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So, You're ready to play on an adult themed Pokemon Muck? You can go to our lovely website To get started. If you're REALLY fancy, You can point your favorate MU* client over to on port 5000, But if you're that fancy, you likely don't need too much tutoring, huh?

You can jump in right away by connecting as a Guest. Don't expect much serious roleplay as a guest, of course, But at least you as a guest you can chat on a public channel and ask Wizards your questions.

Connect as Guest

Once on the website, type

connect guest

What can I do as a guest?

As a guest, anything you 'say will be seen by Wizards, and anyone listening to the Guest Channel. You can also chat with the general public channel by typing @pub before your words. It is not much, But it might be just enough to get to know the community, or have some of your concerns or questions answered.

Create a New Character

No, I'm tired of that! I want to start role playing!

I hear you. But before you even start, You should have a concept in mind! First thing's first.. WHAT are you? Reading the game's theme will help you decide, But there are three main classes of characters.


A pokemorph.
Pokemorphs are Anthropomorphic Pokemon, and make up the majority of the population. Upright, Sentient human-like pokemon (Or pokemon-like humans) Have been around for ages in this world, Long enough that the origins of Pokemorphism is long long forgotten, and rather, simply an accepted part of the status-quo.

Pokemorphs are in danger of being infected by this world's mysterious illness known as Greengen, and infection will turn a Pokemorph into a feral pokemon for a time! It is curable and reversible in Pokemorphs, however, so the danger is not as grand.

You should play a Pokemorph if you:

  • Are into the "Furry" fandom or lifestyle.
  • Want to train pokemon without being human
  • Enjoy being something diverse and exotically unique.


Some wild Pokemon
Pokemon are everywhere, Some were trucked in by the space explores, But most are native to the planet. To the natives, The planet is called Zora. The natives are all sentient, Moreso even then the Pokemon from Earth or Pokmori. Some even have tribes, and use tools and build structures, as well as they can without the dexterity of fingers.

Pokemon on this world live for a very long time, but occasionally have memory issues with events older then 50 years due to the Greengen. Every Pokemon native to this world have Greengen, and can infect humans and pokemorphs with it.

The wild Pokemon on this world are neutral to Pokemorphs, But have an instinctual urge to harm humans. If they view humans or pokemorphs performing any activity that harms the planet however, They will become actively hostile and attack on sight.

You should play a Pokemon if you:

  • Like being feral and like acting instinctual
  • Have an active dislike of Humans
  • Are Economically minded and liked Fern Gully
  • Enjoy the danger of being captured
  • Or even Enjoy having a trainer.


A human scientist with an Eevee
So the saying goes, Humanity lives on. If there's one thing humans are good at, It's existing, and humans continue to survive and exist even out here. However, Humans are rare here, and much prejudice still exists for humans due to the poor state of Earth's environment.

To make things worse, The mystery illness known as Greengen has a wildly more powerful effect on humans. If the infection is caught and flushed in 24 hours, It's okay, But pat 24 hours, The Human will undergo a painful metamorphose into Pokemon, Losing much of their humanity and memories. The closest to a "cure" is getting a Pokemorph shape, But the infected will never truly return to humanity after the infection's gestation has passed.

It is not easy to be a human, But that is what humanity is about. Surviving, and existing, And adapting, Even in the most difficult of environment.

You should play a Human if you:

  • Enjoy being an Outsider
  • Enjoy the challenge and thrill of an ever-present threat hanging over you
  • Have somewhat Zoophile tendencies or fantasize of bestiality
  • Have fantasies of the original Pokemon games and feel nostalgic
  • Have transformation fantasies.

I Know what I want, Now what?

Now think of a name for yourself, And send and type

REQUEST <name>=<password>=<email>

For example: Guy, with an email of wants to name his character Lora, so he would type


That will get your character made. Then you can login as your character!

I logged on, and OH GOD THE TEXT D:

Slow down, Slow down, Don't get too scared. That's a lot of Gobbldygook you can ignore for now. For now, Just start from First Time Login script.

First, It wants you to read the Acceptable Usage Policy, And wether or not you actually read it, You do agree with it by playing in this world. If you're paranoid, Please read though it. I can summarize it to these three points-

  • It's not our fault your computer broke.
  • Don't break the law, asshole.
  • Don't be a dick.

You can agree to it later, But you ont get very far without agreeing, So do so now.

Now it wants to know your birthday. This is an adult MUCK. Let's not beat around the bush- There might be SEX. And other interesting adult themes. To cover our own asses, You need to be a legally responsible adult in the eyes of where we live, and where you live. So enter your birthday here. Protip: There's no real way for us to know if you lie... but if we find out you ARE lying and underage, You'll be banned and WILL NOT be un-banned when you turn of age!

Now it wants to know your email. I know. Again, You DID enter it before, Now it wants it again. Look, If someone HAXes your account, Or you need a new password, Or we urgently need to contact ya, We need your email. Don't worry, I promise we won't fill your inbox full of adds for super cheap Mexican PP UP knock-offs.

Next, It wants to know if you want PRETTY COLORS. If you see the colors, Say Yes. I promise we won't hit you with neon rainbow blinkies. It does look better and makes things easier to read.

Alright.. Last part of the script.. your Description!

A good description is about one or two paragraphs. Shorter then that does not mean it's bad! (There are those who are skilled with words and can say very much with very few words) And longer then that does not necessarily mean better eather (There is such a thing as being boring.) But your description WILL be your first impression, So take your time. This is the first thing people will see about you, And this is likely a point where players will judge weather simply saying hello to you is worth time or not. As you describe yourself, Try to accomplish these goals

  • Make your species clear
  • Give a rough estimate of your (apparent) age
  • Give a rough idea of your size and build

Anything beyond those points should bring out your style and personality, But avoid having "poses" in your description such as "As Bob notices you looking, He turns and winks!"

Now that you have that out of the way, It's time to move on to +chargen!