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Name:Karasu "Kara" Sandaa
Gym Membership:Zeta
Hometown:Aunia Province, Peth
Occupation:Robotics Engineer

"I've always been more curious than cautious. It's worked out for me so far."


A tomboy at heart, Kara is an independent young woman with a very strong sense of self. She's confident in her ability, and accepts that there are always those who are better. Brash at heart, she readily accepts challanges that might be too much to handle, and constantly pushes the envelope of what she can handle in an attempt to develop her skills. She has a mild obsession with efficiancy and cleanliness.

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Raised in Peth's Aunia province by orchard farmers, Kara has always shown an interest in mechanical things. As she came of age, rather then inherit the family farm, she left Peth to follow her engineering interests. With the goal of attending technical college in Sub-Electronica, Kara attends basic college courses in New Ginseng's university system.

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Kara is something of a freelance amateur inventor. Her devices tend to focus on laser technology and robotics, and are often powered by her own electrical current. She has not taken formal courses in these fields - She's entirely self-taught.


  • Sterling -- One of Karasu's earliest creations. A robotic Skarmory small enough to ride on her shoulder. It contains a rechargable battery pack and an adaptor system designed to absorb energy from Kara while roosting on her. It boasts full mobility and capability comperable to a live Skarmory. Sterling can function for up to eight hours without a recharge.
  • Eyeglasses -- Karasu sports 20/20 vision. Her glasses however are not worn as a vision correction. She has fitted them with a series of lenses that she can flip into place for increasing magnification. There's also a small light attached opposite these, powered by Kara's body charge.
  • Voltaic Edge Emitter -- (Thunder Fang) A compact emitter powered by Kara's body charge. The device focuses electrical energy into a cutting blade. The blade is distinctly blue-white in color. It cuts via a band of superheated plasma formed by intense electricity, like a lightning bolt. At lower settings, it can be used as a imple hand-held flashlight.
  • 'Volt'-class Lightning Cannon -- '(Charge Beam) A handheld device which uses Kara's energy to ionize local atmosphere with a powerful static charge. This is merely an aftereffect, however, as the primary purpose of the device is to fire concentrated beams of electrical energy. It is distinctly pistol-shaped.
  • Multiplex Holograph Generator -- (Double Team) Built into Kara's belt buckle. This device throws out illusionary copies of Kara as a defensive measure, to make it more difficult to discern the real Jolteon.

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