Florana Hananosei

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Personal Statistics

Name - Florana Hananosei

Species - Venusaur Morph

Age - 19

Gender - Female

Size - 6'3"

Primary Coloration - Ivy Green, Dark Green Leaf-hair, speckled pink flower

Occupation - University Student, Pokemon Trainer

Gym/Badges - Delta Gym-Wave Badge


For some the pursuit of knowledge can become a life consuming goal. Florana, though, finds that to be a silly idea to dedicate oneself to since there's never an end to what you can learn. So even though she may be exceptionally smart and one day likely to have a degree in a scientific field or two, Florana doesn't really show it any more than she needs to. That is to say, though her manner is that of the educated sort, she doesn't go out of her way to try and sound exceptionally smart, since its all just a lot of talk in the end. She would much rather focus that on her work and show her intellectual capacity instead of just talking a bunch of big words that don't mean much. She has a great deal of curiosity, but it is tempered with a share of common sense and rationality as well to prevent foolishness. Rushing off in a hurry never really helped anyone. Florana can seem a bit haughty at times, but it is mostly just in her controlled, impassive mannerism. She is hardly arrogant about her intelligence, though she may scoff slightly at those of lesser mental stature, she's not one to go out of her way to be a prick about it. Besides, people left to act as they would naturally are more suitable for observation.
Most of the time, she would rather be like any other girl her age. Which means eyeing cute boys, maybe some cute girls, and doing some pokemon training. As often for observing pokemon and how they react both in and out of battle as she does for competition. Florana isn't a big combatant herself, but she is more than able of defending herself and does spar from time to time for excersize. Her vines are stronger than they may first appear, and dexteretous enough to be used as extra appendanges. And unlike some girls, she actually likes playing videogames and watching movies as much for the explosions as for the cute hunk in the lead role.


Florana comes from a long line of morphs who have been teachers, researchers and other pursuers of intellectual fields and mental endeavours, back more generations than even she can count. And likely some day she will be one of the same, but that'll come when the time does. Although not what you would call 'rich', her family is very well thanks to the family tenacity for making decent money off their intelligence and work. Not spoiled, but certainly a good life in the upper-middle societies of New Ginseng. For now she's more than happy to live life for what it is now though, and only worry about her brains she's doing something that actually requires them. Just because she's exceptionally intelligent doesn't mean she can't just enjoy life the same as anyone else. One could say she's smarter than most geniuses, as she has avoided letting the rest of the world pass her by becoming too wrapped up in her own brilliance. That's a mistake too many of her ancestors have made, and that Florana intends to not repeat.


Florana is attending Tarada University, majoring currently in Biogenetics and covering mores fields of natural science to some extent in general. Being a prime example of both a Grass type pokemon and one that lives with a symbiotic co-exsistance herself, dabbling in the genetic quirks and quandaries of biology and botany seems to be a fitting foray. Of course there's all the basic educational credits and social life to get through, too.
The ancestory of the Hananosei family originates, of all places, Terne. Due to the lack of sufficient sunlight, many of the generations never evolved past Ivysaur. Determined, partially for her studies and partially for her own satisfaction, to prove it was due to environment instead of genetics, Florana trained as much as she could between classes and such. Eventually the hard work paid off to prove her theory, as once she grew strong enough to use Synthesis and Solarbeam through natural means, she finally evolved into a Venusaur, the first in the family for several generations.