Graveyard Witch Part 4 - Jan 14 2007

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GM - Kaiya
Participants - Celra, Darkjewel, Dax, Flora, Helios, Leonardo, Mashu, Tirow

Witch's Pokemon:
Reggie: Tyranitar (M)
Usher: Gengar (F)
Douglas: Dugtrio (M)
Arson: Houndoom (M)

Ok, after everyone is rested, and the group had been joined by a few more Pokemorphs and Pokemon, the group are awake, and ready to continue. Kaiya's belly is bulging a little with the dark energies growing stronger in her body, and she is feeling rather weak, compared to the others. The ghostly Kingdra had waited in the next cave room for the others, and when they feel ready, more puzzles of skill, intelligence, and logic await.

Celra was sitting there not trusting the Kingdra she stayed curled up between the Kingdra and the group, never stopping her stare like a well trained guard dog. Her tail slightly waving as the others wake up, she stands herself stretching.

But what of Elias? Who knows.. But his elder, not necessarily stronger, brother is among the group this time. The fact that his younger brother wasn't here left Helios a bit miffed, considering the whole reason he had joined up was because of what he had told him after the first instance. Eh, oh well...

Darkjewel was stretching not far off, flexing her fingers as she looked around. The little dark:ice type was silent though, deep in thought.

Dax grunts and he shakes off water and blehs, "I hate water..." he says, " Cold dark water." he grumbles loudly and he looks over to Mashu, "Thanks for the ride's Kaiya doing?" He asks the Golduck.

Flora mmmmpphs, feeling a little stiff after sleeping in a cave. She reaches her headleaf out, as she usually does when she has just awakened, only to find there is still, of course, no sunlight here. She sighs softly, then looks around. {I really like caves...}

Mashu looks over to Dax with a light shrug, "As one would hope, she's stable, but could be better, the sooner this is removed from her the better."

Great. So, the dark puppy has gotten himself into this mess, 'cause he's curious how it will turn out. And maybe he will get treasure? Yes, he is a little greedy, but no-one is perfect. Certainly not Tirow. He is much more trained at being a guard dog then Celra, of course. And he watches Kaiya much more intently then he does the Kingdra, because he knows the ghostly thing is harmless right now.

Leonardo stretches and stands up, looking around the cave and walking towards Tirow when he sees him, a grin on his face, {Glad to see you here.} and then directs his attention to Kaiya, a little concerned, {How are you doing so far?}.

The hard, musky scent of dusty cave air can be smelled by all who are in the area. Kaiya is pretty much out of it, her black-coloured eyes glazed over, and she's like a shell at the moment, just resting on the soft bit of ground she slept on. As the sun rises far, far overhead, only a slight increase in the brightness of the water inside the cave can be seen. Time to go to the next cave puzzle. Kaiya stirs as Leonardo talks to her, and she looks around drowsily, slowly picking herself up. She never was a morning person. "Is everyone awake?" Kaiya gives a loud yawn, her long, straight black hair flowing down her back.

Darkjewel flicks a look to Kaiya before she nods. "I am... ready for whatever is next..." She flexes her fingers again, her eyes narrowing slightly as she thinks.

Celra gets up and tsks. Tirow couldn't resist showing off, looking back at the others, ~Where the heck did they come from?~ She shrugs. The more the merrier? Her eyes dart around the room again waiting for something else to pop up, then again she wanted to get this demon thing out of her and quickly turned to head to the next puzzle disregarding everyone else.

Helios nods a bit. "More or less..." He said before stretching his body out, letting out a yawn somewhere during his stretching before going back to a normal stance.

Mashu looks over to Kaiya and gives a nod, "I'm as awake as I'm gonna be." which is the best answer he can give.

Dax glances to Celra, and then to Darkjewel, he smiles at DJ, "Hey, how are you doing?" he asks as he earflaps at her, long time no see." he walks forward, looking at Kaiya as she rouses, "So we're figuring out some more puzzles.

Darkjewel purr-rumbles. "I'm doing okay... thank you... Are you...?" She grins and runs one hand through her hair, still thinking.

Kaiya gives a soft groan. She feels so week, and she floats over to Mashu slowly, clambering up into his arms. "Carry me?" She asks, before looking around, and motioning to the open cave entrance. "Come on everyone..."

Leonardo nods at Kaiya's question, {Well I am} and smiles, turning to the door leading to the next puzzle and moving closer to it, tilting his head a bit, {I wonder what kind of puzzle is there...}

Mashu nods some and gently picks Kaiya up, "You take it easy now ok hun?"

Tirow wasn't showing off. He doesn't say anything, just happens to tag along, watching everything in general, for anything weird. Well, more weird then this.

Darkjewel gives herself a shake then nods. “Maybe too long." She adds to Dax before she follows everyone else.

Flora nods as well, staying close to Leonardo as he approaches the door. {I hope it's not too difficult.}

Helios follows behind the others, hands behind his back as he walks. Of course, the thought of dealing with a puzzle woke his mind up a bit more.

Dax blinks at DJ, "Ya, I'm just here to try and stop some evil undead, save the world, rescue the princess, typical stuff." he smiles and looks over at Kaiya, and then over back to DJ, "Well, you're here to help to." he laughs.

Kaiya smiles, and gets carried into the next room by Mashu. Inside, the Kingdra-morph eyes them, and chuckles. "One hopes you slept well...your entire intelligence will be needed for the puzzles ahead." The Kingdra sprays some water from her mouth onto a wall, which starts to glow bright blue, with a new puzzle coming up.

Question: What number is three places away from itself plus 3, two places away from itself multiplied by 4, three places away from itself less 2, two places away from itself plus 8, and three places away from itself less 1?

| 52 | 24 | 30 | 09 | 16 |
| 05 | 03 | 21 | 12 | 02 |
| 18 | 45 | 04 | 36 | 07 |
| 13 | 11 | 08 | 16 | 50 |
| 40 | 06 | 10 | 15 | 01 |

Darkjewel laughs as Dax speaks, before she snickers and nods. She then moves into the next room.

Leonardo reaches the door and peers inside before walking through it and staring at the glowing wall.

Celra blinks and simply stares at it, no clue on what they were asking for, she looked back to the others hoping that they would show some glint in there eyes of understanding.

Flora follows Leonardo, then blinks at the puzzle. { much for it being none too difficult.}

Darkjewel wrinkles her nose, thinking hard as she eyes the puzzle.

Helios thinks he has the answer. "...3?"

Celra blinks at Helios, what the heck? She was hoping he was saying a random letter because that was pure jargon up there.

Darkjewel blinks. "That was fast. How did you do that...?"

Tirow blinks at Helios, at the puzzle, and shrugs. Looks right to to pay attention to that itch on his head.

Dax blinks and huhs? Well he's a bit confused and he rubs the top of his head and he shrugs, "Ah, ok." he says, "Well I'm here just for the muscles, I guess I can give it a break on the mind part.

Flora just stares at Helios for a moment, then back at the puzzle, then back at Helios. {How...but...} She just shrugs and giggles.

Celra shrugs, well it wasn't Elias so I guess the opposite of standing there blank faced the whole time was to figure it out instantly, she shrugs, {Uh okay...sure there, what the heck did you do?}

Leonardo looks at the puzzle a bit more, tilting his head and then turns to Helios with a smile, {I think you are right!} and turns to Flora, grinning, {I guess he is just good with numbers}.

"Start at 03, and go down on a diagonal to reach 01(3-2). From 03, drop straight down three numbers for 06(3+3). At 03, go left two numbers to get 12(3x4). From 03, drop down two numbers for 11(3+8). And from 03, go left three numbers for 02(3-1)." Helios says.

Darkjewel blinks then nods, chuckling softly.

Kaiya smiles a little, grinning as she eyes the puzzle, which is glowing a bright blue in the wall. At the oral exclamation of the answer by Helios, the wall shudders, and crumbles, giving a view of a much thicker wall behind it. The Kingdra-morph smiles, and eyes Helios. "Not were rather quick...but I assure you that these puzzles will get harder!" The 'ghost' Kingdra-morph then smiles, and passes through the wall, which has many different hieroglyphics on them, showing primitive, prehistoric cave art of random Pokemon, from Rattata roasting on a fire, to what seems to be an Aipom with a berry being chased by humans with spears. As the Kingdra-morph flows into the wall itself, her blue energy creates a new puzzle on the wall, this one much harder.

Question, "What is the value of the 'A'?"
| 3 | 2 | 6 |
| 1 | 2 | 2 |
| 3 | 1 | A |

Celra blinks and laughs, {3.} Celra shrugs. It was the first thing that came to mind anyways.

Darkjewel blinks widely then ponders. "Hmm...1...?!

Tirow squints at the puzzle. Harder? Looks easier then the last him at least. He hears Celra give an answer, smirks at her, and looks back to the puzzle.

Helios is just going to think about this one. Yeah, he spoke out once already.

Celra hmms and looks at the puzzle shaking her head, no way they could've gotten easier not by this much she then stares at the puzzle again looking for other patterns.

At Celra's near-instant answer, the wall shakes, but this time, doesn't crumble. A few cracks start to flow through it though. The blue glow changes into yet another puzzle. The Kingdra-morph did warn that they would all get harder! Kaiya meanwhile, is just resting in Mashu's arms, feeling quite sick as the group progress onwards through the puzzles.

Darkjewel blinks then chuckles, chewing on her lip a little.

Question: What is the value of X?
| 7 | 9 | 5.75 | 10.25 | 4.5 | 11.5 | X |

Dax blinks a moment and hmms, and looks over at Kaiya and her bulging belly and then to Darkjewel, "So, do you know anything about black magic? The books scream at you, was quite interesting to read..." he says to her, and looks over at Celra and waits to see how fast she can figure this out.

Darkjewel blinks up at Dax. "No... I don't know anything about black magic... but I am a dark type..}" she trails off, and eyes the new puzzle.

Celra pffts and simply rolls her eyes acting as if she knew it and said, {Yeah one of you can answer this one.} Too bad no psychic Pokemon can invade her mind because she had no idea what that all meant, more jargon.

Flora stares at the new puzzle blankly.

Dax looks at that one and he hmms "Is it 3.25?"

Mashu looks to Dax then to the puzzle, "Hm... that sounds... like it would fit actually."

Tirow turns towards Dax, back to the puzzle. Same answer he got in his head, too. This is going by rather quickly.

Leonardo blinks at the new puzzle, and turns to Dax, {Really? I can't get it...} and turns back to the puzzle.

Dax sniffs, "Well maybe I'm not that dumb." he says with an earflap and looks over at Darkjewel, "Ya, was curious, it seems like it would be based on the same powers...not to imply you're a witch, you're too sweet for that." he glances at Kaiya again, "Or Immune from Dark magic." He rubs his chin and has a worried thought.

Celra nods at Dax smirking, {Yeah that's it.} She nods at him waiting for something to happen.

Darkjewel chuckles a bit as Dax nods then smiles gently before she blushes. "Likely that." She purrs softly.

Helios blinks. "Huh...?" admittedly he was a bit confused at the beginning of that puzzle until he had worked it out for himself. Stupid head cold.

Flora tilts her head at the puzzle, then smiles as she finally sees the pattern. She giggles softly. {I hope I'm more useful later on.}

Leonardo turns to Flora and grins, {Me too, I guess I'm not good with puzzles}.

At Dax's oral response, the wall crumbles very slightly again, more cracks going through it. Obviously, the group are breaking down the puzzles quicker than the creators of this temple cave expected. This time, a long string of numbers starts to appear on the wall, which then turns into the picture shapes of 100 Pokeballs. At the bottom of the 100 Pokeballs, everyone would be able to see that 6 of the Pokeball shapes seem to be 'broken'. The question is, if you pull two out randomly, without being able to see or feel if they are broken or not...what are the chances of drawing out two broken ones?

Darkjewel wrinkles her nose, thinking hard.

Flora hmms and plops down. She should be able to get this one...she thinks.

Celra nods slow and shrug, {3 out of 50?}

"It's a 3:50 chance of finding one of the broken Pokeballs, I can say that much..." Helios says.

Dax hmms. One in 10,000?" Dax asks,

Darkjewel paces a little, thinking. "I'd say... there's a 40% chance of getting this right..." She trails off.

Tirow is absolutely no help with this puzzle, so he keeps his mouth shut. Hasn't said a thing since he got here, either.

At the different answers from Celra and Dax, the wall seems to...heal itself, some of the cracks filling in. Oh dear! It seems that they'd better keep their guesses to each other, until asking if their guess is correct. The Kingdra-morph is enjoying watching them all puzzle over this. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and she's giggling to herself. This is the most fun she's had for decades!

Flora eeps! {The wall...regenerates?!} she says in dismay.

Leonardo tilts his head and thinks, {3 in a 100 chance?}.

See, this is why the dark puppy is keeping his mouth shut.

Mashu rubs his chin lightly.... "The first pull is 6 out of 100... and then the second pull must be 5 out of 99.... which means in order for both... that is..."

Dax looks around at the others and he talks to the other people, "Well, let's think about it...100 Pokeballs, the chance of picking up any one ball is." he looks to Mashu and nods as he completes the train of thought.

At the guess from Leonardo, the wall regenerates to it's full, uncracked state. The Kingdra-morph smiles, and eyes Mashu, hearing him starting to work it out.

Helios frowns a it at seeing the wall completely back to its original state. "Oh, that's perfect..."

Mashu thinks some, "about 3 in 1,000" Darkjewel nods in agreement with Mashu. "Maybe..." Dax just stops and shakes his head, "How about we just charge through the wall...ya know, if it's crumbling let's just break it down." He says, going to a more direct physical route, as usual.

Mashu looks to Dax then shakes his head, "In times like this, not going by the rules is dangerous."

Tirow gives Dax a look. {What if it blasts ya for trying?} he says, pretty much saying the same thing as Mashu, in different words.

Leonardo frowns as the wall heals, and lays down, {I guess I'll shut up...}, waiting for someone else to answer.

Mashu thinks for a moment then snaps his finger, "I take it back, and I missed something in my thinking. it's 1 out of 330.

Flora lays down in from of the wall as well. {At least it can't heal anymore than it has...} she blinks, then goes quiet, hoping she's right.

Celra blinks at Mashu, what the hell is this stuff anyways? What did the morphs call these kinds of things? Ugh, what was it? Oh yeah! Ratios! Well, seeing as sneaking into the schools when she was younger wasn't a bad idea, otherwise she wouldn't have a clue what was going on.

The Kingdra morph grins widely, and crosses her arms over her chest, as she eyes Mashu. "Finally one of you got you can see, incorrect answers will hinder, or even reverse your progress to your goal. It is my duty to make sure that only the most intelligent, and gifted creatures get to our shrine." When she says 'Our', she obviously means her, and her ghostly companions. At Mashu's correct answer, the wall once again gains cracks through it's perfect form. Slowly, a new puzzle starts to be made in the wall.

Celra simply mumbles to herself, {6 percent...5 percent? No...what the heck 330...} She shrugs. It was right, she didn't care anymore.

Dax sighs as it starts all over again from the beginning, and he just stretches.

Flora groans. {I bet that would have been the last one, too. At least, I hope so...}

Leonardo turns to Mashu as he gives the correct answer and grins. {That was a hard puzzle, you are really smart}.

"Well, now that we know the wall regenerates, we'll stop throwing guesses into the air..." Helios said to himself, before going into thought whilst he waited for the puzzle to completely appear.

Tirow has nothing to say except, {This is going to be a pain.} Yes, he's complaining.

Darkjewel chews on her lip, silently now, and deep in thought.

Mashu lets out a light sigh and rubs his head, "I have my moments."

Celra smirks at Tirow and speaks in a mock motherly tone, {Now, now, Tirow. Complaining isn't going to get us anywhere faster.} She raises a paw and points at him knowingly.

After Tirow's words, a very, very long string of numbers appear, ending in three X's. What's required, is the value of the three Xs at the end. Kaiya smiles, and nuzzles at Mashu's cheek, giving him a slight kiss, before falling limp in his arms. She seems to be exhausted. Her belly is bulging with the dark energies inside, and she just breathes gently, as the numbers start to glow.

1 4 9 61 52 63 94 46 18 001 121 441 961 691 522 652 982 X X X

Tirow rolls his eyes at Celra, {Please don't do that.}

Flora gulps a little. {Wow...} she says, once again simply staring at the puzzle.

Dax blehs as he looks at it, "001?" he stares and shakes his head.

Celra blinks at Dax getting ready to pounce on him as he blurts this out.

Darkjewel steps back, peering up at the puzzle and thinking hard.

Dax was not answering of course, but commenting.

The Kingdra-morph grins widely, seeing the group having trouble with this new, harder puzzle. "Perhaps you should try and get a Pokemon with mirror coat to help you...that's the only clue I will give."

Darkjewel blinks then smirks faintly as she turns to the others. could it possibly be the last three... backwards...?"

Kaiya stirs quietly in Mashu's arms, and looks around at the others, opening an eye slowly. "What's...why have we stopped, Mashu...?"

Mashu thinks and shrugs, "I think we are all trying to understand the answer to this problem."

Darkjewel is silent, thinking hard.

Tirow had been staring at the puzzle this whole time. Without blinking. {Uhh, 423, 163, and 004.} he says, finally. And back to that itch on his head, must scratch.

As the group finally reach the correct answer, the wall crumbles, tiny holes appearing in it, as one final puzzle starts to appear on it. This has nothing to do with maths at all. A simple diagram is all that appears, with the question appearing as, "What simple phrase does this diagram represent?"


Darkjewel inhales sharply then blinks and snickers, softly.

Celra hmms a bit and looks around, {Uh what's that anagram? Uh you know like initials and stuff, maybe it's that, my original answer seems...too easy...}

Dax says, "An Anagram with the same 4 letters three times?" he asks"

Darkjewel nods a little as Celra speaks, then opens her mouth to say something before changing her mind and closing her mouth again; her whiskers twitching.

Kaiya blinks. She feels very drowsy, and she wiggles in Mashu's arms, as small bits of aqua blue light are shining through the holes in the wall, as Kaiya holds her belly uncomfortably. She feels violently sick right now, and she cuddles tighter to Mashu, whilst the Kingdra-morph floats next to the puzzle, arms crossed, a gleeful grin emblazoned across her face.

Darkjewel mrowls as it hits her. "I think I know what it is..." Darkjewel purrs, "It's uh..." She pauses "May I?"

Celra shrugs at Darkjewel, {I don't think anyone else will.} She snicker softly trotting up to Darkjewel waiting for the answer.

Flora nods. {Please, go ahead.}

The Kingdra-morph smiles, and eyes the quiet sneasel. "Of course, dear...but you know the penalty if you are incorrect." She smiles, eyeing Kaiya curiously in Mashu's arms.

Helios just kinda realized it, himself. But since DJ called it, he'll keep quiet.

Darkjewel swallows hard. "It's three blind mice..."

The Kingdra-morph pauses, and grins, before giving a nod. Backing away from the wall, she raises up a bit, before blowing what looks to be a ghostly hydro-pump against the wall, causing it to crumble and wash away. When the last part of the wall crumbles, the Kingdra-morph speaks. "Good luck, adventurers..." She then eyes Kaiya's belly. "Because from what I're gonna need it."

Behind the wall, a beautiful Oasis is able to be seen. The Kingdra's voice calls out, "Welcome, to the Oasis...of Crystal Waters..." As if sprayed by a shattered rainbow, the ceiling sends out beams of light in every imaginable colour, magnificent raw crystals jutting from the stone in a prismatic display that leaves the cave as bright as the daytime at least. At night, these crystals dim, and just emit a low glow, as if they were moonlight. On a closer look, these crystals seem to be large chunks of raw evolution stones, which shine with energy from the sun's rays, which are absorbed through the ground. When the sun has set, and the moon is out above-ground, they glow with harmless solar ions, causing the cave to be far darker at night, allowing for the creatures dwelling within to sleep peacefully. Down below, a ring of water glitters in response, splashing pools of reflected illumination against the smooth, grey walls of this rounded cavern, laying like a serene mirror along the edge of a three-metre-wide ledge along the inside wall. This ring of stone seems to offer a fine place for any land-dweller to stand, if he or she doesn't mind getting his or her feet a little damp. Below the smooth pane of water, shy shadows flicker back and forth, the silhouettes dancing through the water to an unknown tune. The light from overhead keeps you from seeing what swims underneath, except for a few spots where a shadow is cast on the water's surface, cast by ancient, fraying ropes and rotting wooden boards. Perhaps once, this was a rope-bridge, allowing non-swimming types to cross the ten metres to the island in the middle of the water, but now it's more of a hazard than a safe way across the unmoving waters. In the middle of the wide, circle of water, is an island, also circular, measuring between twenty to twenty-five metres in diameter. Several trees grow on this island, each no taller than ten or eleven feet in height, but seemingly very healthy. Each tree bears a different kind of berry or fruit, all looking quite ripe and ready for picking. The leaves, and the bark of each tree, are all different colours, matching the colours shining down from the crystals above. In between the trees, a huge statue of Kyogre is visible, it's mouth slightly open. Between its front four teeth, a shiny vial glitters in the rainbow-coloured lights flowing from the ceiling.

Celra yawns a bit wincing as a headache suddenly washes over her. Questions making her brain go boom? She began blinking to clear her vision as everything faded to black for a moment and regained colour again, {Okay...} She shrugs and wishes she hadn't regained vision as the oasis's light kind of just gave her a Chuck Norris roundhouse to the face.

Dax twitches mentally at all the water, as if he expects to get attacked by water types at any moment, looking cautious, sniffing to himself as he cracks his neck again and glances about.

Darkjewel blinks a bit then flexes her fingers before she purrs in awe at the beauty of the place.

Helios thinks his jaw dropped after seeing the oasis. "Wow... It's like, paradise..." Needless to say, he seems definitely impressed with this place.

Flora blinks and looks around slowly in awe. {Oooh, wow! Its beautiful.} she says, taking a few steps in then stopping at the bridge. She looks ahead. {Hey, what's that statue?} she asks, having never seen a picture or statue of Kyogre before.

Tirow peers around the cavern, only to say, {Wow.} as he takes the whole thing in. He brings his attention to the statue of the legendary, narrowing his eyes. It looks important, so he focuses his vision on that only.

Mashu whistles lightly, "Interesting...." is all he can manage to say as he holds Kaiya.

Leonardo walks inside and sits down looking at wonderful oasis with an impressed expression, {It's really beautiful...} and then notices the statue and grins, looking at it curiously, {Is that Kyogre?}

Celra grumbles a bit every once and a while she would murmur ow, ow, ow, as "Chuck Norris" continued assaulting her brain. The area continuously fading black and then a bursting bright white not even giving her a chance to fully see the room or what Leonardo was talking about.

Kaiya blinks. She's very drowsy, and the Kingdra-morph floats over to sit on the Kyogre statue's back, motioning between its teeth. "I believe this, is what you are looking for."

Darkjewel moves towards the statue now, her ears flicking.

Dax phews and nods, "We need something from the ancients yes, this is old magic, way before this age, we need something to seal it away where it belongs forever." he says, "Locked away."

Helios now focuses on the statue, rather than the entire oasis. He remembered reading about the legendary a few years ago, and even did an essay on a few of them. Needless to say, that has nothing to do with what is happening now. Still, the sight of the statue is rather awe-inspiring.

Celra suddenly has the urge to back away from the area in which she does, heading all the way back to the bubble submarine, curling up next to it waiting for them to go and get the spit and come back.

Flora blinks as Celra dashes off, and then timidly steps a foot onto the bridge, then looks back at the others. {The bridge doesn't seem that safe.} she says, poking it with her foot.

Dax sighs, "Fine, I'll go, if I go through you're sure can." he says and he just goes to step onto the bridge! No fear, just wanting to go and grab it to go and help Kaiya at the moment.

Kaiya pauses. "Thanks, Dax..." She smiles, and purrs, enjoying Mashu's carrying of her. " I have to drink that?"

Flora eeps as Dax just stomps onto the bridge. {Aren't you even the least bit worried you might fall in the water?!} she calls out after him.

Dax says, "Of course I am! I hate water, this deep blue water, but there's no point in being timid at this point!"

Darkjewel bounds after Dax, carefully, ready to ice the water to stop him hurting himself too much.

Tirow will stay on this side of the bridge, thank you very much, and not go anywhere near that statue. He'll just, uh, watch their backs.

Leonardo turns to Flora when she speaks and looks a bit worried as Dax walks on the bridge, hesitantly walking next to Flora, {Just be careful Dax...}

Flora dashes after Dax. {You shouldn't be so hasty! There's no telling what could happen!} she says, catching up to him. {At least, let me go. I'm light. Maybe the bridge won't collapse or anything.}

"If you guys are worried about crossing the bridge, I could always go..." Helios finally speaks up. "I mean, I wouldn't even really need the bridge..."

Kaiya whimpers a bit, and watches it. "Can someone just go get it? I'm not sure I want to drink it...but I gotta to get...this out of me..."

Dax hmms and he goes and ear-flicks with his big floppy ears as he just keeps GOING for it, walking with strong full steps.

Mashu looks over and lightly shrugs as he holds Kaiya.

Celra gives a sigh of relief as the oasis was behind of her though she was feeling tired again, her body now burning with exhaustion. She slowly starts to doze off as she watches the submarine bob slightly in the water.

Flora walks close behind Dax, just waiting for the bridge to break. But, apparently its okay and they make it to the other side.

Helios ends up waiting at the foot of the bridge, watching the other two cross for now. Yeah, he doesn't plan on adding more weight then there already is to the old thing.

Dax thumps, his heavy Donphan feet keeping the beat upon the bridge as he walks with power towards the statue.

As Dax gets close to the vial in the Kyogre statue's mouth, it starts to glimmer and shine, as if sensing Dax's and Flora's energy.

Leonardo watches as Flora and Dax cross the bridge and hesitates, giving the pool of water one last look and decides to follow them, quickly catching up with them.

Dax sighs as he walks in front of the Kyogre statue, and he moves to kneel, on his knees, and then prostrating himself, and kissing the foot of the statue, "I offer my respect to your shine and my prayers to you." he says, as he makes a motion of respect to the statue, "And ask for your power to help save my friend."

Tirow narrows his eyes at Dax from where he is. {It's a flippin’ statue, not the real thing...} he mumbles, from the other side of the bridge. He doesn't understand the concept of praying to something, anyways.

Flora blinks a little, then smiles, just watching.

"Oh, what the hell..." Helios said to himself before poofing over to the other side of the bridge. Yes, let's all gather in front of the statue.

Celra shuts down, system error, Bob and Steve weren't around to correct it, but the evil energy doesn't mind. Her eyes begin glowing black, the dark glow spreading throughout her veins, though the energy had full control of her this time. The mental state of Celra now worn from fighting the energy for so long, she couldn't fight it anymore now letting the energy become its cunning self she approach the group though stayed in which ever dark area she could find.

Mashu walks across the bridge with Kaiya in his arms but doesn't stand too close to the statue. He just looks at it for a moment, his hands currently full and unable to do anything past hold his mate.

Tirow gets a chill up his spine, and looks around quietly. Something isn't right. Where's Celra? He hasn't had this feeling since...well, that library fiasco. His eyes scan the dark areas, where he can tell something is staring back at him. He knows when darkness stares back, it creeps him out. And he is still on that side of the bridge, anyways.

Assuming that Dax is still praying, Helios takes hold of the vial, and examines it a little. "So, this is going to return Kaiya to normal?" he asked himself before walking over to Mashu and Kaiya.

Dax shakes his head as he looks up at the statue, and he's going to pay his respects to the damn statue, and he goes up, and he moves to try and take the vial but nope, people got it ahead of him.

Flora blinks a little as Helios takes the vial, then smiles at Dax. {I think you had the right idea.}

As Helios yanks the vial out of its place, the island in the middle of the oasis starts to shake, and quiver, and then with sounds indicating the cracking of the rock statue, it crumbles into dust, and Kaiya grabs for the vial, eyeing Celra, before swallowing most of it. "Give this to Celra." There's about 20% of the vial's content's left. This Kyogre saliva tastes disgusting..." Kaiya falls out of Mashu's grip, and then starts to float in the air over where the Kyogre statue was. The rock keeps crackling, as the slightly-full vial gets floated over to Celra. The water around the island drains away, it filling the moat that is created with solid rock. Kaiya's body starts to spin around, faster and faster in the air, her black aura pulsing around her, before Kaiya's body gets blasted back, straight back into Mashu's grasp, her belly back down to it's normal, chubby form, whilst the black energy that was making her rather rounded stays in the air, now forming a dark, evil creature. A 6ft-tall Gardevoir floats in the air, the black aura coming from her pulsing so heavily. Next to her, four Pokemon have appeared; a huge Tyranitar male, a frightening-looking Gengar female, a Dugtrio male, who is semi-buried in the rocky ground, and the houndoom male from before, back in the Sage church's library, where all the books were hidden.

Flora eeps in surprise and fear as the Gardevoir floats there beside the Pokemon. She takes a few steps back, gulping a little. { that the witch from before?} she asks.

Mashu looks up to the figures in the sky and growls lightly, "Damn it..." he then looks down to Kaiya then quickly looks around then dashes away to a safe distance away to hide Kaiya, "I will return, I must make sure Kaiya is safe, she's in no condition to defend herself!"

Celra glares at the vial for a moment and simply bats it away before emerging from cave growling. Her pace is slow as electricity arcs between her now rock like-head scythe and tail, which both also glow in a soft blue. A malicious grin goes across her facial features.

"W-what the!?" Was pretty much the only thing Helios could say while taking a step back. Damn it, what has he done? Or more importantly, what the hell can he do to help stop something like this?

Dax stares and ready himself for the battle

Leonardo yelps as the witch and her Pokemon appear and steps back, {I think so...} and watching them carefully, his vents suddenly bursting into life as he prepares to fight them.

Of course, Tirow just stays where he is, giving a surprised look to the group of evil-looking Pokemon who happen to be quite a distance away from him. As he is still on the other side of the bridge, he turns his gaze towards Celra. Wonderful.

The Witch snarls quietly, glaring at the group in front of her. "How dare you disturb my presence, in Kaiya..." Turning to Celra, she grins wickedly, watching black energy flowing from Celra's body, forming the houndoom male. {Yes, my absol...come serve your mistress...} The witch cackles evilly, as her line-up of Pokemon is finally revealed. Reggie, Usher, Douglas, and Arson are completely black, not a dash of colour on their flesh and fur. They also have a ghostly presence around them. "You shall pay for what you have done..." The witch is indeed the one from before, back in the graveyard, but now that she's been residing in Kaiya for the past few weeks, she looks a hell of a lot stronger. The witch and her Pokemon pause, before charging, in response to their mistress's orders of, "Kill!" The witch however, stands back, floating in the air, her four Pokemon, and Celra, eagerly standing in front of her, protecting them.

Arson (179/179) (male) (Houndoom)
Douglas (134/134) (male) (Dugtrio)
Usher (210/210) (female) (Gengar)
Reggie (308/308) (male) (Tyranitar)
Celra (185/185) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (453/453) (male) (Golduck Morph)
Flora (142/142) (female) (Chikorita)
Leonardo (170/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (290/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (208/208) (male) (Mightyena)
Helios (92/92) (male) (Ralts-morph)

Mashu has used the move Screech = Reggie. Reggie's defence lowers by 115.
Douglas has used the move Land Power = Flora. Flora takes 51 damage.
Dax has used the move Earthquake = Reggie. Reggie takes 166 damage.
Usher has used the move Hypnosis = Leonardo. Leonardo is put to sleep.
Celra has used the move Double Team. Celra's evasion rises by 34.
Flora has used the move Sunny Day. It turns sunny.
Tirow has used the move Hidden Power = Douglas. Douglas takes 62 damage.
Arson has used the move Fire Fang = Tirow. Tirow takes 113 damage.
Leonardo has used the move Hidden Power = Usher. Leonardo cannot attack due to sleep.
Reggie has used the move Stone Edge = Mashu. Attack misses.
Helios has used the move Rain Dance. It starts raining.

Celra simply stand back radiating a black mist, the mist slowly drags its way across the floor rising up to take up the form of another Celra. They both roar as demon Celra prepares for battle.

Flora gets knocked back and falls off island to the rock below, then lays there in a heap.

Arson (179/179) (male) (Houndoom)
Douglas (72/134) (male) (Dugtrio)
Usher (210/210) (female) (Gengar)
Reggie (142/308) (male) (Tyranitar)
Celra (185/185) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (453/453) (male) (Golduck Morph)
Leonardo (Sleep) (170/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (290/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (95/208) (male) (Mightyena)
Helios (92/92) (male) (Ralts-morph)

Usher has used the move Dream Eater = Leonardo. Leonardo takes 73 damage. Usher heals 36hp.
Douglas has used the move Magnitude = Dax. Dax takes 7 damage.
Celra has used the move Blizzard = Dax. Dax takes 118 damage
Leonardo has used the move Hidden Power = Usher. Leonardo cannot attack due to sleep.
Arson has used the move Flamethrower = Helios. Helios takes 37 damage.
Tirow has used the move Howl. Tirow's attack power rises by 24.
Mashu has used the move Hydro Pump = Arson. Attack misses.
Dax has used the move Headbutt = Reggie. Reggie takes 44 damage.
Reggie has used the move Giga Attack = Mashu. Mashu takes 123 damage.
Helios has used the move Thunderbolt = Usher. Usher takes 26 damage.

Arson (179/179) (male) (Houndoom)
Douglas (72/134) (male) (Dugtrio)
Usher (184/210) (female) (Gengar)
Reggie (98/308) (male) (Tyranitar)
Celra (185/185) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (330/453) (male) (Golduck Morph)
Leonardo (Sleep) (97/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (165/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (95/208) (male) (Mightyena)
Helios (55/92) (male) (Ralts-morph)

Mashu has used the move Surf = Arson. Arson takes 167 damage.
Leonardo has used the move Iron Tail = Reggie. Leonardo cannot attack due to sleep.
Usher has used the move Shadow Claw = Leonardo. Leonardo takes 81 damage.
Douglas has used the move = Rock Slide = Dax. Dax flinches, and takes 1 damage.
Tirow has used the move Bite = Usher. Usher takes 84 damage.
Celra has used the move Double Team. Celra's evasion rises by 36.
Reggie is not using a move, so he can recover his strength.
Helios has used the move Confusion = Douglas. Douglas takes 3 damage.
Arson has used the move Fire Blast = Tirow. Tirow takes 66 damage.
Dax has used the move Earthquake = Reggie. Dax cannot attack due to flinch.

Celra smirks slightly as four duplicates of her appear, {Only look how many shall fall to her.} She scans the room seeing if any were smart enough to flee.

Even though the storm cast over head and the electrical surge against Usher were seemed to have been caused by him, Helios could not find it in himself to stay in the area, despite his thinking that he was the cause of the situation. Quickly, he fled from the battlefield.

Celra growls slightly as the black hue radiating through her body began to fade away and then reappear kind of like a black light or something and someone is being an idiot giggling and flicking the switch off and on. Luckily the idiot got bored and left the switch on off giving Celra a moment of consciousness.

Arson (12/179) (male) (Houndoom)
Douglas (69/134) (male) (Dugtrio)
Usher (100/210) (female) (Gengar)
Reggie (98/308) (male) (Tyranitar)
Celra (185/185) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (330/453) (male) (Golduck Morph)
Leonardo (Sleep) (16/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (164/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (29/208) (male) (Mightyena)
Darkjewel (216/216) (female) (Sneasel-morph)

Darkjewel has used the move Ice Beam = Reggie. Reggie is frozen, and takes 76 damage.
Tirow has used the move Body Slam = Douglas. Douglas takes 101 damage, and FAINTS!
Douglas has fainted.
Arson has used the move Flamethrower = Darkjewel. Darkjewel takes 90 damage.
Dax has used the move Flail = Arson. Arson takes 41 damage, and FAINTS!
Usher has used the move Perish Song = Darkjewel. Perish song is successful.
Celra has used the move Blizzard = Douglas. Celra's attack misses, because Douglas has fainted.
Leonardo has used the move Hidden Power = Usher. Leonardo cannot attack due to sleep.
Reggie has used the move Hyper Beam = Mashu. Reggie cannot attack due to being frozen.
Mashu has used the move Hydro Pump = Reggie. Reggie takes 173 damage, and FAINTS!

Usher (100/210) (female) (Gengar)
Celra (185/185) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (330/453) (male) (Golduck Morph)
The Witch (288/288) (female) (Gardevoir-Morph)
Darkjewel (126/216) (female) (Sneasel-morph)
Leonardo (Sleep) (16/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (164/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (29/208) (male) (Mightyena)
Helios (55/92) (male) (Ralts-morph)

Darkjewel has used the move Faint Attack = Usher. Usher takes 87 damage.
Leonardo has used the move Flamethrower = Usher. Usher takes 72 damage, and FAINTS!
Tirow uses a Gold Berry, and heals 150HP.
Celra has used the move Stone Edge = Tirow. Tirow takes 77 damage.
Dax has decided to give the remainder of the Kyogre spit in the vial to Celra.

Dax grabs the vial of spit and Celra by her horn, "Fricking drink it you possessed...Grrrr..." he says, and forces her to drink it.

Celra blinks as she starts to choke on the Kyogre saliva for a moment, before it went down. For a bit, it didn't seem to work, but then Celra throws up in Dax's face, a dark spirit rising into the air, and poofing into nothingness.

The Witch is now VERY angry. She's backed into a corner. Her Pokemon have been defeated, and Celra has been de-possessed of the spirit inside of her. At least she won't act weirdly now. Well, as weird. Still, the witch hisses. "'s down to me, I see..." The witch snarls, and eyes the group surrounding her. "Come get me, if you think you're hard enough..." Whilst the witch hisses, she concentrates, two different black barriers going up around her form. "You can't possibly hope to defeat me..."

The witch creates a Safeguard barrier around her form!
The witch creates a Reflect barrier around her form!

Darkjewel snarls a note and glares at the Gardevoir-morph, her eyes narrowing as she attacks and hard, trying to sink her teeth into the tall psychic type. “You will not win..." she hisses venomously.

Tirow makes it ever apparent the witch isn't the only one able to generate dark energies, as a dark aura pulsates around him menacingly, excess energy arcing into the ground, and he is growling really deeply.

Celra doesn't give a second thought after regaining control. She runs up next to Darkjewel, attempting to bite the witch also.

Dax gets down onto the ground. Boss fight? He's going to grind the witch into dust.

Darkjewel has used the move Bite. The witch takes 29 damage.
Tirow has used the move Dark Pulse. The witch takes 57 damage.
Dax has used the move Rollout. The witch takes 17 damage.
The Witch has used the move Icy Wind = Dax. Dax takes 77 damage, and his speed falls by 39.
Leonardo has used the move Hidden power. The witch takes 52 damage.
Celra has used the move Bite. The witch takes 41 damage.

The Witch growls, and swishes her form around, black tentacles of evil energy surging from all over her body, grabbing around each of their waists. "I'm not going down without all of you!"

Darkjewel smirks wickedly and inhales, dark energy swirling around her, the dark ice type readying herself to attack again and dodging the grab, smirking coldly as she is attacked though, she cringes, her ears flattening to her skull.

Celra (185/188) (female) (Absol)
Mashu (330/458) (male) (Golduck Morph)
The Witch (92/288) (female) (Gardevoir-Morph)
Darkjewel (126/216) (female) 9Sneasel-morph)
Leonardo (16/170) (male) (Quilava)
Dax (87/290) (male) (Donphan-Morph)
Tirow (102/208) (male) (Mightyena)

The witch uses Destiny Bond on the whole group!
Darkjewel uses the move Faint Attack. The witch takes 32 damage.

Celra blinks at Darkjewel. Is she still seriously attacking? She peers around. Tsk tsk. She simply goes down gnawing and tugging on the tentacle, trying to loosen it.

Tirow feels the tentacle wrap around him, and feels like it's grabbing his heart. {Oh, screw this.} he says, before light starts spilling out of his mouth, and the sound of a cannon going off echoes through the cavern, as a beam flies towards the witch, coming from the dark pup's mouth. He is making the sacrifice.

Tirow uses the move Hyper Beam! The witch takes 111 damage, and is completely DESTROYED!

As the witch gets hit by the hyper beam, it is as if time slows down. Slowly, or what seems slowly to the group, the witch's molecular structure seems to shake, and quiver, fading in and out. Seconds later, an explosion of dark energy echoes throughout the room, before disappearing into nothingness. As the trees on the middle of the ex-island get blasted out of the ground, roots and all, by the explosion, a golden glow would flow from them, and go over to where Kaiya is laying, right into the corner. Above, the raw, uncut, elemental crystals are quivering, before shaking, and then starting to fall, smashing down onto the ground heavily. Energy from them flows into the entire group as do lots of coloured gems and crystals, which would most likely be able to be sold for cash. Also what falls down, are small chunks of gold, most likely able to be traded for move knowledge. Of course, Kaiya is out of it, and she groans quietly, slowly stirring. "Is it over?" Unfortunately, not everything is good news. With the destiny bond that the witch had cast, and Tirow having dealt the finishing blow, as the witch explodes into nothingness, a hugely-powerful icy chill would flow along the evil energy tentacle which was grabbing Tirow, and surges straight through his body and spine, nearly paralyzing him with the cold. Luckily, there is a fire-type in the vicinity.

Darkjewel winces a little then snarls a note before she sags, exhausted and shivering. As Kaiya speaks she mews raggedly, "I think it is... How do you feel...?" She shudders a little more, her eyes drifting closed.

Celra blinks for a moment a bit dazed as the tentacle just fades and she snaps onto the air. She looks up in the sky and everything looks as if it falls in slow motion. The wind picks up slightly causing the victorious ruffling of fur in the wind. Sighing softly she quickly shifts over to Kaiya resting her head on the morphs stomach, {I think so...}

Mashu looks over the group for a moment then over to Kaiya before moving to her, "I guess... we are finished here. The spirits are gone and it seems that everyone is ok. I think it would be best that after we catch our breath, we don’t overstay our welcome here. If anyone is too weak to walk, I, and possibly Dax, can help carry you out. I have some items in my pack as well if anyone needs them."

Darkjewel nods in understanding, just needing to rest.

Kaiya smiles, sharing out the 'treasure' between everyone equally, before eyeing Mashu. "Let's all go home..."