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Name: Fubuki of the Snow, also Fubuki Snow

Species: Articuno

Morphology: Pokemorph

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Avatar of the Articuno

Badges Acquired: None

Gym Membership: None

Level: 10

Hometown: Unknown

Job: Wanderer


Fubuki has never been a fast speaker.. something that has always gotten her into trouble before. Where most answer fast, she ponders her words before she speaks, unless there is a true need to get her point across fast. While she may truly be a bit soft at heart, she does not allow it to show often, and not to those she doesn't know... feeling that if that softer side should become known that no one would wish a 'softie' as a Avatar. The softer side only coming out when she feels comfortable around others, though even then.. only those she considers her closest of friends get to see how she truly is when she is relaxed and calm. She knows she is still weak in body, but that she will grow stronger as she pushes her limits to fulfill her Patron's goals, as well as grow stronger in the mind as she also strives to learn more of the world and gain more of the many secrets that still remain in it.


No one is entirely sure where Fubuki came from, or even what breed she use to be. Fubuki's memories of her past are hard for her to draw upon, as to her, by her own words, they are nothing special. She remembers being a devote follower of the Legendaries and spending her time traveling around, visiting the places that they were said to have been, the feeling of having traveled down the same path that the Legendaries had tread before her always making her feel happier and more content. But even during those travels, whenever she traveled to the places that Articuno himself that something about those places always sent a special shiver through her, and as time went on she found herself focusing more and more on the occurences involving the Legendary of Ice. If she was asked why she would have felt such a affinity for Articuno, she could never give a honest answer besides that something about the chill that ran through her whenever she was near one of the reported sights he had visited always seemed to strike a cord within her.

As time passed, she remembers that she found contentment in the chilly air, and spent her time more often then not in the more chilly parts of the world. Eventually she stopped going back to the more 'civilized' parts of the world, and does not remember what entirely happened, but she knows she is missing a few years of her memory from that period. A night of heavy blizzard is the last thing she remembers before the blankness, and the next she knew, her life had changed drastically, for she found herself standing at the edge of New Ginseng city.. with a body she knows she did not have before, for it had change drastically, for she had been re-shaped by the Legenadary Ice into a shape resembling his, to that of a Articuno-morph. Upon her re-emergence into the world, she set about to fulfilling her Patron's wishes, doing what she could to help her fellow Ice-types and fulfull the mission he assigned her.


There have been a few rumors floating around, that this Articuno-morph has been seen moving around the world, planting a species of flowers that seems to have never been seen before, and fiercely defending those small flowers when people crush them even by accident.

Additional Info

RP Prefs = Varies with mood

Voice Actress = Kira Vincent-Davis, Ruri Hoshino in Martian Successor Nadesico