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The reasons for Genkai:

1) To give lower level players a chance to compete, while giving higher level players a continuing challenge.

2) To open new positions for lower level players in the gyms, and to establish new leagues for the higher level players where they actually need their abilities.

3) To reward players who provide exceptional RP for the MUCK, with exceptional abilities they have earned.

4) To allow for continued and significant growth past level 100.

5) To encourage the ongoing development of new and epic TPs.

The rules of Genkai: 1) The player must be in good standing OOCly, must be considered an asset to the MUCK, and must have a proven track record of good RP. Staff's decision in this is final.

2) Genkai cannot be achieved until the character is 6 months old, or after 6 months from the last genkai.

3) Genkai may be requested at level 100, level 200, and level 300, for genkai 1, 2 and 3. PCs are limited to level 316, therefore, to genkai 3.

4) NPCs may be genkai 4, but only for the purposes of driving large plots. These NPCs must always be staff approved AND WATCHED.

5) To achieve a genkai, you must run a MUCK wide, epic TP, and it must be good, and the higher the genkai level, the better it must be.

6) The staff will vote on a genkai, based on your performance as a player, an RPer, and how well your epic TP went. Depending on the level, you will need a certain level majority to get the genkai.

  For Genkai 1, it must be a 50% majority.
  For Genkai 2, it must be a 75% majority.
  For Genkai 3, it must be unanimous.

7) Staff and players alike must meet the same criteria to genkai.

8) Genkai 5 can only be held by Celebi, Mew, Jirachi, Arceus and Mewtwo.

What Genkai does:

1) To start, caps on your attributes and attack levels will be raised to the levels indicated below. In addition, you will be made a part of a new pokemon battling league:

Genkai level       Qualifying level    Max Attr/Attack     Pokemon League
0 (Trainer)        10                  625 (L25)           Pokemon League
1 (Master)         100                 999 (L31)           Masters League
2 (Hero)           200                 1500 (L38)          Ascendent League
3 (Legend)         300                 2500 (L50)          Champions League
4 (Supernatural)   400                 9999 (L100)         -
5 (Deities)        500 (absolute max)  infinity            -

2) You cannot challenge leagues of a different genkai level than you. If you miss lower genkai level badges before you genkai, you can never get them again. THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU GENKAI.

3) If you are a gym leader and you genkai, you will become the gym leader for your type in the new league, unless someone already runs your gym type. THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU GENKAI.