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The League is the governing body of all official gyms and league sanctioned tournaments. The Council has legislated these powers to The League in order that they are the sole source of legitimization of gyms and has even given them leave to close unofficial gyms (or even official gyms if the circumstances warrant it) if they prove a danger to themselves or their participants (or in the case of official gyms if they do not meet league requirements). In short the rules that have been ratified by The League are listed below


In order to apply there must first be a position open, this is a rare event as The League prefers to keep existing gyms active if there is sufficient membership to warrant it and there is a senior member willing to fill the void left by a removed or retired gym leader.

To submit an application the would be gym leader requires the backing of 3-6 people that will be the founding members of the gym as The League believes a gym without members is a pointless exercise. Also gyms should conform to a particular and unique 'theme'. What this theme is is completely up to those applying for the gym. At this point the gym charter which is effectively its entire set of rules must be presented to the league. Changes to the charter can only be done through the approval of the League.

The gym must also be prepared to take on challengers in 4 different level brackets. These level brackets are 20-40, 40-60, 60-80 and 80-100. The gym leader must have 2 mon in each bracket and the average level of these two mon must fall on the median of the bracket (IE. IF you have a level 40 mon for your first bracket the other mon must be level 20 for an average of 30). OOC: Due to the addition of the +pull command, gyms may pull down the level of there mon, they still may do things the old way.

The Gym must have a point of presence that people can goto in order to challenge. This place must also have the charter for the gym posted in a visible and easily accessible location so that challengers may know the rules of engagement before they engage in any challenges.

Rules and Regulations

Since the creation of The League one rule has stood the test of time and remains today. That particular rule bans the use of any guaranteed accuracy move such as lock-on or mind reader and a One-Hit KO (OHKO) such as Fissure. The use of this combination in a gym challenge or official league tournament is sufficient grounds for suspension from the league for the challenger or ejection from the league either temporarily or permanently for a gym leader (as they are expected to know these rules more thoroughly)

Membership Clause

In order for a gym to remain open and on the gym circuit, the gym must maintain a minimum membership number of 4, including the leader, after their first month is completed. If membership ever drops below this number the gym's leadership may be changed and/or the gym may be removed. If there is the suspicion of keeping inactive members on the roster the gym may be investigated for membership fraud, Alan the Magic Goose who is your imaginary friend may not be listed as a member. (OOC NOTE: Inactive members are anyone over 1 month idle with no possibility of them coming back. These must be different PLAYERS, filling your gym up with alts is not permitted).

'V' Clause

Any gym which fails to perform its duties to challengers on a consistent basis will find themselves audited by The League for potential gym leadership change or removal. (OOC: If you are unable to maintain 3 gym challenges a month and be available for challenges at least once or twice a week then please do not apply, we want active gym leaders)

Activity Clause

Gyms should be in active and healthy competition with each other. To this end it is encouraged that gyms take an active role in the communities in which they operate and make themselves available for inter-gym challenges. There will be regular events in which gyms compete for rank. (OOC: At present the idea is to have gym vs gym tournaments once every 3-4 months). Gyms failing to send representatives to this tournament will be audited for potential gym leadership changes or removal.