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Name:Fjord Freize
Species:Glaceon-Morph (Were)
Gym Membership:Peaceful Waters Aquarium and Water Park
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Occupation:Wandering Seeker/Rescue Worker/First Responder)
Voice Actor:His player


He's as cold as ice...well that's what popular belief is. Thanks to the harsh world that he reads about in many stories told by his ancestors, his demeanor can be cold and aloof, as well as stoic and calculating. The truth is that he's a kind, friendly, compassionate soul that seeks out anybody lost in the snowy fields following family tradition without a second thought.


Fjord was born into a clan known as the Seekers, who in the past were a nomadic clan that sought things that were missing. Mostly people and anything that was wrongly stolen. A couple of centuries ago the Seekers decided to settle in a not-so-remote area and erected an aristocratic manor. It still serves as a rescue team base where Fjord was born in a cold winter morning. He grew up like any normal eevee morph despite living away from society, the family going out frequently so they can socialize with others. As he grew up he read the memoirs of his ancestors and their exploits, the one striking his fancy the most was of Angelo DeSol, the one who broke a family curse set upon them so long ago. Another one was the first glaceon in the family, but he wrote about how the world can be unforgiving to the kind hearted.

Then one fateful day as a teenager he witnessed how the world can be cruel by seeing a rescue mission gone horribly wrong. In a span of a day, the one to be rescued and one of his clansman were killed by ruthless terrorists...and he was the one to see it before his eyes. In a traumatized panic he ran off, soon collapsing onto a mysteriously cold rock. When he was found by his family he wasn't an eevee anymore, nor was he the same. As he passed out he evolved into a glaceon and his demeanor grew cold, as if the killings he witness has scarred him to the point to shield his emotions in a frosty layer of ice. He hid himself away from the outside world so he himself would not be a victim of such cruelty. However the friends he had outside the manor slowly coaxed him out of his icy shell and come to gripes with who he is and what has he become. After much encouragement when he came of age, he set out into the world, determined to prove that the kind-hearted are not victims and live up to his family name. He aspires to be just his ancestors before him, doing whatever he can to seek what is lost and right all that is wrong...with a cold determination and the fury of Winter at his side...


Fjord has returned from a long and untold journey from Terne the glaceon seemingly much stronger than ever. He tells of finally coming in contact with the spirit of the ancestor that he looks up to: Angelo DeSol and underwent special training. He is now part of the Peaceful Waters Aquarium and Water Park Gym serving as not only as a gym member but also doing rescue missions for injured or stranded aquatic life. He also rescue work for PokeCenters being a first responder to any emergencies and special situations. He's been known to do occasional bounty hunting but he leaves that to his cousin. He is also seeking badges to bolster his strength...so far he has three...

The Seekers

Fjord's family, composed of biological relatives and adopted clan members. They have existed for almost 2 millenia, and still going strong withstanding the deteriorating march of time with their strong sense of justice, noble origins, and dreams of heroism. They seek all things lost: artifacts both undiscovered and lost, pokemon and pokemorphs either lost, ran away, or kidnapped, and whatnot. their occupations vary from explorers, thieves, gypsies, even law enforcement and lawyers. Around 1700 years ago, they become afflicted by a curse from a very vengeful Duskull after been defeated by some of their ancestors. Soon they found that their children couldn't evolve naturally through the enviroment, now having to evolve through elemental stones...until the most profound members of the family Angelo DeSol and Delfeng Moonlight broke the curse 200 years later by leaving their place of birth and finding happiness. Now they are spread out in manors throughout the word yet maintaining communications and relations in an intricate web of information.

More info

For more info about Fjord's family line, please visit the wiki of Angelo DeSol: http://pokeworld.faefox.org/wiki/index.php/Angelo_DeSol