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The city of Helsing has stood the test of time. The city itself is on the continent of Terne underneath the Shroud that has existed for approximately 3500 years. The shroud is a region covered by supernatural clouds that prevent any and all sunlight from passing through.

The Helsing of PX3 is not the same hellhole that existed on PX2. The city did rapidly deteriorate when the shroud was first put in place until the time that Sunshine Umbrous took control of the city. Using the sizable fortune of the Umbrous family both legitimate and non, she refurbished and repaired the condemned Arena in Helsing. With this one act people began to care about the city, and the attitude became infectious when Sunshine Umbrous herself went into legitimate business.

With the help of both Craven Enterprises and Unseelie Heavy Industries, building repair projects began to flourish and previously condemned buildings were brought up to code or demolished and rebuilt. This was a slow but steady progress as the quality of life improved for the average joe with the building of an actual pokecenter with walls rather than set up as a MASH unit was the final cornerstone of project.

Fast Forward 1500 years, Helsing is a heavily industrial city. They specialize in the manufacture of everything from shoes and clothes to printed circuit boards (PCBs) and precision made Aerospace components. Employees in these sectors can count on a livable wage that will keep them sufficiently above the poverty line but pretty much bars them from the big ticket luxury items like most lower middle class workers. Still there are a number of shady places and its suspected Helsing is a port of smuggling into and out of Poqmori.


Helsing itself prides itself on being a rebellious city. It has no extradition treaties with any other cities or even The Council. Helsing is very simple politically in that they have very few laws and a fairly low 'taxation' rate.

Helsing only has two laws and that is do not kill, hurt or maim another without just cause and do not steal from another. Helsing taxation is almost entirely voluntary, those in power request (only in the case of corporations does this become a demand) that the citizens put 10% of their earnings towards civil projects and for the most part people obey this. In Helsingian terminology they call this 'paying your dues', if you live here then its up to you to help keep it running. For those who cant afford to dedicate 10% of their earnings they typically do some volunteer work.


Helsing has a strong sense of community and because of the simple laws it is relatively easy for them to deal with punishment internally. Those who steal from others in the community simply arent sold to. Those who commit violent acts within the community often find themselves the victim of vigilante justice more often than not.

Helsingians as a whole are generally hard working and mostly honest. This honesty only exists within the community, those who are outsiders to the community they arent above lying, cheating or in some cases stealing from them.