Graveyard Witch Part 2 - Dec 30 2006

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GM - Kaiya

Participants - Abelle, Anna, Blue, Celra, Dax, Elias, Leonardo, Mashu, Tirow

Witch's Pokemon:

Arson: Houndoom

So, they're back at the graveyard, with most of the people who were there before. Some others had came along whilst Elias had teleported Kaiya away to get her healed. Unfortunately, there's now a very ugly, black skull-shaped coloration on her chubby belly. This can't be seen under her shirt and jacket, however. Looking around when Kaiya and Elias arrive, with Mashu in tail with the teleportation, she blinks. "Elias...what do you think we should do...I can't go around with it in me forever..."

Elias tilts his head to the left, pondering on the question, "Hmm...I'll suggest surgery to get rid of it, maybe?" He grins stupidly, unsure how the energy can be removed so he makes another suggestion, "Or pray to Mew or seek her out so she can get rid of it for you." He arches his eyebrow, eyeing the church, Or... that church could have some ancient books that'll help you out."

Dax rubs his chin and he looks around, "So this is the spot huh?" he goes around, looking at tombstones, the big Don Squatting, having some kind of idea that who's buried here might be affecting a few things...looking around for anything that strikes his eye.

Mashu moves his hand to his chin, or what ever you'd call it on a bill, and closes his eyes as he begins to think, "Can you run this past me one more time what exactly happened love? The short version." as his eyes close, his mind begins to travel, thinking deep from all the things he has learned and the legends that he has heard of to perhaps find a match.

Celra is chilling on top of the church observing everyone but not moving at all. Her eyes lock onto the three approaching, though if one saw her wouldn't the know what she was looking at. Her eyes glow a completely black and a dark glow runs from the bite mark on her through out her entire body, seeming to go through her veins. She lays there with her hands on her paws maybe not moving to make sure she doesn't fall though the faulty roof.

Kaiya pauses quietly. Kaiya just stays in the company of Elias and Mashu. "Well...apparently there was this witch that had these zombie-skeleton things, and when they were destroyed, she apparently went into me... I don't remember much...just coming up to see what was going on at the graveyard...I could sense lots of energies, and then I remember a flash of black, and then I remember waking up in the PokeCenter with you and Elias standing over me..."

Dax fingers lightly over the old stones, some a few hundred years old, this is an old abandoned place, "Wow...back in time." he mummers as he treads carefully over the old graves, moving back over to the cauldron area, still sniffing around, trunk raised...using his special sense of smell to pick up any ghosts that might be around.

Leonardo peers around nervously as he enters the area, walking next to Elias, and listens to their conversation, <I'm guessing the church would be the best bet>, and looks at the ruined church in front off them shivering slightly at the idea of meeting some more skeletons, <But we should be careful...>

Living in the abandoned church has had many benefits, but none so fitting as what's about to come. Abelle had been watching the events unfold from the bell tower with both shock and horror, listening to the voices that carry through the battled ground. She might not be able to recognize any of the visitors, but that doesn't prevent her from catching the words 'ancient books' which prompts her to drop from the window and run full-bore into the underground library. Wide eyes scan the spines of the books for a recognizable title - and oh how she suddenly wishes she was taught to read. With the same quickness she bolts back up the stairs, out the front door, and skids on all fours to a halt at the end of the porch. <Um! Uh.. I just.. thought you'd wanna know there's books downstairs.> she offers, pointing a paw toward the front door.

Mashu hmms lightly then opens his eyes, "Nope, never heard of something like that. Though perhaps the book suggestion may be a good one?" he unfolds his arms and then begins to work his head to see who is around these parts, "By the way, I'm Kaiya's mate, Mashu."

Dax blinks as he sees the little pikachu and jumps as she just busts out of the old church, the big Don giving a real in shock! Well, he is an elephant and she's just an electric mouse...but he quickly regains his composure and looks down at her, "By the Trinity, are you living out here all alone little one." he peeks, and if she lets him his big hand would come to pet atop her head.

Right now, there's no ghosts or anything about, just the large, dark energies that seem to have become part of Kaiya's belly. She winces at the feeling of them, her soft pawhands moving under her shirt to her slightly-plump belly, feeling a little twinge of pain. "The...the books sound good..." Kaiya has still got a headache, and she just leans against Mashu, before eyeing the pikachu curiously. <You do? What books?>

Elias continues to follow Kaiya and Mashu quietly with his hands in his pockets, "But I always thought that these sort of energy don't exist at all..."

Tirow is currently sniffing around the area, slightly out of sight. And he has apparently walked into a situation that will sweep him into it, though he doesn't know that yet. And he blinks at Abelle in an odd way. Wow, a lot of people all of a sudden. He stays out of sight for the time being...

Kaiya smiles a little, but looks around at Elias. "But...if this is from the past, then maybe they did exist in the past, and died out? I mean, when was the last time you saw a witch in present day?"

Abelle sits herself up on her hind paws and looks inquisitively, if not a bit apprehensively, at everyone whose attention she happened to grab. Dax is first to attract her eyes and, remarkably, she does allow him to pat her head which enlightens a modest smile to her muzzle. <Yeah, heh, I do,> she answers, but then is forced to readjust her attention to the questions. <I.. don't really know what books. I can't read them,> she explains, rubbing the back of her head. <They're all downstairs though! And.. there's one room down there I can't get into. My old owner said that there's stuff in there I shouldn't get into. It's got some sort of weird lock, too.>

Mashu nods a little as he walks, "I've heard of things that would be considered strange for times like this, so I don't doubt this instance."

Dax nods his head and he watches and tsk's, looking back at the church, "I wouldn't want to go in, it might be strong enough for a mouse, but..." he shifts his huge heavy bulk, and looks again with trepidation at the disrepair the church is in, ear-flapping as he looks over to the Mashu and Elias and Kaiya, giving a trumpet, "Hey! Guys! We got a library over here."

Elias ohhhs, getting an idea, "Well, I saw witches back at my school but they're called Goths but sometimes witches...isn't that the same thing though? I never saw them casting any mag-" He got distracted by Dax's yelling and he moves toward him, "Ohh? Okay, old and rare books to sell, here we come!"

"Hello?" comes the voice of someone some distance away, the sound of someone hoping for a response, shrubs shuffling a little as someone makes their way through them, four vines and two hands working to make her way toward the noises. Looks like Anna had only intended on a little walk.

Leonardo turns to Mashu as the golduck morph talks, <I'm Leonardo> and grins, suddenly looking to Dax as he trumpets, and trots towards him, <Really? where?> and smiles to the pikachu that is standing next to him grinning, <Oh, Hi!>

Tirow raises an eyebrow from where he is hiding. A library, hmm? He seems to disappear, to go around the church and through a broken window or something. He's being awful quiet about this, too.

Dax nods his head, and tsk's at Elias, "It's not yours so don't touch anything, it's this little pikachu's which she has offered us to use, so don't go snatching, I'd go in myself but I'd rather not go down the hard way..." he says looking again to the floor of the church.

Kaiya pauses a bit. "Elias, wait...someone's coming." Hearing Anna come onto the scene, she gives a smile, before looking around at everyone at the scene. "Everyone..." <Everyone...> She speaks in both languages so everyone understands her. "<I doubt that this will be easy...this won't just be simple...I know it. I'll need your help, and I hope you'll all be here for me, at the end...whatever happens.>" She pauses again, and looks around. "<We might need to work as a team...can you all do that for me?>"

What is she getting herself into? Abby wonders to herself. No big, she can offer a little help, right? Do her part! Yeah! No big deal! Too bad she can't tell the future. <It's this way!> She offers, then drops to all fours and moves for the church's basement.

Leonardo walks next to Kaiya and grins to her, <Of course I will help, I'll do what I can>

Elias narrows his eyes and he glances down to Abelle when Dax points out the fact, "Her? Oh okay....." He gave out a small defeated sigh, "Fine..." He looks back up to Kaiya, "Sure, I'll work as a team if needed but I don't think there's anything dangerous here, really..."

Anna emerges from the undergrowth, looking to the group curiously, "Well I didn't think I'd run into all of you out here..." her eyes widen as she realizes just who's present. An ear perks toward Kaiya, and the Ivysaur morph head-tilts as she steps over, "Kaiya, what is going on? How can I help?"

Dax nods his head, "Means be nice!" he says to Elias and gives him a glare, the big done glaring! Yup! But he remains standing outside and looking over to Mashu and Elias, "I'll stay with Kaiya if you two want to go in, as I said I wouldn't trust myself." he looks over to Anna and gives a wave, "Anna." he smiles to her as well.

Kaiya smiles, motioning for everyone to follow herself and the pikachu, who Kaiya eagerly follows, opening the big door which leads down to the basement with her psychic energies. "<Come on, everyone...>"

Elias turns his attention to the newcomer, "Hello again, Anna." He nods his head toward her direction and he darts his gaze to Mashu, remembering that he introduced himself, "Oh right.. name's Elias." Yeah, he's kinda slow in the head, not his fault. Well, yeah it's his fault. He blinks when Kaiya opens the big door and he slowly moves down toward the basement, "Okay."

Celra slinks through a hole in the roof and for a moment thought about concealing herself in the shadows, but it would've been completely useless with her glowing eyes and veins. She simply keeps her distance from the group watches them heading toward the giant doors. She lays low, stealthily following the group hiding behind objects and making sure that there was still a great distance.

Anna uncurls her vines, holding them at the ready - more of a defensive posture than anything else - as she follows along with Kaiya. "Dax, Mashu, Leonardo, Kaiya, dear Celebi, so many familiar faces..." she smiles brightly, "Just wish I knew what the occasion is."

Tirow is somehow greeting them as the door opens, shaking off dust and cobwebs. <Stupid floor...> he mumbles, then realizes that door just opened. <Hello?> he says, grinning nervously. He feel through the floor when he jumped through the window before.

Leonardo turns to Anna and smiles, <Hello Anna> before turning back to Kaiya and walking next to her as she enters the church almost leaning to her side as he looks around nervously, his vents burning softly.

Blue emerges from the undergrowth and begins to walk around, she's apparently lost though against the shadows she does appear like a pair of glowing blue orbs

Kaiya smiles a bit, then lifting up her shirt slightly no further than the top swell of her slightly-podgy belly, so Anna can see the dark, skull-shaped blackness on Kaiya's belly. "We're gonna find out how to get rid of this..." Eyeing straight over to Tirow, she blinks. Looking at Leonardo, she pauses. <Hey, Leo, give us some light, will you? Light the torches on the walls!>

Dax looks over to Blue as she comes out, the big Don is staying outside since he doesn't want to fall through the floor and he "Aww"'s. "Well, hello there, Blue."

Leonardo smiles, <Sure!> and starts using small fireballs against all the torches quickly lighting them all.

Anna takes one look at the symbol, her eyes widening, the Ivysaur looking sick for a moment, putting a hand to her forehead, "D...dear C-Celebi that can't be good..." she nods sharply, regaining her composure, "I'm in...", sticking close.

Blue waves at Dax and ehs "So where the hell are we, I sort of followed a few people's scents." she looks into the house "Why'd they go inside in that creepy show, eh?" she looks through the doors and shivers "Looks kinda dangerous..." She puts a foot through the doorway and rubs a paw over her head.

Inside the basement library of the abandoned church, there's many, many shelves of old, leather-bound books, covered in what must be an inch-thick layer of dust. If they were to be looked at, they'd be just copies of scriptures to the gods, Celebi, Mew, Jirachi. Of course, they'd also be training manuals for the priests and apprentices of the church. Unfortunately, these would probably not be any help for the odd pack of adventurers that have set their eyes within the walls of this old library. Right at the back, behind a bookshelf which is front of it, is a huge oak doorway, impervious to most fire and magic, with a huge lock, about the size of a modern-day motorcycle, with a six-digit padlock about the size of a car tyre on it. Ancient scripture is carved into the padlock. Again, the door would not yet be able to be seen behind the shelving.

Dax looks over to the church, "Well apparently undead Pokemon are coming back, and they attacked a group of people, and infected Kaiya, so now we're all here to offer protection and to try and help her." he gives a nod and looks back to Blue, and moves to pet the top of her head, "Though I don't think I'm gonna be able to follow this time...the church looks pretty old and decrepit.

Tirow is following everyone now, but sniffs around curiously first. And then peaks behind and under anything, up until he finds that last bookcase...and walks past it.

Elias takes notice of Kaiya's mark, "Well, if it wasn't for the fact that it's cursed, it'll make a cool tattoo." At least he's trying to brighten things up. The ralts-morph reaches in the behind of himself and unzips his backpack, pulling out that iron pipe again just in case something happened. He steps up close to the shelves and smiles big, "So old... I wonder how much they would sell for." He reaches his left hand out to pull one of the many books off the shelves, curious to see how old so he'll be checking the date on the page so he flips it open, flipping through various pages.

Mashu looks over to the padlock with scripture then lightly squints towards it, "Hello now, what do we have here?"

Blue grins "Oooh zombies, I love those movies, but for real..." she eefs and looks at Dax "What'd they infect her with?" she goes into the church now, following the rest of the group in "Meh, this is kinda freaky you know..."

Celra hmms for a moment turning away from the group, there was one missing. She stalks back slowly and appears next to Dax from the shadows right next to his ear. <Hello.> She whispers this softly looking back to Blue and she gives her a nod. For some reason the glow was gone and she looked perfectly normal.

Leonardo is sticking close to Kaiya, looking at all of the books curiously, his flames off to avoid any kind of accident, and turns to Kaiya, <Is any of this books the one we need?>.

Dax nods his head, "I think that maybe we should try to go down, the graves up here do creep me...out!" he says as he looks to Celra as she pops up right next to his big ears and they flap hard! "Ack! Hey don't scare me like that..." his trunk comes out to sniff at the new person that's popped next to him.

Abelle, in lead of the group, casts a glance back toward Elias' mention of selling the books. <You can't take them,> she states rather pointedly, lowering her brows as though insulted at the mere mention of the idea. That stated, she motions toward the massive lock. <There it is. I don't know what's behind it.. or even how to open that.> She looks toward Kaiya and the others as though half expecting them to randomly know a way. Though she'd deny it if asked, her innate curiosity makes her excited to learn what's on the other side.

Kaiya smiles, eyeing Leonardo and smiling a bit. <I don't know...> She looks around at the morphs. " for a book on...removing dark spirits...or something like that." She smiles, before eyeing Elias. "Don't steal, Elias." Eyeing back to the Pikachu, she smiles. Moving over to what Mashu's found, Kaiya hefts the padlock, and then eyes Leonardo, picking him up, and turning him around in a hug, so she can use his back-flames to try and read the scripture. "It looks like Latin...can someone find a book on Latin translations?"

Anna seems to be staying in the middle of everyone else, vines still coiled, her eyes half closed. Everyone else seem to have exploring well in hand, so she's sticking close to Kaiya if anything, keeping watch. Celra's surprising Dax causes her to jump a bit and extend a vine, pulling it back in time just to find out it's a false alarm.

Tirow is no help with this matter, he just shrugs and searches around some more for the sake of searching. And going partly unnoticed, which he enjoys.

Elias blinks and he frowns at that, "Why not? I mean, museums would like them.. I never saw any of these books in museums and people wouldn't be able to learn from them.." He sighs softly and he puts the book back where it belongs. Oh well, he'll come back later if the basement don't get sealed up in the future. He turns around, watching the others.

Blue mutters under her breath as she pads in the room and begins looking through the books "Damn these would sell for a good price, I know someone..." she trails off and runs a claw over the spines of them while staring over each title. "Grrrr nothing here...ahhh, no..." she groans.

Mashu tilts his head a little then looks at the lettering, "Hmmm... what are the odds that this is what we are looking for?"

Celra disappears from next to the Don going into the shadiest part of the library. She occasionally reappears with a book and places it in the dim light, eventually leaving five what seems to be random book. She begins flipping through the pages minding her own business...can she even read?

Leonardo smiles back to Kaiya, giggling a bit as he is hugged and used like a torch, turning his head around to try to see what is Kaiya watching and increasing the intensity of his flames a bit to help her see better.

Dax sighs and watches as Blue goes down, looking back at Anna he nods, "Come no then, let's go down..." he says as he moves and tries to fit himself down into the basement where the others are, looking around the library he lets out a whistle. "So...big door, big lock..." he cracks his knuckles and goes over to see how strong both are....

Abelle takes a couple steps back to observe the others a bit enviously. She'd never encountered situations like this before and is a bit excited she can be a part, even if her assistance is minimal, at best.

Kaiya smiles a little, and looks around, eyeing a translation at the side of the door. " we go! Right! Uhh..." Kaiya starts to read it, as it's in the Romani texture, which is of course, English script. "Procus rutilus oportet operor incursus consisto plerusque, ut exsequor palam numerus. Directus coniecto mos corrigo. Sentientia necessarius proficio."

Elias pauses and he looks over at the big lock, "And that... that might fetch more price than everything here and not like it won't be used again after we unlock it.... or break it." He smirks, hearing the cracking of Dax's knuckles. He raises an eyebrow, overhearing Kaiya, "Translation please?"

Kaiya blinks, then eyes it. "Right...there's six digits in the lock...a million combinations." She keeps reading the translation curiously. "It's the name of a Pokemon attack...and it wants the last letter...the numbers are 6 1 3 1 4, with the last number missing...what can it be?" He pauses at Elias. "The translation? Something along the lines of... 'To read this, one should work out the attack of the numeration, and fill it in. Simply guessing shall not come to work, brains shall be needed to progress past this door.'"

Anna's eyes flutter a moment at Kaiya's reading, peering to her, putting a hand to her chin, "Attack of the numeration...." fingers moving to her forehead. "Where's Cassandra when we need her?" she laughs to herself, then goes about thinking, "Six one three one four blank... hmm..."

Abelle was never taught to read, so one can guess how adept she is at mathematical equations. With one ear flattened to the side, she just stares at Kaiya and then the lock, dumbfounded. <Now you see why I never got in there,> she says half jokingly.

Celra appears and simply say, <Facade> Before disappearing.

Anna blinks, looking up, <...Facade? Then the last number would be...> she tilts her head, "... Five, then?"

Kaiya smiles. "Lets try it, Anna..." Kaiya smiles, and turns the last digit's dial to '5' on the 26-numbered rotator of the padlock. With a pulse of black energy, and a very loud clank as it hits the floor, the padlock disintegrates, and the door slowly, heavily groans loudly, and creaks open, banging into the side of a bookshelf as it opens, sending it crumbling into dust, dropping books everywhere. Kaiya's response? "Oops."

Elias just stands there, looking dumb as ever after all.. he's a jock of his school so he can't do puzzles well. Elias moves back to lean against the shelves and folds his arms over his chest, yawning softly, "Good thing there's always other people to solve the puzzles instead of- dammit, it dissolved? How..." He watches the disintegrating padlock. Not to mention Elias getting bombarded by a barrage of heavy books. <_<

Dax blinks and he watches, well he's not one for puzzles, but his response is pretty much similar, "Oops." he says as well as he watches it go and fall apart, "Old bookshelf."

"Pika!" Abby chirps with startled surprise and jumps back away from the lock, seeking cover behind the nearest pokemon's leg. She peeks out just in time to watch the lock disintegrate. Oops, indeed! Jaw half open, she looks up at the now unsecured door with excited anticipation.

Anna takes a step back at the falling padlock, just to nearly get bowled over by a fit of books, "Whoa!" hopping awkwardly away to try and keep her feet. "Facade, I had no excuse for missing that one... thank you... wait." She looks up and toward the voice. <Celra? Is that you?>

Tirow raises his head and sneezes as a dust cloud surrounds him. And he is used as cover for Abby, since he happened to be there.

Kaiya blinks, and looks at the huge 'tunnel' that the door's created, nothing but darkness behind it. <Uhh...Abelle? Do you know what's behind here? Did your master ever tell you?> Kaiya blinks, and offers a hand to pull Elias out from the huge pile of dusty old books, many very heavy, like the style of them at the time.

Celra looks back at the five books, all turned to a page talking about facade. She looks at them a bit confused and close them all quickly returning them before appearing at Kaiya's side nuzzling her leg. <Yes.> She then appears next to Anna giving a nod. Slinking away back into the shadows suddenly next to Kaiya again, seeming to enjoy the darkness letting her disappear and reappear freely.

Blue grins "Mrr, shadow-sister, you did it again." she of course means Celra as she pads over to the door "Well now, looks like there is but one way to go, and that's in this scary dark tunnel, that probably is full of really evil scary things, or monsters waiting to eat us."

Mashu just... blinks at this and peers down the tunnel, then he snaps his fingers, "Ah ha... it was a facade apparently..." he says reflecting on the situation.

Dax nods his head and looks to Blue, "Well isn't that the way of things?" he starts to move forward, trying to nudge people out of the way, "I'll go first, they'll have to hit me pretty hard to take me down." he says and he tries to squeeze into the passage.

Elias takes Kaiya's hand and he groans, pulling himself out of the pile of books with some scratches from the edges but mostly bruised but he's fine, really, "Tch... interesting place, someone should set up this place as a haunted tourist place."

Abelle's gaze rises prematurely to the mightyena's eyes looking disapprovingly down at her. She attempts an embarrassedly apologetic n.n; face. <Uh... sorry, heh,> she offers, then steps out from behind Tirow to be confronted by Kaiya's inquiry. <... books!> She answers after a seconds' observation, aiming a forepaw toward the tomes that had fallen. Makes sense to her. <No, he never told me. Said I wasn't allowed to know.>

Kaiya blinks, and eyes over to Blue. "I seriously doubt monsters would be alive after being locked in there for years, sweetie." Kaiya grins, and helps Elias to his feet, before leaning back against Mashu, worried. "You'll protect you, won't you?" Kaiya eyes Abelle curiously, and then steps aside for Dax to go through. She grabs one of the wooden ever-burn torches from the walls, and hands it to Dax. "'ll need this." She turns to everyone else behind her. "Is everyone ready to continue?"

Dax nods and takes the torch, "Right then, I'll go on ahead...and from what I heard before, Kaiya, I think it's the dead ones we'd have to worry about." he says wryly as he presses forward.

Tirow never looked at Abby, actually, he just sneezed. But anyways, he starts walking through the tunnel before everyone else, with a delightfully ignorant happy look to him. <...creepy tunnels...> he mutters as he moves.

Mashu nods a little and moves to second in line, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to keep everyone safe. Though... you do realize that ghosts odds are wouldn't die if they were locked away for years right?" he says with a taste of realism.

Blue looks at Kaiya "Well they don't have to be alive you know..." she cants her head and giggles "That's the way these dark tunnels work you know." she sticks her pierced tongue out at Kaiya gives a c'mere gesture at Celra.

Kaiya whimpers, still holding Leo, but that's just simply she's forgotten that he should be probably be put down soon. Hearing Mashu's and Blue's comments, she pauses, squeezing Leo a bit tighter, before blushing slightly, realizing that she's squeezing a little too-tightly for the fire-type, and puts him down to the stony, cobbled ground gently.

Leonardo looks at the dark tunnel for a moment, shivering slightly at the mention of monsters and ghosts, and grinning to Kaiya as she places him down, <Glad to be helpful> before turning to the tunnel and walking towards the entrance peering into the darkness.

Ghosts and monsters and demons, oh my! Abby stays purposefully behind Tirow as though he'd suddenly been designated her safety net, matching the mightyena's pace and peeking out from behind his flank toward the darkness of the tunnel barely illuminated by the torchlight. She would otherwise not be so concerned had she gone through this alone - and had she not witnessed what transpired prior to this adventure outside on the lawn.

Dax turns back and looks at Leonardo some envy, then again the big Don isn't exactly, "Pocket-sized" either, but still, doesn't mean he can't just smile to himself, holding the torch out in front, his trunk raised and sniffing, 'Odor Sleuth', if you will, sniffing for anything that might be bad.

Elias follows after them, humming while dragging his metal pipe on the floor of the tunnel to leave behind a trail to make sure that they won't get lost.

Anna gives a light nod, returning her thoughts to the contents of the room. Odd, she used to show such disdain for combat and now she's almost acting like she wants a bit of it in the way she's keeping herself ready for it.

Leonardo looks at the dark tunnel for a moment, shivering slightly at the mention of monsters and ghosts, and grinning to Kaiya as she places him down, <Glad to be helpful> before turning to the tunnel and walking towards the entrance peering into the darkness.

Kaiya smiles, and follows the large creature in front of the group. After about 4-5 minutes of walking down the tunnel...which must be at least a kilometer, maybe more, and a lot of down-hill walking through the tunnel, the tunnel opens up into a room similar in size to that of a soccer pitch. Upon entrance, large candle-holding chandeliers instantly light up, hanging from the ceiling, which is now twenty to thirty feet above them. Stacked upon shelf after shelf are dust-covered books, massive tomes, which anyone who would look at them would see that they seem to have all be hand-written and hand-illustrated. Moving over to some, Kaiya takes one, and blows the dust off of it, before coughing and opening it, eyeing inside. Lists of ingredients for some of the most-ghastly of potions are shown, in the book that Kaiya picked up, as well as some pretty gruesome transformations, one of which is a picture of a cubone in the middle of being turned inside out by a potion's effects. Closing the book quickly, she puts it back on the shelf, trying to get that picture from her head. "Right...Uhh..." She gulps, trying to keep her lunch down. "...we need a book to remove dark spirits and things from pure individuals...everyone, lets get looking..."

Celra stops and glares at Elias, the scraping sound getting irritating but she shrugs and continues on shifting over to Leonardo and nuzzling him. Her eyes glow black for a moment as she looks at a book which also glows. Her eyes return to normal though the book continues to pulsate, she makes no attempt to go to it though.

Dax lets out a low whistle, "Well that's a neat trick..." he says as he looks around and hmms as he glances around, and he tries to be gentle as he rumbles through, looking back to the other end of the hall to see if there's another door or something.

Tirow finally notices he is being followed by Abelle, and peers behind himself with a curious look. He shrugs, and then gets to searching for books, eyeing a book farther up on a shelf he can't reach, and then he feels something off, and turns his head to look at Celra. And narrows his eyes. Huh. He then goes to the book that had glowed, which, him being a dark-type, is pretty easy to spot. And grabs the book off the shelf...

Mashu decides to take option two, instead of looking around for books, he keeps his eyes open for anything suspicious, say... a ghostly life form or traps or something that would bring the group danger.

Anna huffs lightly at the walk, keeping up appears to be a bit of a chore but she manages. Looking out over the massive room she perks as the lights turn on, ".. Oh!" seeming a bit happier, it makes sense the grass type would welcome some light. She too goes about watching for anything that might jump out, nearly running into Mashu in her search, ".. Eep! Hey..."

Elias coughs from the dust, lifting his pipe from the ground after creating a thin trail on the floor, and he looks over Kaiya's shoulder, checking out the pictures, "Coooollll..." He sidesteps to the shelf where Kaiya put the book on and takes it back off the shelf, flipping through the pages to read more about it, "Niftiness." He flips the book open and he shows the picture to the others just in case others didn't get to see it before closing the book, carrying it with him under of his armpit. Hey, anyone didn't say anything about taking the books from the witch's domain.

Leonardo is watching as Celra examines the book, and tilts his head as he sees her reaction, suddenly doing a startled yelp as Celra nuzzles him, <Hey Celra, you scared me...> and chuckles, not noticing her eyes.

Mashu looks over to Anna and gives her a light smile with a nod before continuing to look around, "Careful now Anna, who knows what could be here besides books."

Blue giggles at Celra, also not noting the eyes as she moves about the room looking around for anything that will be of use to the group.

Anna nods a little, reaching out with her vines to be ready for things to strike. "Yeah... how did this all get started, anyhow?"

Dax tries to feel things out, working and running his fingers across the wall, nothing is as it seems after all, wetting his lips he keeps trying to feel it out, "Something feels off..." he says as he keeps running a finger over the walls

Elias replies to Anna, "Well, there's some witch who attacked me and others by summoning up zombie skeleton counterparts of ourselves but we whooped them good."

The walls seem...wet. Although not overly so. Just damp, like dew on grass in the early morning. Kaiya, meanwhile, is looking over book after book, her hand running over them, leaving dust trails in it's wake. Before Kaiya gets to it though, Tirow has grabbed the that's glowing, thanks to Celra's activities, and pulls it out. However, before he can open it, it opens on it's own accord, a ghostly spectre coming out of it. This ghost looks to be a houndoom, and is semi-transparent, like a hologram. <Leave this place!> It growls heavily. <You can't stop my mistress...leave now, and we shall spare your lives!> The houndoom glares at the others, showing it's sharp white fangs, as Kaiya turns, upon hearing the snarly pokemonic speech. <What...what do you mean?>

Dax phews to himself as he earflaps and is unsure now as he appears somewhat like a ghost comes in, he's not seen much in the way of holograms, especially not from ancient tomes like the one the 'yean holds "What in the..."

Celra sighs and walks up right in front of it and simply yells, <Shut up!> She glares at the "ghost' This was actually the only thing she said really besides Facade. Celra in continuation, raises her paw to see if it is scratchable.

Leonardo shivers when the Houndoom glares at him and steps back, the vents burning brightly as he watches it carefully, ready to attack it the moment it tries to hurt anyone when he sees Celra yell at it and tilts his head.

Tirow immediately goes into a defensive stance in front of the ghostly creature. And like a wall between it and Abelle. He doesn't speak, he just waits for it to do something.

Why Abby remains close to Tirow isn't immediately known. He just seemed like the safest one to latch onto since seeking sanctuary behind him back at the lock incident. She watches with intrigue as he selects one of the books, then blinks her eyes wide when the houndoom appears. <Umm...> she hums nervously, flattening both her pointed ears. The crimson circles on her cheeks crackle with nervous electricity.

Anna isn't far behind Mashu at all, vines coiling as she looks to the ghost, <Who are you?> yep she's watching warily, ready to spring if that thing attacks someone...

Elias nearly pissed his pants when the ghostly houndoom came out of the book and he lets out a small sigh of relief when the non-morphic absol told the houndoom to shut up, stuffing the non-important witch book that Kaiya placed on the shelf many posts ago into his backpack before preparing himself by holding onto the pipe with both of his hands like a baseball bat.

Blue meeps as the ghost appears and smirks at it "Yeah, right...typical, blah blah blah, you'll spare us and then in a moment you'll try and kill us, look just go away." she hmphs, her eyes turning red and glowing brightly as she stares at the houndoom.

Mashu looks to the ghostly houndoom and grits his teeth as he moves to Kaiya in a protective stance, eyeing it down and watching it's movements.

Arson glares quietly at the Absol that shouted at it. The houndoom doesn't flinch in the slightest, and gives a growl of warning to Celra. Suddenly, a burst of flame comes from the Houndoom's mouth. It shoots straight at Celra, but it's of such a huge amount, that it would go back, and set fire to some of the shelves, the glowing book the Houndoom came out of still on the ground near Tirow. <This is a warning...leave this one can stop us coming back...> Already, after the Houndoom's finished speaking, and firing it's flamethrower at Celra, it snarls, eyes Kaiya, and sensing the dark energies inside of her, charges Kaiya, straight into her form, making her wobble, and falls backwards to the ground, taking refuge into Kaiya's body, as shelf after shelf starts to get set alight from the old dustiness of the room.

<PokeBattle> Arson rolled [Flamethrower] against [Celra]: 44 (Average) <Equip> Equipment 'Charcoal' enhanced attack 'Flamethrower'! (+24) <PokeBattle> [Flamethrower]: 68 (Above-average) <PokeBattle> Attack type [fire], class [special] against Pokemon type [Dark], Attack does not require contact. <PokeBattle> Rolling 1d100 against 100... Hit! (33) <PokeBattle> (STAB) Attack is the same type as the Pokemon using it. <PokeBattle> Normal attack, 97 damage. (Attack power is 95%) <PokeBattle> Notes on this attack: A powerful fire attack that may inflict a burn.

Dax growls to himself as he slams his fist on the wall, "Everyone out, grab what you can and Run..." he says as the fire just spurting all over the place, spraying all around and trying to keep his composure as he makes sure everyone gets out!

Tirow eyes the book. That is still glowing. And what you never thought you would see from him in this kind of situation. A grin. He ponders tearing it apart for a second...then he picks it up in his mouth, and looks around desperately. Fire. <Hop on!> he yells, to Abby, as he looks to her. Yes, he is gonna run now. He also kinda kneels down so the pikachu won't have trouble hopping on his back.

Kaiya yelps, falling onto her backside, nearly loosing consciousness as the semi-dark-type ghost joins it's mistress in Kaiya's body. Of course, only the smartest of those in the group would realize that. Next to the humanoid skull mark on Kaiya's belly, is a smaller back, of the same blackness, the fur having turned black on Kaiya's belly, in the shame of a houndoom skull now. She groans, and vomits up her lunch behind one of the shelves, but then notices the fire, and grabs a handful of books. Or rather, a psychic mind-full of books, and motions to the exit. <Come on...everyone!> Already the smog cloud is making things hard to see, as shelf after shelf goes up in flames. Luckily the room is made of rock, so the fire can't spread out of the room.

Abelle realizes she's got about two and a half seconds to think. Unable to recover from the reeling shock from the quickness with which everything had just transpired, she stares, shocked, at Kaiya and the others. Her home is on fire, too, which doesn't help. The barked order from Tirow snaps her back to attention enough to clench her teeth and reach up, grabbing hold of Tirow's fur as he passes her. Blindly she climbs up onto his back and holds on!

Celra's mind was to clouded to pay attention as the flamethrower slams her against a book shelf. She attempt charging at the houndoom though found out that it had disappeared. She stumbles about dizzily not sure what was going on, part of her fur smoldering.

Blue reaches down and scoops up Celra "It's my girl it's me!" she says as she grabs any books she can, still holding onto the Absol now, and begins to run, though she does hurl a shadow ball at the area where the Houndoom was

Elias eeps when Dax slammed his fist on the wall and he dashed for the shelves only to realize that Kaiya took a hold of them with her psychic ability and he turns with a word "shit" escaping his lips, heading for the exit after making sure that everything and everyone is alright.

Mashu quickly glances around for those who are still here and makes sure everyone is out before he makes his way from the room. As he said before, he's going to try to keep everyone safe, even if he's going to have to be the last one out.

Fire. The thing that Anna thought she had gotten over, and now it's staring her in the face. Watching the fire lash out she hops back with a yelp, senses returning just to see Kaiya double over and lose her lunch, starting to reach over and try to help her up but the panic in the back of her mind is building. It's all she can do to follow Kaiya.

Dax is grabbing a handful of books in his big arms as he runs out, forcing the few others to get up the tunnel, "Out out out..." he says as he pushes outwards and keeps going to try and press up the stairs as the fire spreads.

Leonardo winces loudly as he sees Celra is hit by the flamethrower and runs to her side, watching as Blue grabs her and runs behind them.

Tirow takes off at top speed towards said exit, and with the book in his mouth, Abelle holding on to him. Goodness, isn't he the little hero today? Not speaking, just running. Holding the -still- glowing book.

Kaiya groans a bit, slowly clambering after the rest. Everyone else is out, except Mashu of course. "Mashu...come on...leave'll go out..." Kaiya groans, and has about 20 or so books in a couple of piles, glowing in black-colored psychic energy behind her. It is wise to run through the whole tunnel, back to the abandoned church library, because smoke can travel down an air-tight tunnel bloody quickly.

Abelle continues clinging to Tirow for dear life!

Dax doesn't move that fast, bringing up the rear of the tunnel with an arm full of books but he moves as fast as he can, "Get ready to seal the door again!" he says as he keeps trying to force forward and catch up.

Celra growls loudly squirming in Blue's hands, she seems to be growling at Kaiya but who knows in this haphazard flee. She starts barking savagely in Kaiya's direction as if about to attack her.

Mashu wasn't planning on fighting the fire, he just had to be sure everyone was able to escape, "Right... lets go then." he says as he makes his way to the rest of the group, staying close but yet some what behind just incase something happens where he'd need to quickly grab someone.

Blue groans "Shh, it's alright, it's alright I have you...hey wait a minute Mashu make some water or something!" she yells and holds onto the squirming Celra which is probably kinda dangerous with all the spiky bits

Elias dashes through the tunnel and he starts breathing heavily from running. Dammit, he just had a football practice, give him a break or something but he exits the tunnel afterward, taking in few deep breaths to regain some oxygen but coughing some due to the drifting dust, "This better be worth it after this is done." He looks over at Blue and Celra when Celra starts squirming about.

Tirow is possibly the second or third fastest of the group, maybe, so he is far ahead of everyone. And he reaches the end, sliding and turning as he reaches the doorway, waiting for the others. <Are you okay?> he asks to the Pikachu on his back, sounding surprisingly calm.

Kaiya groans quietly. She's got a splitting headache now, but that might just be the smoke she's breathed into her form. Her shirt is covering the two black marks on her belly fur now, and she hasn't thought of showing it to anyone. Eventually, they get back to the abandoned church, torches still lit, and Kaiya eyes Dax. " everyone here?"

Anna is near the back of the pack, turning after the others pass and seeming indecisive, looking back to the room... seeming incredibly relieved to see Kaiya and Mashu on their way. Dropping back to follow them she trembles lightly, watching them worriedly. Well, at least Kaiya. Mashu, she knows, can take care of himself but hey she still worries a bit about master!

Abelle is directly contrast to Tirow's calm. Her face buried in the fur between the mightyena's shoulder blades, she keeps her ears slicked back and impressively aerodynamic. At the sound of his voice, she slowly looks up, raising one ear slightly. <Y-yeah, I'm alright,> she answers through her tightened jaws. It takes a moment for her to remember to unlatch her locked paws from his fur. <Thanks.> In spite of everything, she can't manage to avoid a light, friendly smile to her savior.

Dax looks back, shivering, "Don't worry, I was the last one, come on, seal the doors..." he says as he moves and tries to shut the two doors leading down to the fire, pushing and attempting to seal it, "Ah, damnable things, great, now we need to find this...this thing. How to fix it." he says as he works and tries to seal the library back up

Elias raises a hand, "Yeah, I'm here..." He looks around, counting people, "One two four three five six, yeah... they're all here." He eyes the shelves, "Why not use them to prop them up against the door?"

Celra turns to Blue and stop barking for a moment the bite mark on her neck glowing a black, that was somehow painful to look at, her eyes then followed. She didn't attempt squirming anymore and glared at Blue.

Blue erfs and turns Celra around to look at the bite mark "Yeesh that looks painful, what bit you girl, and don't glare at me." she does note the glowing eyes, which hers do the same "Man.."

Leonardo is panting slightly not used to run like that, and stands next to Blue, staring at Celra wincing when he notices her wound glowing, <Are you ok?> in a cautious tone.

Kaiya pauses a bit, everyone back, and Kaiya eyes the door. "Shut the door...lock it...block it...whatever, just make sure fire can't get through!" Of course, there's no way it could reach the door, but Kaiya's still panicking.

Mashu shakes his head on the propping suggestion then begins to concentrate, "back from the door, I've got this. Then begins to fire a beam of ice to seal the doors shut.

Anna makes her way away from the door with a bit of a wince, slipping to Kaiya's side and putting a hand on her shoulder, watching Mashu deal with it.

Tirow sighs with relief when he hears that Abelle is okay, and sits down on his haunches as everyone goes to work. Then furrows his brow. He's still holding that book...he sets it down on the ground to get it out of his mouth. Someone else can get it. Then he nuzzles Abelle, for some reason unknown to him. <Glad you're okay...> he mutters, then he sort of turns his head away and coughs some.

Elias searches into his pocket and he pulls a gold berry out of his pocket, offering it to Celra, "Do you need this so you can feel better from being burnt?" He says with a concern in his tone.

Dax grunts and gets the door shut and he looks to Mashu, "Hit it Mashu..." he says as he looks to Kaiya, and then to Tirow, "Hell...come on, let's see what's in this damn book." he says and he tries to think

After Tirow sits, Abby releases her grip and slides down his back to the floor before maneuvering around to his side. The others are observed as she moves, each appearing to recover in their own way, despite Celra's injury.

Just what had she gotten herself into? Her thoughts are passed aside, though, when Tirow unexpectedly offers her a show of affection and, with a blink, looks up at him as he's turning away. She'd probably grin and blush had it not been for Dax's interruption forcing her attention back to the book - but not without a secondary quick glance up at the mightyena.

Celra growls wildly at Kaiya again barking back at her. She seems to ignore Blue now and doesn't attempt escaping. She seemed kind of helpless as she ended up just snarling at Kaiya. Eventually then looking exhausted as she just rest her head on Blue the dark glows going away.

Dax will take the hit this time, the huge done trying to flap his ears and get the smoke from his eyes as he pops the book to read the title, starting from the beginning, trying to understand what power it holds...of course he throws down the large handful of other books to the floor of this library, not knowing what else he grabbed. And sighs, "We have a problem now, I dunno what's now infested Kaiya.."

Anna cringes at Kaiya's reactions, slipping over as well and offering a hug of her own. "Then let's get out of here... but... we need to find out what's happening to you..." sounding clearly worried. "I'm here for you."

Kaiya groans, pulling herself to her feet again, and cuddling close to Mashu. "Everyone...I...I wanna get out of here...I don't like this place..." She whimpers at Celra, until she stops barking, and then eyes the door up to the sunny graveyard. "We can look at the books outside..." She psychically grabs all the books that had been bought from the now-destroyed library, and quickly shoots them outside, the Kirlia-morph following them, not willing to stay in the fairly-dark room any longer.

Celra eyes trail over to Elias not exactly having the energy to reach out for the berry.

Blue grabs the Berry from Elias and gently holds it up to Celra's muzzle "Here ya go..." she mrps at Kaiya "Hey it's not her fault, she got bit by something and is all weird acting now..." she sighs and ruffles Celra's head fur

<Item/Cure> Celra's HP was raised by 150. <Use> Elias uses an item: [gold berry] on [Celra].

Leonardo looks to Kaiya and nods, following her quickly, turning for a moment to see how is Celra doing before he exits the room after the ralts-morph.

Elias blinks when Blue took the berry from his hand and he smiles, "That's good..." He sighs softly and he crosses his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the side, "So what now...? Back out or what?"

Mashu nods a little as he returns his attention to the group, "What ever is going on right now, it isn't good." he then begins to check his pockets for items that may come in handy soon.

Tirow looks down at Abelle. <I find the worst times to become curious.> he moans, all annoyed, then he grins, <But I could be of help, so I'm happy.> he adds, then he follows everyone else. Please do not turn into a fight, he isn't in the mood for such a thing.

Celra eats the berry chewing slowly. She simply rests on Blue seeming not to have much life after she ate the berry and she groans slightly. Suddenly she utters, <Sorry Kaiya.> Celra loves Kaiya just not the thing inside of her >.>, <'s in you...>

Dax erks as all the books get tossed in the graveyard, "Ah, come on now, quick, we don't know what might be outside of there..." he looks over and tries to follow after the books, I'll carry whoever needs it...anyone need to be carried?" he asks.

Anna stays beside Kaiya, not about to let her think for a moment that she's alone in this, or at least that the Ivysaur is anything but on her side.

Kaiya whimpers at Celra's comments, but she pulls up her shirt, the sun streaming down on everyone, a welcome brightness after the darkness of the abandoned church's libraries, and the tunnel. Everyone would be able to see the two dark-colored skulls on Kaiya's belly fur now, and she pauses, her gaze locked on them. "Get them off, get them off, get them OFF!", Kaiya obviously panicking

Dax picks up the glowing book now, and he wets his lips and he looks over and back and forth to all the others, "Ok, ok, we just need to read the book and see what's going on." he says as he finds the glowing book amongst the other odd tomes, "Yeesh, spell books." He goes to try and figure out what's in the book again now.

Elias squints his eyes at the tattoos and he cringes, "Jeez.. that's freaky." He looks up at the sunlight, humming, "Well, why don't we go into a comfortable building with a table and chairs to read the book instead of standing up?"

As Dax picks up the book, it would immediately spin open to a page, the glowing stops. The skulls on Kaiya's fur aren't tattoos, but her belly has gained a bit of pudge, and is housing evil, ghostly energies. The text would slowly, oddly, automatically translate from Latin to English, the letters on the page twisting and moving about to create the perfect translation. "Yes...somewhere less...graveyardy." Kaiya mutters.

Leonardo looks to Celra as she mentions something inside Kaiya and watches the marks on Kaiya, cringing slightly, nodding to Elias suggestion, <Elias is right, it might be better to go somewhere else away from here if we plan to read those books.>

Celra nuzzles Blue neck yawning a bit, <So...umm...what exactly is going on?> She stretches a bit not complaining a bit about being held by Blue, actually enjoying it. She looks around at the others seeing what would happen next.

Dax blinks as he opens up the book, and he begins to watch it just turn and translate, "Whoa...creepy." he says looking at the other books, "I vote we burn these after we're done too..." he says as the book keeps flipping around, "Ah..." he tries to read and catch up, staring, "Dammit..." he says and tries to find out what happened, and how to undo it.

Tirow is probably, at this point, hacking 'n wheezing. Tasting 'evil book' is probably like eating swamp mud. And he sneezes again and a cloud of dust comes off him. Ugh. He needs a bath so badly.