Graveyard Witch Part 1 - Dec 23 2006

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GM - Kaiya

Participants - Celra, Darkjewel, Elias, Flora, Leonardo, Zaria (briefly)

[Sage]: Church of the Sage - Abandoned Yard

The forest ends abruptly at the finish of a short, beat down trail leading from north of Ginseng's Gate House at the head of an abandoned churchyard, where a few scattered headstones lay grown over of moss and sod, some knocked down, others covered with priphea and ivy. The rest of the yard is grown over with tall grass, and assorted cobble stones that half loosely form a path leading up to the front door of a small, white building, long since left to age and decay in the weather of the forest, its paint peeling off in strikes and flecks. The lettering of tarnished brass lettering above the door reads, 'Church of the Sage', and what is left of what letters are missing spells out what might be the word 'forest'.

The roof's shingles are in disarray, but the bell tower is still intact, and the pidgeot weather vane on the top spins and creeks in the wind. The bell, tarnished iron and with a chain bell pull, hangs silent for many, many years.

Around the area, all parts of it start to glow. Parts of the church fade out, and go semi-transparent, whilst other bits completely regrow. The roof and stuff which are in disarray start to fix themselves, as darkness floods over the area. The sun sets, the moon rises, full moon, in fact. A ghostly, eerie sound can be heard, kind of a creepy organ playing. Many masked creatures, draped completely in black robes, no part of their bodies able to be seen, appear, again, semi-transparently. The classic moaning-singing can be heard, slicing through the wind, as the moonlight seems to shine brighter, moving up the hill to the church, where a large, log fire has appeared, with a huge cauldron of bubbling fluids over it. The smell is odd...enticing, but not attracting. Behind the cauldron, another figure, obviously in charge, wearing a large, conical witch's hat, no part of her body able to be seen as she also wears body-covering black robes, sleeves covering handpaws which stir the mixture in the cauldron with a big, wooden rod.

DarkJewel enters the area and looks around, the lithe little dark type's nose twitching.

Celra shakes her head, <Too...early to go to sleep.> This sounds a little awkward as if you just look up above, it's turned to night and a full moon. Anyway...She turns to Leonardo rubbing her head against him. <Celra...not hurt. Never stabby...>

Flora blinks a little, looking around as the area changes and the church regenerates, then gulps slightly, taking a step back as everything goes kind of ghostly and spooky masked figures appear. <What's going on?>

Zaria is frozen in place. What she is seeing has scared her in ways that make it hard for her to breathe, as one of the masked creatures is DIRECTLY in front of her.

DarkJewel shivers a little her handpaws flexing before she sees everyone else.

      • GM NOTE***

For those that have ever seen one of the undertaker's Mormon entrances in WWE, that's the kind of sound going on right now in the wind, and the area kind of now looks like the Voldemort/Graveyard scene in the Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire movie.

      • GM NOTE***

Leonardo smiles to Celra, <Glad to hear that> and suddenly stands up suddenly startled by the changes around him, flames flickering on and off in his vents as he looks around with a scared expression, staring at the robed figures as they move, <What is happening>

Elias's left eyebrow arches and he furrows his eyebrows, displaying his confusion briefly, "...what the fuck is going on?" He crosses his arms over his chest and narrows his eyes, watching the spooky figures, "I shouldn't have eaten those wild berries on the bushes."

DarkJewel mews softly and backs a step into one of the taller people present, her shape shivering.

Celra seems to take the part of a weirdo seeming to be the only one not negatively affected. She looks around and starts to trot up to the cloaked figure, saying softly to them, < in bowl?> She examines the cauldron as she walks up hoping to get a look inside. "Now isss the time my friendsss...arise from our darknesssss because tonight will be our night..." The cauldron-creature hisses. Raising the black veil covering it's face, revealing the face of a very pretty gardevoir-morph, or at least, what looks like it. That must explain how she's hovering in the air, with the cauldron, anyway; Gravity-resistance and all that. A black aura is pulsing around the witch, and as the moon gets to the highest point in the sky, the moonlight shines down, seeming to give light from itself, and not reflections from the sun. For what would normally be a lunar eclipse, the moon shines brightly, seeming to glow purple slightly. Slowly, the figures that were moving towards the cauldron remove their robes, standing naked. Of course, standing naked is a little...bare, as the figures seem to be skeletons, one of an absol, and actually, one of all the species of Pokemon in the present day area. These creatures move straight through Celra, ghosts of the past, if you will. The skeletons also pick up the gardevoir's black and purple glow, as the moonlight seems to regenerate some of their flesh, it becoming extremely graphic to the watchers. Every time one of the 'ghosts' comes in contact with one of the present-day creatures, they'd feel a huge, cold judder running through their bodies. These skeletons seem to be doing the moaning chants and such, as the cauldron's bubbling continues to get stronger and stronger, the gardevoir-morph taking a taste, and shivering as her energy aura pulses in all directions. "Yesss...come my friendsss...drink of our fluidsss...drink of our soulsss...we are the rulersss of the night...itsss our time..." The creature pauses, as in the view of the ghosts...more creatures are appearing (the present day creatures), coming to watch, as their living counterparts come into view. "Our time isss life we ssshall go..."

"I call upon our godsss...the right of life...the painsss of death...bring usss towards the future life..." The skeletons would then gain activity, blood and flesh hanging from their bones, a couple of them with dead eyes in their skulls, starting to move to the living counterparts.

<OOC> Zaria has to leave. Just assume she ran in fright or something... Zaria has disconnected.

DarkJewel shudders and hisses, her fur standing on end. Her eyes glow an icy pink then and she growls, backing up before actually cowering behind Elias.

Elias lets out a low groan and he squints his left eye, reaching in the behind of himself to unzip his backpack, and he pulls a hard steel pipe out of his backpack. Something he always used for self-defence at the school and he grips down onto the handle tightly, "Aw, c’mon missy... would you hurt your own kind? Would you change your mind if I say that you're a babe?" He flashes a wide grin to the witch lady while getting ready to strike the skeletons.

DarkJewel shivers a little then inhales, readying an ice beam, and hiding behind Elias' legs.

Flora takes a step back each time her skeletal form steps toward her, shivering, her headleaf drooping in fright and her eyes as wide as saucers. <What do you want? St-stay away!> she says.

Celra blinks watching the figures approach; slowly scanning all of them trying to figure out what type of Pokemon they were. She steps forward leering at them, though seeing that it was useless she crouches down in a pouncing position growling. The scythe-like growths harden and gleam in the moonlight as she gets ready to attack, all of them? If she had to.

Leonardo is staring at his skeletal counterpart as it approaches him, flames burning brightly on his vents and steps back, not sure if his attacks could have an effect on such a thing, and finally deciding to attack as he notices the rest of the skeletons, breathing deeply as he prepares a flamethrower attack.

DarkJewel shudders then growls again, inhaling a little more, making the readying ice beam even stronger.

The skeletons are slowly moving to their counterparts...some of the Pokemon all fours, like the ones heading for Celra, Flora, and Leonardo, and some heading for Elias & Darkjewel in a bipedal nature. All of the skeletons start to glow with the different elemental colour of their species. Inside each skeleton's ribcage, a completely black heart is able to be seen, if the living Pokemon were to look closer enough. The one heading for Leonardo seems to be going slower than the rest, as it's back legs' bones look to be twisted extremely painfully, nearly 180 degrees the wrong way. Each skeletal figure is about 10-15% larger than it's living counterpart, and the evil, creepy-looking faces of the skeletal figures' gazes would probably be giving DJ's nerves hell right now. As Celra scythes herself to readiness, her counterpart does too. With each movement each skeletal creature makes, the creepy, sickening sounds of their bones cracking and snapping into place can be heard. Abandon hope all ye who survive here? As Elias tries to hit on the witch, he'd get a gaze of the most immense hatred, causing her to solidify for a very, very short moment, before she fades back out. Illusions? Perhaps. Dangerous? You better believe it. Soon, each skeletal creature is no more than 5 feet away from it's counterpart, skeletal fangs drooling a thick, black fluid, their gazes locked onto each living creature's eyes. The one for Elias? It's behind him. Each skeletal creature is squaring up to the living creature of it's specie. Let the entertainment begin...

DarkJewel mews and snarls, firing her ice beam at her counterpart before she crouches, balling her hands together as she forms a second attack.

Flora's eyes widen even more at the scene in front of her, her breathing unsteady as panic builds up inside her, but it's the fangs and dripping black drool that finally causes her to snap. She screams, <GET AWAY!> and suddenly becomes a whirling storm of razor sharp leaves, pelting her counterpart as well as several other skeletons, and possibly even one of her friends, trying her best to keep the skeletal Chikorita away from her.

DarkJewel watches the ice beam hit the creature, shivering hard.

Celra emits a savage roar...pretty amazing especially coming from her. She starts appearing and reappearing around her counter part fur blowing wildly at each stop, seeming to be affected late by the intense speed. She appears behind her target speeding forward in an attempt to tackle the creature, and then pin it down.

Leonardo steps back one more time and stands on his hindlegs, firing a jet of flames aimed to the chest of his counterpart, hoping that it would stop it.

Thankfully, Elias can sense the danger nearby him and he lowers his pipe, aiming it for a moment before twisting himself around, swiping the steel pipe for his counterpart's skeletal face to try and shatter its teeth out and maybe take the half of its skull out before jabbing his pipe forward for the right eye socket, "Dude... missy, you shouldn't be so angry at us, we didn't do anything... are you just PMSing at the moment or do you need to get laid that bad because these skeletons don't have "special equipments" for you or what?"

The witch seems to ignore Elias now, as if he wasn't there. She's concentrating, doing her mysterious, eerie movements around the cauldron, the cauldron seeming to react to the moon's glow itself. Full moons; strength for evil energies. Get yours today! As Celra is the first to attack, the absol-skeleton goes down with the living Absol on top of it. Unfortunately for Celra, the skeleton performs something that would definitely be impossible for the living, by snapping it's neck in half, folding it and it's head up, and digging it's fangs slowly into the dark-type's neck. Slowly, the skeleton starts to suck out Celra's energy, taking 10% of it at the initial bite, and then taking another 4-5% with every minute that passes. The skeleton didn't seem to be phased by Celra's attack at all, as upon impact, the skeleton simply glowed momentarily, not seeming to be hurt when the attack hit. As for the skeletons that get attacked elementally by Leonardo, Flora, and Darkjewel, at the time of impact, their bones glow completely fully of the element they were hit with. Fire red for Leo's skeleton, leaf Green for Flora's, and an aquatic blue for Darkjewel's. They seem to be able absorb the attacks of their element and use it as energy. With each of the attacks of their element that comes at them, they seem to gain flesh and blood coming, starting around their black, evil hearts. At the bite from the absol skeleton affects Celra, she'd feel weak, and the skeleton beneath her would start gaining Celra's life energies, the skeleton beneath her starting to grow flesh and blood, as Celra starts to loose it. He's sucking the flesh right from her to it. Someone better help her! To Elias's attack, the skeleton's jaw is indeed knocked off, but it continues on, obviously able to take the attack, as he too took the blow with an elemental, energetic glow.

In return to Leonardo's attack, his skeleton uses OVERHEAT on him. In return to Darkjewel's attack, her skeleton uses ICY WIND on her. In return to Flora's attack, her skeleton uses GIGA DRAIN on her. In return to Elias's attack, his skeleton uses CONFUSION on him. In return to Celra's attack, her skeleton uses BITE on her.

DarkJewel shivers a little, snarling lowly, before she ponders and flicks a look to the others. "I have an idea." she speaks.

Flora winces as she is drained, not hearing DarkJewel's words in her panicked state and still a short distance away from the others. She keeps backing up as her skeletal self nears her, and releases several globes of electrical energy which spread out in all directions, hitting the skeletal Chikorita and perhaps others with the globes of electrical energy.

Celra twitches slightly as the teeth sink into her. She swats at the head trying to smack it to the floor. As she frantically tries to shake if off she starts to move slower and slower only to start moving around dizzily. She jumps out in the air and turns to land directly on the skull, now trying to shatter.

DarkJewel snarls lowly. “Attack those that you know you're strong against." She lunges at the ralts skeleton then, her eyes flaring as she bites down and hard.

Elias squints his eyes and his hands starts to glow red slightly, heating the pipe up. His hidden power is fire so good thing, huh? The Ralts-morph teleports over to Flora's counterpart and he raises the pipe in the air before moving it down to try and crush the chikorita's skeleton while the pipe is red hot.

Leonardo yelps in pain as he is engulfed by his strongest attack and is pushed away a few feet. As he gets up, he hears Darkjewel's advice and turns to search for a target rushing towards her counterpart, focusing all of his heat into a small in his mouth red ball, and firing a red beam of pure heat against the sneasel morph skeleton hoping his overheat attack is good enough.

At the weak electrical attack, the skeletal Chikorita heading after Flora falters, and stumbles. It's at this point where Elias's flaming pipe comes down, and shatters one of the rib bones of the Chikorita skeleton. Giving a very creepy, monstrous squeal of pain, the Chikorita skeleton catches fire, putrid-smelling smoke flowing into the air and area, whilst is scrabbles at itself, trying to put itself, but no water being in sight. At the burning to the Chikorita skeleton, the gardevoir-morph fades back into her solid form, screeching in raw pain, as flames engulf her. They've found a way to defeat her now! Kill the leader, kill the skeletons! Or maybe they're linked together in some creepy, evil energy way? Again with the fire. This hurts the witch even more, as she starts shooting around the area, swinging her faded-out staff at the living creatures, trying to steal some of their energy. Her eerie, witchy chanting continues, as the skeletons seem to gain more energy, putrid smoke coming from the gardevoir-morph now. The ralts-morph skeleton gives a loud, pained yell as it's neck and collarbone is bitten firmly, and it tries to toss Darkjewel off of it, into one of the others.

In return to Leonardo's attack, his skeleton uses FLAMETHROWER on him. In return to Darkjewel's attack, her skeleton uses FAINT ATTACK on her. In return to Flora's attack, her skeleton uses RAZOR LEAF on her. In return to Elias's attack, his skeleton uses CONFUSION on him. In return to Celra's attack, her skeleton uses SCRATCH on her.

Skeletal stats: Chikorita Skeleton: 5% Health Quilava Skeleton: 100% Health Ralts-Morph Skeleton: 45% Health Sneasel-Morph Skeleton: 25% Health Absol Skeleton: 75% Health, 15% Life.

DarkJewel smirks a bit and steps back a bit, shivering some what before she launches another attack at the skeletons, this time, a surf attack.

Celra focused and regained her bodily control. She was absorbed by pain earlier and missed what DJ said bent on killing the skeletal absol. A ball of ice appears behind her seeming to float there...a few seconds after the ball shatters into many shards still floating behind the absol her scythes glowing blue as the attack lingers. The room temperature drops as she fires the blizzard attack sending shards of ice and frigid temperatures at her target.

Flora blinks as Elias appears in front of her, his familiar form bringing some measure of self-control back to her. <E-Elias?> she says softly as the skeletal Chikorita bursts into flames. She sees what all of her friends are doing, then finally realizes they have a plan. It is then she notices that the Gardevoir-morph seems to be vulnerable now, and Flora uses Giga Drain on the witch.

Elias winces but doesn't flinch a bit when the confusion hit him and he swipes his hand for the Chikorita skeleton's head, digging his digits into its eye sockets like a bowling ball. He plants his right boot clad foot against its spine bone as he jerks his hand backward to try and rip the skull off the spine. If successful, he'll toss the skull up and down few times while facing the witch and throws the skull high up in the air, preparing his pipe as if it's a baseball bat. Once the skull went down, he'll strike the still burning pipe for the skull to try and make it go flying for the witch. Hey... kill two birds with one stone. More hidden power. First comes DJ's surf attack to all five skeletons. Considering that this is super-effective against the Quilava, which would hurt IMMENSELY. It would send him straight down, instant Kaiya, the water rotting away the Quilava skeleton's bones to nothingness, the witch looking pained, and giving a loud screech, as she stumbles in mid air, and falls to the ground, breathing heavily, her wooden staff glowing, the ghost losing her energies, and leaving Leo open to attack another. Next comes Leo's flamethrower, which burns the sneasel-morph's bones to ash, them also falling. This again gives the witch more pain, more screeches of anguish and torture coming from her. Next, the Blizzard. This shoots at the absol skeleton, already weak from the attacks, and leaves it frozen solid. Not destroyed, but frozen in place. The witch does see this, and sends a slight bolt of flame at the frozen skeleton, thawing it, but it's still a little drippy and stumbles over to the ground, trying to pick itself up, leaving it completely open for attack. Next, Flora's Giga Drain. The witch was obviously not ready to be attacked herself, and it showed, as at the Giga Drain, it looks like she's having an epileptic fit, the gardevoir-morph foaming at the mouth. Next, the Chikorita gets destroyed by Elias's actions. Which is then followed by the witch getting head-bonked by a flying skull, which cracks against the side of her head, shattering the skeletal Chikorita skull, and making the witch bleed from the side of her robe-covered head. With two skeletons left, the Gardevoir-morph is weak, and the ralts-morph and absol skeletons are snarling, again going for bites on the two strongest living creatures, Elias, and Leo.

Skeletal stats: Chikorita Skeleton: DESTROYED Quilava Skeleton: DESTROYED Sneasel-Morph Skeleton: DESTROYED Ralts-Morph Skeleton: 45% Health Absol Skeleton: 40% Health, 15% Life

DarkJewel snarls lowly, and attacks again, a glowing ball forming under her before she is soon standing on it. She smirks then, the shadow ball gleaming darkly before she directs it to the ralts skeleton, jumping off it.

Celra blinks as she notices silver auras appearing around her scythes. She didn't know what was going on but with each movement of a scythe a small wave of energy cut the air. She thought for a moment before grinning and jumping up in the air spiralling in continuous front flips over the skeletal absol. A great wave of energy slices everything it comes across as some branches on trees suddenly fall off and the floor begins to tear the wind quickly flying toward her enemy. (Razor wind)

Flora blinks, a little surprised that she actually hit the Gardevoir. Her confidence returns as she sees the witch growing weaker and weaker, and she charges. Flora leaps over the witch, flicking her headleaf rapidly, sending razor leaves raining down on her, pelting her from head to toe with the deadly missiles.

Leonardo yelps and steps back as the ralts skeleton bites him, but quickly rushes toward it thrashing wildly against it.

Elias decides to ignore the others because he know that they will do the job so he just simply walk toward the witch after Flora is finished and he looms over the Gardevoir-witch with a wide sadistic grin on his face. He aims the steel pipe for her staff wielding hand like a pike and stabs downward, trying to crush her wrist. The Ralts-morph lids his eyes halfway shut when he starts to use telekinetic to push the pipe deeper against her wrist, threatening to cut through her wrist, "Better give up, girlie." Kaiya is walking up towards the graveyard. With her psychic abilities, she could sense something seriously wrong going on. She wanted to help. As she gets to the graveyard, the two remaining skeletons are destroyed by the many attacks being surged at them. At the attacks to the witch, she pauses and glares at them all. <You've not sssseeen the lasssst of me...>. As she nearly passes out, but then fades into transparency, her energies surging straight to the arrival at the scene, straight into her body, and straight down to the ground, flooring her, and sending her unconscious in mere seconds, her deep, black eyes open, staring straight up, not closing. The sky turns to day again, indicating that the skeletal threat is over, but where did the witch go? In the entrance, Kaiya is laying flat out, her body twitching slightly, as if she's having a fit too. The moon has turned back into the sun, and the sound of birds chirping can be heard once more. Kaiya's black glow is pulsing stronger than ever.

Skeletal stats: Chikorita Skeleton: DESTROYED Quilava Skeleton: DESTROYED Ralts-Morph Skeleton: DESTROYED Sneasel-Morph Skeleton: DESTROYED Absol Skeleton: DESTROYED

DarkJewel cringes now and backs away before stumbling and falling to land her side.

Elias continues to pant heavily and he slings his steel pipe over his shoulder, sighing as he starts to relax once he sense that the threat is finally over, "Well…such pity that she's such a babe...” He says with a light frown and he turns, eyeing Kaiya. He decides to move toward Kaiya and kneels down near to her, prodding her lightly with his index finger lightly, "Looks like I gotta take you to the PokeCenter." He puts the pipe back into his backpack and slips his arms under of her figure, standing back up to carry her off to the PokeCenter.

Flora pants softly, blinking as the witch fades away and her energies surge toward Kaiya. She eeeeeps and sprints over to the fallen Ralts-morph. <Kaiya? Kaiya?!>

Celra blinks as her scythes lose the glow as quickly as it came. Seeing the threat gone she peers around for a moment before her scythes return to normal, fading from the blood trickling from her neck. She wavers slightly and tips over, fainted.