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Name:Kaminari Kaze
Species:Beedrill Morph
Age:Old as dirt.
Gym Membership:None
Alignment:Lawfull Good
Occupation:Crumudgeon/Trainer of the Young
Voice Actor:Walter


Kaminari is a curious study when it comes to his personality. Cursed with a second personalty, Kaminari is like a coin. On one side of the coin is the male Beedrill, gruff and sometimes cold, he revels in the anger and violence which comes with his breed. On the other side of the coin is the female Beedrill, soft and sensitive, she despises violence and seeks only peace with her inner rage. Where the male is submissive and will obediently follow, the female is dominant and will bark orders as if she really were a Queen.

Background 1

The result of a rather ambitions breeding program, Kaminari was intended to be the perfect Beedrill soilder. Desinged to be loyal to a fault and uncarring of his own welfare, he was supposed to be the pinacle of the Beedrill race. Well so much for that, thanks to a strange quirk of his genetic material, Kaminari was born with the ability to shift between a morphic and non morphic form. This abilility caused a splinter, a shimmer if you will, within his mind. As he grew so did the shimmer, manifesting itself whenever Kaminari shifted into his non-morphic form, seizing controll and doing as he pleased and earned the monicre 'The Dark Bee' by Kaminari. Though he wasn't exactly what the breeders had in mind, Kaminari still exibited some of the traits he was designed to have. Fiercly loyal, he served as the lead Bee in Her Majesty's Army before being transferred to lead Her Majesty's Royal Guard, where he flourished as a warrior and scout. After a rather tragic episode where he witnessed the Queen ruthlessly slaughter his cousin, Kaminari fled the hive and begun his life among the rest of the world.

Background 2

Kaminari's life was going well, he'd even established his own hive in a hidden valley atop Angel Mountain. That is until one fatefull day, the Bee was kidnapped and, against his will, was transformed into an even bigger freak then he already was. Where once there was only a single personality, there were now two completely seperate, but equal, personaltites, one male, one female. He's left now a slightly confused bug, unsure if he ever erally was exclusivly male, or if the newly formed female within him was already there, just waiting for her opportunity to come forward.

Background 3

After several years of dutiful service both to his Gym and to his Goddess, Kaminari took a sabbatical, travelling the lands of Poqmori, studying different species of plant, both domestic and Pokemon. During an excursion to the jungles of Peth, Kaminari was set upon by drones, sent by his Mother. Once brought before Mother, Kaminari was made to suffer the most horrible indecencies any Beedrill can suffer, including the surgical removal of his wings. This traumatic event sent Kaminari's body into a state of semi-rapid aging. His body appeared to age, but his mind remained the same. To add insult to injury, Kaminari was labeled Revenant, an Untouchable. Disgraced, Revenant retired to his mountain home, here he fell into a strange state, almost like suspended animation. He stayed this way, until the Goddess Celebi saw fit to send him to the future, giving the Old Bee a fresh start, as it were.

Kaze Family Style Jujuitsu

The Creator of the Family Style, Kaminari is perhaps one of the most powerful wielders of this deadly fighting style, but yet, he rarely ever uses it, preferring a less...in your face approach.