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Name:Katie Forest
Morph Age:13 Years Old
`Mon Age:Adult
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Occupation:Witch's Apprentice
Voice Actor:Joan Cusak



Once upon a time, there was a Luxray who lived in the wilds of Uto, and made her living by peddling medicinal herbs, berries, and essences she made herself. Because of her slightly grumpy nature, and because she liked to live alone, they called her That Old Woman Witch. One day, the Woman found a baby Meowth who had been left abandoned in a berry patch because of her peculiar appearance. She took the Meowth in, and named her Katie. From the first time she was able to cross the floor of the house on her own, Katie took to following the old woman around. People began to call her 'The Witch's Familiar', but really, all Katie was good at was finding shiny, valuable objects and bringing them back to her mistress.

As Katie grew more and more to like her friend and 'master', she began to wish she could help her more and more with things like finding berries, or selling her homemade apothecary wares. But the Luxray was old, and in her old age, not only going blind, but was plagued by rheumatism. And winter made things ever so much worse. One winter, close to mid darkness and thick snow, the woman fell ill. And worried, Katie began to look out th window into the stars visible high above, and made a wish, that she could be more helpful to her mistress. For she was but a little cat, and could not cook, or clean, or sew. Then, for the first time ever, she curled up on the woman's bed, and cried herself to sleep.

Werther it was Jirachi answering her wishes, or whether it was simply a negligible curse of genetics that was activated by the stress of the time and the heaviness in her heart, Katie would never know. (And to this day she swears it had to have been Jirachi answering her wish.) But in the morning, as the sun's light gleamed through the bedroom window, Katie awoke to find herself no longer a Meowth, but a Morph. A Meowth Morph. She was overjoyed, and at once went to work trying to do everything she had seen her mistress do. It took some time, but by midday, she mastered the art of walking, and making soup, which she brought to her mistress.

From there on, Katie accepted her life as a Morph-- though soon found she could just as easily change back into a simple meowth again if she closed her eyes and concentrated on it -- with aplomb. She helped nurse her mistress back to health. And what's more, the Old Woman decided to adopt her as her daughter, AND, to make her an apprentice to her alchemist and herbologist ways. And so, now, this is Katie's life, and she's going out to enjoy it.


Katie is somewhat coy. Sure of herself; yet at the same slightly shy toward the rest of the world. Still not quite used to the aspect of clothing, and sometimes forgetful in that way cats are (On purpose, of course) she can be found making trouble by wearing something completely inappropriate, or by trying to leave the house completely naked entirely. Sometimes mischievous, though, in the end, she inevitably means well. Generally, though, she's mischievous and chipper.


At the moment, Katie has no pokemon; as she technically counts as a pokemon herself while she's in her non-morphic form, there's no need (or so she thinks) for her to have a regular pokemon. When asked why she doesn't want one, she will usually use her 'mother's' antisocial tendencies as a reason why she has no pokemon.

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