Lirr Kindle

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Name:Lirr Kindle
Gym Membership:None
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Title: None
Size: 2' tall and roughly 20 pounds.


Not easy to make friends with, as she doesn't trust many of those she meets. Her life did that to her. Those she does meet, are met with a type of affection that would suffocate most anyone, clingy and such. Those she makes enemies with? Well, it's hard to get her to stop hating them. She dwells on her rage too much to let any room for forgiveness.


Eventful. That's the word. In her entire life, this fire-type has had all sorts of drama and adventure. Let's just look at the stuff that made her who she is for now. When she was a hatchling, she wandered around alot, often getting lost in the larger cities and ending up causing alot of problems for her parents. Did I mention them? No? Well, her parents were both Charizards, pure blooded. Her father was remarkably smart which had made him a professor, believe it or not. The strangest part about this is that neither of her parents are morphs. Anyways, her father excelled in the field of space technology. Unfortunately, his large size meant it was difficult to get any job other than teaching it and learning about it, rather then using it to help the development of anything.

Her mother was just that. A mother. That's all she wanted to be. As a result of this, she spoiled her children greatly, taught them the ways of the world, and prepared them for anything life may throw at them. The problem with life is that it often throws things that one is not ever prepared for, which is the equivilant of having a grenade thrown at you. Lirr wasn't prepared for what happened after the first four or so years of her life. Her parents, due to the Groudan government, were found to be guilty of a horrible crime that she couldn't understand. This had dropped her into a world of foster homes. She had known good foster parents, and bad ones too. Often enough she had ended up being switched to some other home.

"Please treat this 'mon like you would treat a morph." The words in Lirr's file. She had grown up in that world of difficult bonding and seperation, desensitized to it after a while. In school, she was often teased for being a 'mon. Like she cared at all what they thought. When she eventually reached an age where she could fend for herself, she had disappeared from the open world, not to be seen for a long time. Most didn't care, they knew that she is a smart 'mon, she could get out of a bad situation.

This area in her life was an adventure in itself. She was picked up by those of devious intentions, being bought and sold like merchandise. She had horrible experiences as most of these ones were lecherous, or abusive. She got real quiet for a long time. Then one morph took mercy on her. A Magmar-morph with a particular amount of wealth, who delved into the bad habits, without turning into a bad person. He gave her his last name, gave her a new life, and made sure nothing else happened to her. Keeping her safe and sheltered.

As luck would have it, one thing led to another and this morph died out of a situation that went terribly awry. This left Lirr with a choice. To get the hell away from that world. And the individuals, every single one of those lying, cheating, horrid pigs ended up being punished for their crimes when she spilled the beans about their business. Revenge was sweet. Then the firelizard moved to New Ginseng, where she is now, looking for a university to sign up for, and wishing everyone would take her seriously.


She likes to correct anyone she meets unless told to do otherwise. It often makes it hard to keep her as a friend. That, and she enjoys water more than other fire-types would. (The tailflame indicates her health, IE. If it's dim then she's incredibly tired or sick. This means that that tailflame going out doesn't do anything to her health, just makes it harder to tell if she's sick/tired/whatever.)


Her street knowledge is a useless trait in her current surroundings, however she is very intelligent, observant, and hard to fool. Her distrust of others often makes it difficult to pull a fast one on her. As for what other people say about her... She is that shining fire-'mon with the large intelligence and the morphlike habits.