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Gracie stands a tall 6 feet 1 inch. Her antennae go up a short inch. Her skin is yellow with three black stripes across her torso. Her large red compact eyes complement her yellow skin. Her wings are thin and transparent, and thus hard to see. Her hands each hide inside a half stringer that can be held together forming a rather large stinger.

The rather shapely and busty Beedrill wears a pink shirt under a blue denim coat and a pair of very tight black leather pants. It's a good thing she doesn't have a rear stinger, cause she couldn't get those pants on if she did. Dispite the fact that she obviously doesn't need it, she's wearing a belt. On this belt is what can only be assumed to be a sword wrapped in strips of cloth.


Gracie has several massive buttons that are hard not to push. It’s real easy to get her riled up, then the fun begins. She tends to get...excited...from fighting...very excited. She has clamed down though, falling in love and having another life in her has made her more responsible. She's still very playful, and gets her thrills out of a fight, she just won't run off with someone at a wink.

Septa Clan

Quite a backward sort according to some, preferring to remain in the forests of Contiki, keeping and tending them. Most are naturally grass types, though curiously there have been several varieties, most notably fire types, as it is rumored that the clan nearly died out over a millenia ago, the lone survivors a Venusaur and a Charizard, left to rebuild all that was lost. They keep no secrecy from New Ginseng, at times bringing their wounded or coming to participate in the local celebrations. Some have even stayed to bud off from the clan and integrate themselves fully into the city life. The clan consists of a few close-knit families, perhaps thirty to forty in number, with the eldest female serving as their matriarch. They have no permanent place of residence within the forests, though they may settle in a newly burned portion to help the regrowth from time to time. The heads of the families identify themselves with a simple leather collar in varying colors, and the matriarch wears a similar collar but with a small bell in the center. They say it was a simple habit of respect, which passed into tradition with time, started by the survivor of old, and continued on as the clan reachieved its former glory.


George is a Butterfree morph and Gracie is a Beedrill morph. They were best friends for years, and they always settled arguments with fights. Despite what their elders kept telling them, they both liked this method above talking. Any time that there was an attack of some kind against the clan, you could always find them in the front lines. It was the only time they could fight without being told to stop.

They took a vacation one year to Ginseng and went to the Bash n’ Brawl. After seeing how fighting was held so highly there, and having the clan called a number of insulting things by the stronger mon there decided to try and do something about it. They went to the Matriarch of the clan to try and start up at least a real defense force, perhaps even some kind of fighting force to travel around and collect badges and give the Septa a better image. This was shot right down by all the elders.

Months went by, and the pair could only get a couple morphs and mon who would support the force if the Matriarch agreed. Then Seprala stole the Matriarch’s collar. This was the chance they were looking for. They went to the Matriarch and offered to bring the collar and Seprala back, in exchange she would let the force be made. They didn’t get her to agree to that, but she did promise to “Give the idea great thought.”

Thanks to a bet they lost to Zitix, they've given up the hunt for Seprala and instead have gone into business with her. Forming the Ateps they're now good friends.

Enzo gave her a sword called the QueenScar. An old sword that’s very important to him and his families past. She started training under him, and it didn’t take long before he took her heart. She had his egg, and was a very happy family...that is until she was kidnapped.

The End

With no warning of any kind, Gracie and her son, Nelchael, were kidnapped by another clan of Beedrills. The clan wanted the child for their own, thinking that he had great power in him due to the stars and the fact that he is black with yellow stripes. They held the two of them for longer then either could tell.

Gracie and Nelchael struggled little, but kept their minds strong. One night, when the guards weren't paying attention to the quite and calm prisoners. Gracie made her move, she broke out of her cell and took the guards down fast. She grabbed Nelchael and started to run out. Everything looked good, until they hit a large group of warriors. Gracie started to fight them, and told Nelchael to run.

He ran as told, and looked over his shoulder just in time to see a stinger stabbed through his mothers chest. As she died, she looked to Nelchael and smiled, knowing that she had saved her son. She passed away happy, a few regrets in her life, but she did not regret how she died.