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Name: Flare Blackfur

Species: Growlithe

Morphology: Pokemon

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Affiliation: None

Badges Acquired: None

Gym Membership: None

Level: 10

Hometown: New Ginseng


Large, bulky and knowing it, Flare has managed to develop a fairly open and friendly attitude even with his training to be a guard'mon. Always with a smile, and a willingness to give any friendly face a slobbering lick, he still retains mindful of his surrounding, and though he does enjoy just romping around and a good brawl, he never forgets that it's his job to watch over his owner, Nova Umbrous, and does his best to always keep a eye on her even when he's in the midst of other things.


Born on a Pokemon farm as well as the runt of the litter, Flare was expected to be the smallest of his siblings, and at first he was but a year afterwards though, the little Growlithe became anything but small, as he went through a rather fast growth spurt to the point where he towered over his other siblings in both size and strength, and from that point on he remained a very large example of his breed. As he grew older, his fur started to darken for no known reason, turning the Growlithe from the standard red and black to a unusual black fur with golden stripes.

After he passed his few years, the farm hand intended to give him to the Ginseng Police Department, to have him trained as a police dog, but before that happened a married couple of Umbreons approached the farm about acquiring one of their Pokemon for their daughter who was rather timid when it came to battle, and wanted to get her a pokemon that would watch over her as well as help her get over that timidness. They had not even gone through looking at half the Pokemon being raised at the farm when they came across Flare playing with the other younger pokemon, and almost literally bowling them over with his larger size, but even as he did he showed a level of control in his actions that never lead to any of them getting injured.

Almost immediately, his size and unusal coloring made him a almost immediate pick, but as he was pulled to the side and brought over to the couple to let him get looked over, he realized that something important was going on and remained on his best behavior, that single action clinching the selection. The couple brought him way from the farm, but before giving him to their daughter, they took him to a school that give specific training for 'mon that were meant to guard over someone. Flare adapted well to the school, and finished it in only a few months time, taking the lessons to heard and learning almost all of them on the first try. Finally the time came when he was put in a pokeball and gift-wrapped before being sent off to his new owner, Miss Nova Umbrous, who at the time was attending the Tarada University as a birthday present.


None have developed particular Growlithe Pokemon... yet

Additional Info

RP Prefs: Varies with mood.. inquire and find out.