Graveyard Witch Part 3 - Jan 6 2007

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GM - Kaiya Participants - Celra, Darkjewel (later), Elias, Flora, Leonardo

The group are at one of the generic, relaxation-giving beach houses in Mikon, since it was fairly near where they escaped the fire with the books. Kaiya was looking through a couple of books at the same time, psychically, of course, skim-reading. She isn't quite sure what she's looking for, but now and again she finds something interesting, but then gives a depressed sigh as she finds out that it's nothing she needs. Every few minutes, she looks around the room at the Pokemon with her, many different types and elements, as well as the other psychic-morph, Elias. "I really have no clue what to look for...witchcraft was my ancestor's skill, not mine."

Flora is walking along beside Kaiya, watching curiously as the books float all around her. <But, it's in your blood, right? I'm sure you'll recognize it when you find it. And we can all look through some books to try and help.> she says, trying to sound positive.

Celra eyes Kaiya hoping she wasn't expecting an answer from her. She looks up at Kaiya for a moment just lazing away on a rug. She gets up with a protesting sigh as she walks over to Kaiya, <Maybe you should look up something on, maybe a powerful Gardevoir with a Houndoom companion. Maybe they're dead already or something, because the Houndoom looked ghostly, so maybe search for something in the past.> She yawns and plops down next to Kaiya, yeah she was bored.

Elias idly chews on the toothpick that's trapped in between his tooth and canine tooth, wriggling it about inside of his mouth as he studies the books along with Kaiya, cocking a brow, "Well, have you tried practicing witchcraft to try and remove the energy thingy from your body instead of simply looking at books?"

Leonardo is sitting, his eyes moving around, giving a curious look at all the books floating around and wishing he knew how to read, turning to Kaiya as she sighs, and walking towards her with a smile, <Celra is right, I'm sure you will find something> and lays down next to Celra, nuzzling her a bit, before he turns back to Kaiya and watches her read.

Kaiya pauses from her reading, looking up at Flora, and giving a weak smile of appreciation at her words. Eyeing Elias, she glares at that toothpick, and shakes her head slightly. "Hell no...I know better than to know not to meddle in what I know nothing of...if I tried this I'd probably end up with a third leg coming out of my butt." She chuckles, and then eyes Celra. <Possibly...but...I'm not really one for looking up family trees, you know?> They had already been reading for a couple of hours. Well, they, being Kaiya and Elias, books hovering in the air, slowly being flicked through by an invisible hand, whilst the Pokemon can get warm by a large fireplace on one wall. "Well, half way through the books with nothing, at least."

Flora smiles back at Kaiya, then, noticing some books weren't being read, she nabs a few out of the air, she plops down and begins scanning through them. She is able to read at something like a middle-school level, so the books may be beyond her, but that won't stop her from trying to help. Though, she does find it difficult to turn pages with vines. She huffs in annoyance as she turns several pages at a time instead of just one.

Celra smirks slightly and turns to Leonardo nuzzling him back, <Well I guess sneaking and hiding in that school did pay off, even if it was just because it was to stay out of the cold, <Which ever one you didn't read you can give to me....I guess I'll help.> Well she should help, she needs to get to this witch too.

Kaiya yawns, and grabs another thick volume from the air, blowing dust off of it, before eyeing it slowly. "Oooh...this could be interesting...'Dark Spells for those who wish control.'"

Leonardo gets bored of watching Kaiya read the books, and turns around to see what is everyone doing, noticing Flora's problems, and he smiles, walking next to her and lays down, <Do you want some help?, maybe I can flip the pages for you> and grins, reaching the book with a handpaw and waiting for her signal to flip the page.

Elias thought of the book that he snatched from the last time and he declines taking it out of his backpack, Kaiya never saw anything inside of that book so no point, "Say.... what about digging up the witch and her pets' graves and smash their bodies up with a sledgehammer? That'd teach them; maybe they can feel pain through that." He crosses his arms over his arms and he eyes Kaiya back, "True, that'd be nasty having a third leg growing out of your ass." He chuckles, crunch goes the toothpick as he bites into it, and he turns his head, spitting the toothpick out.

Flora smiles her thanks to Leonardo and wraps her vines around him in a hug before retracting them, then continues reading, giving him a nod every now and then so he knows when to turn the page. She glances up at Kaiya as she hears the name of that book. Sounds like it could be useful. She blinks at Elias's suggestion. <Would that do any good?>

Celra growls a bit her head seemed to be pulsating. She couldn't bother to take it anymore, she didn't like PokeCenters so it was either kill herself or sleep it off. Like most people she decided to sleep it off and without a word instantly was swept away to dreamland.

Kaiya mutters a quiet, "Awww..." to herself at Leo's offer, and smiles, watching the pair of them. "I don't think that would do much, considering know, they're ghosts now." The book that Kaiya was levitating in the air drops to the floor with a loud, hard bang, as she continues to read, "You know, this might be it." She does give a quick glance to the now dozing Celra, and pondering for a moment, motions Elias over. "Hmmm...'Removing a Ghostly Possession'. Do you think this could be it, Elias?"

Flora flinches at the bang, and then looks up at Kaiya. She forgets the book she was reading and walks a little closer to the two psychic Pokemon. <Sounds exactly like what we need, to Me.> she says, her little tail wagging with hope.

Elias joins Kaiya by her side and he looks down to Flora, "The hell I know." He shrugs his shoulders, "Just something that popped up in my head." He glances to the sleeping absol for a moment, "Huh... she's always like that ever since she was bitten." He hmms and he looks to the book, "Yeah, sounds like it."

Leonardo turns around to Kaiya as he hears her, and then looks at the book on the floor with interest for a moment before, moving closer to Kaiya and tilting his head staring at the open book, <What does it say?> a curious tone on his voice.

Celra jumps up from the bang and many duplicates of her appear in the room, down low, as if about to pounce the book. One of them blinks slightly and looks at the book, <Oh...sorry...> She lays back down the images disappearing, she then yawns, <Uh yeah that sounds good.> She can still hear things in her sleep, you know.

Kaiya ponders for a bit. "Well, basically, it says...find a priest. Ugh, that doesn't help, does it?!" She growls in frustration. "Ah... alternate methods... possessed being should drink holy water... or more commonly known as..." Kaiya makes a screwed up, 'YUK!' face. "...Kyogre saliva." She shudders a bit. "Where the hell are we supposed to get that?"

Celra smirks softly her eyes half opened, <I have an idea...from a Kyogre.> She snickers softly yawning louder fighting off the headache, <Is there a quick way to get rid of headaches without going to those nurses?>

Flora makes a ‘Yuk!’ face as well, then looks up at Kaiya again. <Who's Kyogre?> she asks, then looks over at Celra. <Maybe I can help.> she says. She steps closer to Celra and waves her headleaf over the Absol gently, trying to soothe the headache with her sweet, soothing scent. Hey, aromatherapy is supposed to work, right? <And, where would we find Kyogre?> she adds.

Elias wrinkles his nose, "Kyogre saliva....?" He glances to Celra, "Medicines for headaches, but where's Kyogre? You know how these kind of people don't get out much...besides Lugia."

Leonardo makes a yuk face too as he hears the cure, then walks next to Flora and Celra, smiling as he feels the sweet scent from Flora's headleaf and turns to Kaiya, <Kyogre?, Any idea where to find it?>

Kaiya ponders for a bit. "Well, Kyogre was this old legendary Pokemon...god of the water, if you will. Although, no one’s seen him for centuries." Kaiya goes back to reading the book, and then flips forward a few pages. "Apparently, there's a shrine to Kyogre under Lake Mikon. Maybe we could find some there? It's got traps and everything in...They don't want people who shouldn't be there, there..."

Flora blinks, still waving her headleaf gently. <...Under Lake Mikon? How would we get there?> she asks. She smiles as Leonardo walks over, and wafts the scent over him as well.

Celra sighs and gets up smiling at Flora, <Yeah that's working.> She then turns to Kaiya, <Well I'm quick on my feet good avoiding traps, but problem is getting to the place. I'm sure everyone else you can surround with a psychic bubble or what ever you do.> She hops about a bit seeming to warm up. After a moment of warm-ups she sits in front of Kaiya, <So when are we going?>

Leonardo winces slightly as he hears about the shrine, <Under the lake?>, obviously not happy about the idea of going underwater, and turns to Kaiya, <But how are we going to get there?>.

Elias hums, "Maybe there's some sort of entrance to the underground under of the lake? I mean, something like a secret cave or just a door with grass and dirt grown over them. So...we might need a metal detector?"

Kaiya doesn't reply to Celra for a few moments, obviously thinking. "We should do what Dax said...we should destroy these no one else can get their hands on them. We know what we need to, that should be fine." Kaiya gives a weak smile, before eyeing Flora. "I dunno...scuba diving?" She gives a slight chuckle, and then eyes Leo. "Up for being a match, sweetie?". All of the books gather in a pile and Kaiya eyes over to the fireplace, chuckling, since the fire there has gone out because of the lack of combustible materials. She does keep a hold on the book that showed its location. "It doesn't say how to get to it...just where it is...look..." And sure enough, Kaiya tosses the book to Elias, whilst stacking the other books into the fireplace.

Flora looks between Celra and Leonardo with a soft giggle, thinking there must be an echo in here or something. She blinks as the books are moved to the fireplace. She doesn't like to see books destroyed, but it does seem like the right thing to do. She goes over to Elias, wanting to see the map or whatever it is in the book.

Elias shifty-eyes, "Wait, wait, wait, Kaiya... can't we donate them to the museum and get a nice sum of money in the return for giving them nice old books that's in nice shape and have them under tight security so that nothing would reach them?"

Leonardo nods and grins, <Sure!> turning to the pile of books and prepares to ignite them when he hears Elias and turns to him, <I think they are too dangerous to be kept anywhere> and looks to Kaiya, <Right?>.

Celra looks at Elias and then Leonardo and then back to Elias, <The money would be nice though, but then the people protecting the books might become greedy and take them out, being as stupid as a lot of people I know they'd even try the witchcraft.> She shrugs and looks around the area looking for something to do.

Kaiya smiles a little. "Sorry Elias, but Celra has the most-likely point...and who knows what could happen if these got in the wrong hands?" She grins and motions to Leonardo, once moving back from the fireplace. "Here ya go's all yours." She moves to the window, and looks out. "I'm sure there's somewhere that will lend us some scuba gear, for us and Pokemon...although Leo might need some sort of body suit." She is mainly talking to herself, thinking aloud, as it were.

Flora makes sure she is a good distance away from the fireplace, then sits down, wondering who they could get scuba gear from. Her headleaf hangs limply as she sinks into thought...

Leonardo nods and turns to the fireplace taking a big breath and releasing a small jet of fire against the pile of books moving it up and down along it, making sure all of the books are burning before he stops it, and turns back to Kaiya and smiles.

Elias throws his hands up in defeat and groans next, "Feh, fine!" He plops down onto his ass and he crosses his arms over his chest, acting like a little angry childish kid briefly, "Hmph... why not just drain the lake? I'm sure that's possible."

Celra eyes Elias, <You know sometimes you're just really...never mind.> She smirks and snickers a bit before curling up on Elias's lap giving him a lick on the cheek, <Just chill will ya.> She then turns to watch the "show" she wouldn't mind money herself, but she nods as she watches the flames engulf the books.

Kaiya chuckles, eyeing Leo, "Remind me never to feed you chilli." Glaring at Elias, she growls a bit, her black aura pulsing momentarily. "Don't be silly." Seeing the books burned to cinders, she pushes the door open. "Come on, I see a sailor...lets see if he has some scuba gear."

Flora hops up as she hears that, and follows Kaiya out the door, looking toward the sailor as they get closer. <You think he'll have some scuba stuff?> she asks, looking up at Kaiya.

"Really what...?" Elias withdraws a little when the absol gets in his lap and he pets the absol on the back, smiling once he gets licked on the cheek, "Yeah, yeah, I know... sorry." He eeps a little at Kaiya's growling and he stands back up, picking Celra up and letting her back down on the fours, getting ready to follow them.

Celra nods at Elias, <Good boy.> She smirks looks like the term's users have been flipped. She then slinks out of the door silently, and she begins her approach on the sailor. She slowly murmurs to herself, <His chin is bigger than his skull, oddest morph I've ever seen...>

Leonardo cheers up as he hears about the sailor, quickly following Kaiya and Flora as they walk towards the sailor, <I hope he has something I can use...> giving the lake a glancing look and shivering slightly before looking back to the sailor.

Elias snaps his fingers while following them from behind, "Well, the scuba tank supply oxygen... wouldn't that make your flame burn brighter and maybe explode like when someone light a match near the gas stove while it's on?" He looks down to Leo, pondering, "Maybe a little submarine would suit you." He grins teasingly.

Kaiya glares, letting the rest of them follow, as she comes over to the sailor who...seems to be a Primeape variation. Although what part of him is primeape and what isn't, is a little hard to guess. The sailor looks like a Primeape-Machoke cross, with huge, muscled arms. "Sir?" Kaiya starts, as he focuses below her face. " face is up here." The sailor pauses, and then raises his gaze to her face. "Aye lassie, it is." The sailor has flaming red hair, and speaks with a Scottish accent. Looking over the group, the sailor asks, "What is it that ya be needing, lassie?" A simple reply of, "To go to the bottom of the lake." is heard. The sailor ponders this and eyes her. "Ahhh...treasure hunting, be ya, lassie? The sunken ship be all fished outta plunder..." Kaiya ponders, and then eyes back. "Then do you have a diving vehicle we can use?" She looks a little down. If only her mate, Mashu, was here, he'd be able to help them with his water abilities in an instant.

Flora bounces excitedly. <You have something, don't you? We really need to get to the bottom of the lake> she says, giving the sailor the big puppy-dog type eyes.

Celra looks at the sailor, slightly impressed by his muscles, and was actually on the verge of asking him to battle, <No, stupid. No time for that...> She says, thinking out loud, before blinking, and looking around, hoping no one was paying attention. <Well uh...> She looks back at the sailor eyeing Flora for a bit, what the heck was she doing...was that supposed to be cute, it actually looked kind of scary. Shrugging she looks back at the sailor, <You will be rewarded also when we come back with the treasure.> Yeah there was no treasure, unless he wanted some Kyogre saliva, but this should get his attention.

Elias doesn't have much to say right now so he crosses his arms over his chest, watching them chattering with the sailor, and he glances around, studying the surrounding for a moment, "Hmmm....well." He eyes Flora when she gives the sailor the puppy-dog eyes, finding it rather cute.

Leonardo looks to Flora for a second and chuckles before he turns and smiles to the sailor, tilting his head slightly and asks, <Do you have any kind of diving gear for a fire type like me?> in a hopeful tone.

The sailor continues rubbing his overly-large chin, before smiling. "I may 'av what you're looking for, lassies..." He starts to move to his boat, but then corrects himself. "...and laddies." He chuckles, and goes behind his boat, up to his waist in water now. Behind his boat, is a large bubble-shaped object, about 20 to 30 feet wide. "This may be a lil' cramped, but ah' think it'll work for what ya' wanna do wiv' it." Eyeing Leo, he responds, "It's water-tight."

Flora follows behind the sailor, at least to where the water is up to HER knees, then oohs and giggles happily. <Wow! That's neat!> she says, looking the bubble over.

Celra looks at the bubble with a half eyed, ~We aren't going into that thing....are we...~ She says this in her mind before walking over to follow the sailor, <What the heck is this?>

Leonardo looks at the bubble from the border of the water and grins, <Nice.>, and turns to Kaiya smiling, <At least that solves the problem of getting underwater>.

Elias follows Kaiya and the rest of the group to the bubble thing, quirking his right eyebrow, "Ok..." *Let's pray that it's not cruddy at all.* He thought to himself, and he unfolds his arms, shoving his hands into his pockets, "And how can we enter that thing, huh?" He looks at the bubble for any type of entrance.

The sailor chuckles, and eyes Elias's words. "You need to calm your tongue to that pretty lassie, laddy." The sailor complains, moving to the top of the huge bubble, via the ladder on the far side, and opening the top 'window' of it, by twisting the wheel on it. "You get in like this, laddy." Kaiya floats up curiously. " actually looks quite...cosy in there, mister. Thanks!" The sailor smiles, getting some eye candy, Kaiya mentally scowling a bit. "Tell ya what, can borrow it for free, but if you break it, you bought it, got it?" Kaiya gives a silent nod, before sliding in, and getting comfy in there. Calling into the bubble, the sailor continues. "The controls are pretty simple, even an inexperienced lassie like you should be able to work it." Whilst the sailor speaks, Kaiya calls out to Elias to help himself and the non-morphic Pokemon into it.

Flora can't see anything that's happening at the top of the bubble as she swims out to it. She looks up, up, up along the ladder, and then looks at Elias after Kaiya calls out to him. She giggles and holds her vines up, apparently waiting to be carried.

Elias waddles through the water and he lowers his hands, scooping Flora out of the water and he struggles to try and start floating, succeeding after a few series of headaches and he moves up to the top of the bubble, moving Flora through the window, "There you go, babe." He glances in the behind of himself, checking on the Pokemon, "Need help too?"

Celra disappears from her spot; apparently she jumped into the air because she is suddenly dropping straight down into the bubble. She lands with a light touch the bubble barely shifting. <No thanks Elias I'm fine.> She then curls up as far to the side of the bubble as she could.

Leonardo nods to Elias and smiles, <Please...>, looking at the water for a moment and shivering a bit, <I don't think I can climb the leader> and watches Celra as she jumps inside, obviously impressed, <And I can't jump like her>.

Flora sits down close to Celra, not wanting to be in the way when we start diving down. <Hurry guys.> she calls out to Elias and Leonardo.

Elias moves down toward Leo and he picks him up, resting him in his arm and pets his back with his other hand, petting him like a cat, and he drifts back up to the top, entering the bubble before letting Leo back down on his paws.

Leonardo makes a soft purring noise as he is petted, and turns to Elias as soon as he lands on the floor, a big smile on his face, <Thank you for that> and walks to Celra, laying down next to her, <That was quite a jump> and nuzzles her a bit.

Kaiya smiles, looking at everyone coming into the bubble-vehicle. When everyone's in, she presses a button on the console in front of her, which shuts the lid of the bubble. Looking at all of the buttons in front of her; she eventually presses one, and when everyone's comfy, the bubble-machine starts moving backwards into deep water. Kaiya hopes no one’s claustrophobic!

Flora looks out the bubble, wide-eyed and giggling as she watches as we dive beneath the water, then smiling happily as fish and such float by. <Wow! This is so amazing!>

Celra was pretty impressed but she decided to rest up before the battle and started to drift back into dreamland, of course she gave Leonardo a little lick on the cheek before doing so.

Elias watches the life inside the lake float by them and he crosses his arms, leaning back against the wall of the diving sphere, "Well... it's not crummy like I thought."

The vehicle is slow, but it works perfectly fine, apart from the loud creaking of the vehicle adjusting to the water's pressure, as they start sinking into Lake Mikon. "Hey guys...? I'm just're we supposed to get out of here once we've found the shrine?"

Leonardo stands up and looks nervously to the fishes and such floating around for a moment, and turns his head away from them, feeling a bit uneasy of being inside a metal bubble diving in the lake, and lays down again, turning his gaze to the floor in an attempt to forget the fact that he is underwater now.

Flora blinks a little and looks to Kaiya. <Um...a psychic shield?> She blinks again. <But, what if the temple is full of water, too...?> she asks worriedly, looking back out the bubble.

Elias hmms, "Well, psychic shield, I guess... unless it's a magical place that's not full of water." He pulls his attention away from the window, yawning softly, "Cool ride but no action."

Kaiya smiles. Lots of goldeen, magikarp, feebas, and other water-types swim past the windows, until the bubble-vehicle goes to the darker water. There is walls of a cavern around all windows of the bubble-machine now, as they get deeper and deeper, a large display on the console Kaiya's using to drive them down lighting up to say that they're about a kilometre down, as they finally hit the bottom of the water, a big black hole in front of them in the rocky walls. "So...Uhh...Well...We're at the bottom, guys."

Flora looks out the window at the big black hole. < that the temple entrance?> she asks, trying to see into the cave, but to no avail. <What do we do now?>

Celra gets up instantly as if she wasn't sleeping at all, <Well glad I slept through that. Felt long even through sleep.> She looks around and watches the hole, a smirk spreads across her face and her eyes flash black. She shakes her head and the darkness seems to be shaken away as she looks at the cave again wondering how far the walk would be.

Kaiya pauses, and then chuckles. "It looks like it." Kaiya blinks a bit. "So...someone help me find the manual movement controls for this. Up and down is easy...but underwater ground movement is confusing..." She starts to look around at the controls, then motions to glowing lights that have appeared at the console next to Elias. "Your go, mate."

Elias glances down to the glowing lights that appeared next to him and he narrows his eyes, "Umm..." He presses on the buttons, unsure what to do, "Like this?" Leonardo hesitantly moves his gaze from the floor, still feeling uneasy and slowly walks next to Flora, peering to the rocky walls, and the black hole in front of him, turning to Kaiya and Elias with a nervous look, <I hope you both know what you are doing...>.

Flora gulps a little as Elias says 'Like this?', then just continues looking toward the entrance, hoping Elias doesn't get us killed or break this very expensive looking diving bubble.

Kaiya blinks, and starts to poke some of the buttons, and a screen appears in front of Elias, showing him where the opening is, and letting him move the bubble freely over the ground, towards the cave. Smiling to Leonardo, she chuckles. <Do you think I'd put all my friends in danger?> She winces a bit, one of her handpaws rubbing at her podgy belly. "Elias can kind us in, it looks like there's air in an underwater port...we should be able to come out of this cramped bubble then..."

Flora watches wide-eyed at the entrance as we move closer to the entrance of the cave, both excited and a little scared.

Leonardo gives Kaiya a nervous grin, <It's not that I don't trust you and Elias... it's all this water around what makes me nervous> and chuckles, before walking next to Flora and watch the entrance get closer and closer.

Celra yawns, tapping loudly against the side of the bubble submarine, <Hmm, I wonder if I can break it.> She smirks wondering how they would react, < well can you swim Leo?>

Elias blinks, "Hey, I never used this thing before, alright? Jeez." He studies the screen and he's starting to learn so he begins to tap down onto various buttons, causing the metallic bubble go toward the black hole and inside of the cave. Elias also says, "Look, there's a red button that reads 'self destruct'... should I touch?" He says teasingly because there's no button like that on the console near him.

Kaiya smiles, "Can anyone see in the dark?" She grins a little more than before, as she hears the creaking of the machine's outside, thanks to the pressure. "'s shallower in here!" Sure enough, a few minutes later, the metallic bubble is floating on the surface, more oxygen having been pushed into it by its huge tanks, causing it to rise to the surface and float. After a couple more minutes, it stays there, not moving or swaying. "Don't even think about it, Elias...we can get out of here now."

Celra smirks and turns to Elias, <Oh that sounds like fun push the button!> She then turns to Kaiya walking up to Kaiya, <Yep I can see in the dark. Hey looks like I can do something useful after all.>

Flora blinks as we bob at the surface. <An underwater surface?!> She exclaims, giggling with excitement. <Quick! Open the hatch!> she says, bouncing a little.

Leonardo sighs in relief as they arrive at the underwater surface and grins, <Good, I hope we can find what we need here...> as he watches outside.

Elias presses the button, causing the door to open once they reached the surface so they can go out, and the strong rush of oxygen rushed right into the bubble. The ralts jock took in a deep breath of fresh oxygen and he smiles, "Finally..."

Kaiya grins, looking at all the buttons, pushing one. With a loud, metallic squeal, it opens. Of course, it's Elias's button push that opens it, but Kaiya thinks it was her. "Hey, I opened it!" Looking around, she turns off the machinery, and starts to climb out, before pausing, and getting back down, looking at Leo, Flora, & Celra. "Need help?"

Flora nods to Kaiya. <I do.> she says, stretching out her vines so she will be picked up.

Leonardo grins to Kaiya, <I could use some help too>, and sits down.

Celra shakes at Kaiya, <Same old, same old.> She crouches low and launched out of the bubble landing on the outside surface, her pupils widening as she enters the dark area. She begins sniffing the air for a moment, not picking up a scent, <You sure it's in here?>

Elias was considering helping the Pokemon out, until Kaiya offered, so he just climbs up the ladder, out of the bubble, and he stretches his arms, groaning softly.

Kaiya smiles, picking up Leonardo, belly to belly, holding him like a plushie, enjoying how warm he is. She then lowers, and offers her shoulders for the Chikorita, holding Leo in her left arm whilst she moves to the ladder, and starts to climb up it with her right hand, leaning against it as she climbs so she doesn't fall off. Kaiya, Leo, and Flora are the last to leave the bubble-vehicle, and she closes the lid with a loud clunk once she's out, letting Flora down once she's up, still holding Leo. "You're like a personal heater." She blinks, and looks around the cave. "Can anyone see any wood that we can light?"

Darkjewel pops up from beneath the surface, wearing scuba gear.

Flora blinks at the mention of wood. <Leo doesn't need any wood to make light.> she says with a smile. <He's got those fire vents.> Flora blinks again as Darkjewel pops up, then can't help but giggle a little.

Darkjewel stretches some what as she treads water.

Kaiya blinks, and looks around, hearing the splash in the calm water. "DJ? What the hell are you doing here?"

Darkjewel laughs softly. "I followed you guys..." she whispers.

Celra peers around the area looking for some wood, <Nope this place is as barren as a desert.> She nods at Flora, <Yeah the vents will work, just warn me before turning them on...what the heck.> She looks at Darkjewel slightly confused.

Elias turns his attention to DJ, arching his brow, "Okay... I suppose gym leaders are rich enough to afford these gears... but can't you just shadow walk instead?"

Darkjewel nods. "I could have done." She winks a bit then, hauling herself on to the rock.

As soon as Darkjewel hauls herself onto the rocky cavern floor, an eerie, aqua-blue glow starts to come from the cave's walls. Right in the middle of the wall, a ghostly blue shape is appearing, getting bigger and bigger. Soon, it gains detail, and the shape of what seems to be a Kingdra-morph, looking extremely graceful. "Welcome travellers..." She says calmly. "Welcome to the shrine to Kyogre...the god of our watery depths! Why have you come here?" She says it with obvious admiration. Kaiya's comment of, "Oooh...pretty!" is the first thing to be heard, after the Kingdra-morph speaks.

Darkjewel blinks a bit, then blushes, shifting a little, but doesn't say anything.

Celra closes her eyes as they begin to burn from the great amount of light level shift. Her mind drifts for a second as she eyes the light, <We're here for Kyogre's spit actually.> She pads up to the Kingdra-Morph, <He wont mind would he.>

Leonardo tries to turn around as he is in Kaiya's grasp when he notices the glow in the walls, and asks Kaiya <What is going on?, can you turn me around?>, catching a glimpse of the Kingdra and hearing what he says without saying any thing else.

Elias eyes the female Kingdra, kinda weird when she's a female and a Kingdra. Kingdrag? Kinda like Drag King, eh? Anyway, Elias just nods his head to the Kingdra, "Heya..." His eyes lowers, checking her cleavage out for a moment, and he lifts his gaze back up, "Name's Elias and we're just here to try and get rid of the witch's curse from the Kirlia morph over there with Kyogre's saliva."

Kaiya smirks, rotating Leo around just after he asks. The Kingdra chuckles, and begins to speak again. "Ah...but an item of such purity...the essence of the waters itself...that comes at a heavy price...five puzzles, actually...ones that require logic, brains...intelligence...but great thinking too..." The Kingdra-morph stops talking, to apparently get a breath, before she motions to part of the wall, which is glowing in a door shape, cave paintings appearing over the door of various pictures and numbers. "Behold, your first puzzle."

Darkjewel blinks a bit then takes a step forwards, her eyes narrowed as she thinks.

Celra smiles as she shifts over next to Darkjewel, <I'm sure it will only take a while.> She hmms as she studies the puzzle trying to figure out exactly what kind of puzzle it is.

Elias doesn't study the puzzle, he can't do puzzles well himself so he'll let others do the job.

The Kingdra moves away from the puzzle, exposing the display on the wall. It's a simple number diagram. The task? Replace the question marks with the correct numbers! "Good luck, adventurers!"

         /                    \
        ?                      ?
       /           \/           \
     57            78            93
     /      \/            \/      \
   15       42            36       57
   /    \/         \/         \/     \
 34     19         61         25     82

Celra hmms, < the bottom ones...subtract them and...> She sighs and then returns to focusing on the puzzle.

Elias turns his attention to the puzzle, BAM! Headache! So he just looks away again. Poor Elias. D:

Celra smiles and nods, <21 and 15.>

Darkjewel wrinkles her nose, and then agrees with Celra.

Celra hmms and turns to the Kingdra Morph, <The left question mark is 21 and the right one is 15...uh right?>

Leonardo looks at the puzzle and thinks for a moment and nods, <I think you are right Celra...>.

The Kingdra stands there, arms folded across her chest. She's not necessarily dressed, but she's not necessarily naked either. Kind of a mix between the two, her body faded into a slinky, semi-transparent form. The Kingdra gives a bright smile. " got the easy one!" She disappears into thin air, the glow of the cave also disappearing. The markings on the cave wall suddenly glow a bright, electric blue, as a doorway-shaped glow appears in the rock. The sound of a bomb later, the bit of wall inside the doorway-shaped glow crumbles into sand, and Kaiya chuckles. "You seem to have solved that without my help!" Looking at the sand, she blinks, and raises up a few piles of it, putting it some small, friend-ball shaped containers, and offers one to everyone there. "Its soft sand...we can easily keep this for later!"

Elias takes the soft sand, shrugging his shoulder, "Um sure..." He eyes the crumbled sand, "Kinda like that door that dissolved back in the library in that church, think it's somehow related?"

Darkjewel blinks and chuckles softly. "Cool."

Celra ruffles her chest fur and reveals a small bag that hangs from her neck, <Thanks, can you put it in here please.>

Leonardo takes the container and grins, <thanks!>.

Kaiya smiles, dropping the Friend Ball-shaped container into Celra's bag, and then into Leo’s paws, most of the sand having gone from the scooping up Kaiya does. "I think we should take a break before proceeding further."

Celra blinks at Kaiya, <I'm not even tired, but...> She looks around the rest don't seem to have as much energy, she was the only that fell asleep recently, actually she fell asleep twice. <Oh never mind...>