Hasuko Rimini

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Name:Hasuko Rimini
Gym Membership:None

WARNING: May contain phrases or words not ment for minors. All others eat it up.


Doesn't take long to notice this persian isn't normal, besides standing 6'4" without any heels on, hir entire body is covered with deep lavender fur. Feline ears swiveling toward noises around hir from time to time. Hir hair a nice gold color and flowing down her back all the way to the top of hir ass. A lock hanging down on either side of her face just under hir muzzle, framing hir lavender face in gold. Upon hir forehead a silver crystal where all persians have one. Lastly hir eyes are a dark blue, shining in the light when shi turns just right. Today hir hair tied back in a pony tail so its more manageable.

Around hir neck is wrapped some red silk fabric that extends down her chest, covering hir breasts mostly besides the diamond shape missing showing some of hir cleavage. The red silk covering down hir stomach and lower. Hir chest a rather nice size a bit more than a hand full for most but not looking to out of place with hir being so tall. The dress leaves just about all of hir back bare, but then hir hair usually covers hir back unless pulled forward over hir shoulder.

A bit lower that red silk continues into a long dress extending all the way to hir ankles. Slit up either side of hir legs, which just seem to go on forever, to hir upper thigh giving hir plenty of ability to walk. Black boots wraping around hir calfs all the way up to hir knees so tightly they look poured on, the boots having a three inch heel making hir seem just a bit taller. A hole in the back of the dress for hir tail to extend through, the tip balled up slightly like most persian tails.


Hasuko is pretty easy going and flirty she doesn't mind a good spar now and then though.


Hasuko didn't really have that interesting a childhood, hir parents were well off enough that shi could study massaging when shi got older though. Hir parents are still alive and out there, having gone on a trip to travel around or some such, old people and wanting to see the world. Besides being an odd coloration shi isn't anything out of the normal, shi went to school as a child so is knowledgeable. Coming to new ginseng and applying hir trade to make a living, with all types of people fighting for badges, spars, or other things people are bound to want a massage for a while.


Masseuse for hire, in other words shi'll give you a massage for yen. With all these spars and fights going on some morphs are bound to need a good massage.


Lately its been heard when the lavender persian met a rather well endowed woman shi actually blurted out 'Its probably because your boobs are huge......I mean you have big jugs.....I mean I wanna squeeze them.... oh brother.' After being accused of staring. If that wasn't bad enough several comments during the day had to deal with other words concerning the same part of the anatomy but in a difference context.