Kevyrn Hitsuki

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Name:Male: Kevyrn Hitsuki

Female/herm: Blaze Hitsuki

Gender:</td>Gendershifter, originally male</td></tr>
Species:</td>Quilava Pokemorph</td></tr>
Height:</td>Male: 5'8" Female/Herm: 5'5"</td></tr>
Weight:</td>Male: 152lbs Female: 122lbs</td></tr>
Alignment:</td>Neutral Good</td></tr>
Occupation:</td>Video Game Store Manager</td></tr>
RP Preferences:</td>Just about anything, but it never hurts to ask first</td></tr>
Male VA:</td>Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers: Crash Override)</td></tr>
Female VA:</td>Caitlin Glass (FMA: Winry Rockbell)</td></tr>


The Hitsuki family is one of the few, uncommon families that date back for many centuries centuries. It's a proud and wealthy family... But those long standing, wealthy families all have their secrets and their black sheep. Long ago, when the family was still attempting to take root, one of Kevyrn's ancestors had accidently angered a powerful witch. So insulted, she cursed the family for as long as it would last, so that every third child born to a couple in the Hitsuki family would fall victim...

For the longest time, the couples in the Hitsuki family managed to avoid having more than two children since the first time the curse showed itself. Until Kevyrn. Desperate for another child after their oldest was killed in a gang fight, Anasia and Teven Hitsuki chose to throw caution to the wind, and as a result, Kevyrn was born. For a while, their fears seemed unfounded. Kev was as normal of a child as they could hope for. And a brilliant one at that. Growing up, he developed a knack for computers, being able to wire and rewire systems even younger than he was. He loved computers of all kinds, but his true interest was in video game consoles. He could do things with those consoles that they shouldn't have been able to do, bumping performance and speed, playing games that weren't meant for the system... But life wasn't all about computers. He was also a very social child, and very friendly, somehow managing to avoid the antisocial factor that tends to go along with people who work with computers and electronics. After their eldest was killed, his parents insisted that Kevyrn learned to defend himself. He picked up the quarterstaff, and learned quickly how to control it, and utilizing his flames with it. He also started training pokemon, and quickly fell in love with the thrill and pride of watching his pokemon win.

He graduated from high school early at the age of sixteen, and college just some four years later. The curse never reared its head, and for a time, it was suspected that it had disappeared with the ages. That is, until Kevyrn evolved. It showed up just a day after he evolved into a Quilava, in the form of a painful but quick gendershift into a female. They were stuck like that for several days before he shifted back, but their life had already been turned upside-down. Now they shift into a female or herm and back again with little warning, and with little control. But they made the best of it, and posing as a twin brother and sister, took over one of the up-and-coming video game stores in New Gensing when its previous owner passed away.

Family History

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While most people who come from long and wealthy families are known for being stuck up, ignorant jerks, to suspect Kevyrn of anything of the sort would be a major mistake. Whether male or female, they can be considered to be actually be a decent, generous person. A generally on the naive side, but otherwise, reasonably nice. Intelligent and resourceful, they can make computers and video game systems do things that they weren't originally intended to do, and will do it for a cheap price, too. They've inherited their father's fiery hot temper, which often shows up at the worst of time, getting them into serious trouble. Unlike most people who work with computers, they're actually somewhat social, a trait that's somewhat tapered off since the curse has shown up, but whether male or female, they're always on the lookout for a good time or to have fun. Especially if it's for a pokemon battle or lan party. As Blaze, she is a tomboy, but lately she has been developing some more feminine aspects to her personality while as Blaze, even though her sexuality remains the same as a male.

Gendershifting Curse

In the Hitsuki family, every third child born is born with this curse. Those born as species that don't evolve end up with this curse to begin with. Those that are born as species that do evolve only begin to show signs of the curse after their first evolution. It is, in fact, an imbalance in Kevyrn's DNA caused by the original curse. As his DNA fluctuates, he randomly transforms into a female, a female-based hermaphrodite or back to a male again. Usually it happens simply at random intervals, but can also be sometimes caused by strong emotions. He has little control over it at all, but he usually has some warning, as he tends to see visible auras about five minutes before a gendershift. Sometimes there is no warning. Kevyrn does take advantage of it to some point by posing as twin Quilava's, but the chances of him being able to keep up the charade for long are slim.


Reboot (Porygon)

This is Kevryn's first pokemon, given to him as a gift from his father after graduating high school. Mostly just your typical Porygon, except for the fact that it has a blue underbelly and a green back. It developed a glitch a year after Kevyrn started training it that occasionally makes it speak erratically, based off of bits and pieces of information it picked up from TV and the internet.

Kikanshi (Pichu)

A newer aquisition, Keveryn has only been training Kikanshi for a little less than a year, but already she's become very loyal to them. Even though she tries to keep their secret carefully, she's still just a child and loves to talk. She prides herself as a bit of an inventor, and constantly wears a small pair of engineers goggles. Sadly, her inventions aren't actually useful, since they're usually just made out of bits of scrap taped together. And that's just an example of one of her better inventions.

Aeon Gaming Store

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