the combined efforts of the team and S.

Elsewhere in Poqmori, a female figure leans back from a laptop screen depicting a stylized letter 'S' on a white background. Calmly, she folds her hands in front of her face, eyeglasses glinting in the light from the screen as it flickers to a different window.

She presses a key on the laptop, then speaks clearly. "S.Shimizu. Experiment Log. Released a test population of Metalocust at 34.0-15 N, 18.0-12 W, Peth, Che-An Province. Spread was immediate. All systems performed as expected. Under the direction of 'S', a militia subdued and destroyed the test population. Notation: Discover the identity of 'S' and remove him. End log."


Just before the screen goes dark, her lips crease into a sinister smile.

"..Just as planned.."