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The Guilds of Kyota

The history of Kyota is steeped in traditions that are ages old in some cases up to 4000 years old. Kyota was originally a pirate colony built on a giant floating platform. Of course sooner or later the pirates got caught and the city was sunk. Only after several years of work and improvements in technology where they could create underwater domes did the cities of Kyota thrive into what they are today (Merreth and Aquilia)

Social Structure

When describing the social structure of Kyota it is important to note that it has a very 'corporate' flavor to it. Which is a hold over from pirate days where a crew was highly stratified with the captain at the top followed the the first mate and then the crew in various order, usually by seniority.

It goes without saying that anyone who is anyone in Kyota owns a company. This company can be major, minor, big, small, start-up or established... It does not matter the title of CEO is the key to getting invited to many of the important meetings and parties that executives as a whole generally share in.

Next up in the pecking order are members of board of directors. Suffice it to say they usually set the policy and procedures for companies and how they do business. Therefore, they are considered insturmental to success and are quite often considered executive members of the corporation.

After the board you find the executives. These are the hard working men and women who keep a business running and profitable. As a result they tend to do more overtime than others and get invited to the big company parties and access to plenty of perks like a company car or jet or what have you.

Below the executives you will find middle management such as store managers and others who are just a step up from the general workers. As a whole this group tends to be well taken care of by the company usually offering benefits packages and such to keep their workers in good health not because it is required but because healthy employees tend to be more productive as shown by numerous studies. People in the lower rungs are typically expendable and are the first ones cut whenever things go bad.

Political Structure

The Guilds of Kyota is an Oligarchy plain and simple. Much like the corporations underneath it, the government is treated like a corporation too and has shares which equate to votes on policies that will affect the companies and citizens of Kyota. Companies buy, sell, trade votes and lobby support from other corporations to get their agendas through if at all possible.

Government Structure

As expected the government is treated as a corporation. The odd thing about this is that the shares in the government can ONLY be owned by a corporation. These shares are directly converted into votes in the government policies on a 1:1 basis. There are only a limited number of votes and this limit is to 4 per industry. Votes cannot be sold out of industry unless the other company is getting into the particular industry that the vote is coming from. Having even a single share in the government qualifies the company as a 'Major Corporation'.

The ways to obtain votes to get a major corporation are to buy them from another company which is fairly difficult or trade them for votes in another industry that they are also in or lastly and most successfully is to instigate a hostile take over by purchasing more than 50% of the opposing corporations shares. Once this is achieved the new owners can force the corporation to give their shares to their company.


The Guilds of Kyota have traditionally tried to maintain a neutrality with other nations when possible. After all you do not want to be at odds with potential customers. Regardless because of ideological differences there is no small amount of tension between The Guilds of Kyota and Tundria Union. Mostly due to the treatment of the workers on the bottom of their own scale.

National Relations

  • Allied With
    • Noone
  • Neutral To
    • Everyone
  • Hostile To
    • Tiamoga

Economic Structure

Kyota is a pure capitalist society. An individuals self worth is measured entirely in the money they have, the house they own and the car(s) they drive. There is very little in the way of social programs other than 'Workfare' which is to say little better than state supported slavery. Those in the 'Workfare' program tend to get the worst jobs that Kyota has to offer such as mining, sewage treatment plants, garbage pick up, etc...


Kyota imports quite a good bit of consumer materials. It also serves as a center of business and gets plenty of students wishing to learn business from the many business colleges.


Kyota's major export is in brainpower. Those who graduate from the various business colleges and such in Kyota are definitely primed and ready to be Executives and CEOs of companies both in Kyota and outside of it. Considering most of the Kyotan natives work outside of the country as executives and send money home this helps to offset the deficit that would normally be acrued from large amounts of importing.

Spiritual Structure

Kyotan citizens do not have any specifically powerful belief structure about them. However, many choose to revere Suicune and Lugia given their cities penchants for being near water or under it. There is no official state religious mandates to support this either.

Religious Beliefs

There are some religious festivals which have been converted into basically a consumer holiday. These typically take place at points where Poqmori is closest to the sun and has the strongest tides. These holidays usually have lots of depitictions of Suicune and Lugia involved as people sometimes try to keep them appeased so their cities do not fall victim to floods or other catastrophes.