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Summary of Gerich

Attitude Gerich is... different, from his sister Loretta, attitude-wise. Actually, he has a bit of a blood lust when it comes to his fighting... But don't let that scare you off. He does have his moments, even when it doesn't seem like it.

Age Gerich is currently 17. He will see his 18th birthday later on this month.

Background Gerich was born into the Truesdale clan, more or less. Well, he wasn't exactly one of the greatest fighters out there, in the sense of mercy. As a matter of fact, it had grown hard to tell if he was showing his opponent mercy at all, the way he fought. Because of this, he was feared by most of his pears growing up. Yep, he's pretty much a classic bully. Of course, there was one time in his life that he wasn't like this, but it is something he will not tell other people. It was about four years after Damian's incident that he had 'fallen in love' with a certain someone who looked to be equal, if not better, in skill then he was. Unfortunately, this love was doomed to fail, and was quick to crash and burn over the course of a couple days. Now he spends most of his time traveling, looking for more people to attack and crush under his arsenal.

Species/Morphology Gerich is a morphic Sneasel.

Badges aquired At the current time, Gerich has not earned any badges.

Gym Standing At the current time, Gerich holds no position in any gym

Character Rating G-XXX

Voice actor Uh... none?

Description In your line of sight stands a Sneasel morph. Not just any old Sneasel, mind you. This one looks like he would gladly take someone's arm off and beat them with their own severed limb if he were to be in a foul mood.

For his age, Gerich has a rather decent build, or at least it was decent enough for his slim figure, most of which shows due to the lack of a shirt or any form of upper bodywear. This allows two of the three 'feathers' to hang freely on his back without worry of being snagged by what would have been an article of clothing. This also allows one to see the gold droplet in the dead center of his chest. Both of his hands are technically a set of opposable claws, the ends of which are kept razor sharp for the one task they do best. Moving further down on his body, a pair of dark heavy silk pants cover his extremities from view, as well as his legs and down to his feet. The pants are colored pitch black, with dark violet chinese dragons twisting around both legs. A hole was placed in the back so that the third 'feather' could stick out without much of a problem. As far as shoes are concerned, he does wear them. They are the exact same color as his pants, though the material is much thicker for better protection, as well as the soles padded to reduce noise made while moving around. Moving all the way back up to his head, Gerich's left ear makes up the fourth feather, while the right ear is much shorter than the other one. Sitting at the center of his forehead is another gold droplet, not unlike the one that sits on his chest. His eye color is an oddity in and of itself. The left eye is ruby red with a completely black iris, whereas his right eye is completely black with a red iris. Of course, there is no immediate facial expression on this one, at least not until something were to happen that effects him somehow.