Ionara Takuyan

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Pokemorph Stats
Name:Ionara Takuyan
Species:Jolteon-morph Werepokemon
Pokemon Stats
Species:Jolteon Werepokemon
General Info
Occupation:General Repair Technician, Wannabe-writer, Student
Major:General Engineering
Voice Actor:TBD
Rating:PG-X, will not go up to X unless I know you


Youth was not easy for Ionara. Amongst a family of well known athletes and athletic-centric morphs, she was one of the few of them who dared to think away from their 'normal'. Intelligent, curious and crafty from the very beginning, she was one of those children who, instead of joining in the afternoon sport of choice, would sit in the corner taking apart a clock then putting it back together again better than before or even writing together one of her wild stories that she'd never show to anyone else. But since she was the one that would fix her relatives toys when they were too rough with them or would help them with homework, they moderately accepted her. It's not to say that she wasn't active, so she kept in reasonably well shape, but she never had much interest in sports, they could never keep her attention.

Although it was subtle, more tomboyish traits started to rise after she evolved into a Jolteon. Her parents thought it was a phase, but in truth, she started to develop a deviation of an uncommon trait of the family, a wild side developing in her in the form of the ability to become a non-morphic Jolteon. But it was different than usual, as Ionara shifted into a male non-morphic Jolteon, as opposed to a female. It only happened in that non-morphic state, but it still influenced her in subtle ways. But unlike others who developed the trait, she kept it quiet. Recently after being accepted in a local college at New Gensing for an engineering degree, she has moved in with Zandrea, one of the few cousins she could get along with despite their opposing elements, along with a pair of other cousins who had recently lost their parents. With her easygoing nature and her perchance to not take things very seriously, she's become somewhat a mediator of the entire group. Though the threat of electrocution helps a lot.


Despite her intelligence, Ionara comes off as a slight bit of a tomboy. She's not very interested in sports as the rest of her family, so her tomboy-like nature shows more in how she dresses, her technological aptitude and just generally being curious in finding out how just about everything works. And a little in a slightly forceful nature, when she truly ends up getting pissed off. But more often than not, she doesn't really seem to take things very seriously. It's not truly that she doesn't care, but she's not interested in conflict more often than she is. Instead, she takes out her frustration by working on her inventions, writing, or listening to Zandrea's music despite the Jolteon's lack of ability when it comes to music, aside from having a rather pleasant, even lovely singing voice. Otherwise, she is actually fairly easy to get along with and rather friendly if you can catch her attention. She isn't without her pride in her family and her work, however: If someone insults any one of her cousins or siblings, they're likely to get a wrench in the face. Ion, or what she calls her male pokemon counterpart, shows more of this forceful nature. But at least in this case he uses it more to get back at people who have wronged others, often seeming a bit more like a vigilante. In either case, Ionara sees her Vaporeon cousin Zandrea as almost like a sister, despite their opposing elements. Though it's a wonder that Cinder doesn't end up getting wrenched in the skull more often. Probably because it'd make her little cousin Lore upset.

Family Relations

Ionara is a cousin on Cinder's Father's side of the family, and a cousin to Zandrea on the same side. Overall, she gets along well with Zandrea, almost like sisters, though certain elemental personality traits might cause the occasional clash or two. Cinder she's rather leery of, and honestly sees as a little bit of a jerk, but for Lore's sake, she won't hurt him too badly. On the one hand, Lore is cute and innocent, then on the other, a slight bit of a pest, but Ionara still sees her as something of a younger sister.


Ionara's male counterpart, Ion, is a bit of a vigilante. They aren't separate persona's per say, but the more pokemon instincts kick in, making Ion less willing to put up with jerks or people who hurt others. So instead of turning the other cheek like Ionara would, Ion gets angry, and often times will respond violently to purse snatchers, rapists and so on. If a person befriends Ion or Ionara, Ion will defend them with all of his spark. Otherwise, Ion is friendly, especially around women, and like Ionara, always willing to lend a paw.