Lore Ofuda

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Name:Lore Ofuda
Age:15 Years Old
Badge Count:1
Alignment:Lawful Good
Voice Actor:Niketa Calame



The only child of her family, Lore's parents were often too busy to take care of her, and so left her, from an early age on, more often in the hands of babysitters. Without proper parental guidence, and often being stuck in the hands of elderly granny types, Lore has become prone to several tendencies: great naivity, extreme (sometimes annoying) duty to being proper, and not really knowing much about the world around her past daytime soap operas and game shows.

When she was fourteen, an incident occurred that lead to her evolution as well as her 'independance' from her family; her parents decided to take her with them, for once, on a ski trip, and a terrible accident ended up in Lore being lost without her parents in the wilderness for several days, and evolving as a result of it. Her parents' bodies were never found; it's presumed they may still be alive.

In the meantime, however, Lore has returned to the city she was born in (Ginseng) to stay in the family's apartment, demanding that she knows enough about life to get along on her own. Since returning to the city, however, she has found life to be much more difficult than she first thought. Still somewhat dependent on 'Aunties', or the elderly grandmothers who used to watch her, she is trying to wean herself of them by only going to them for help with things like laundry or cooking.

Lately, she has met some new friends: Zaradel, a Lucario, Samui, a Glaceon, Mazurek, a Treecko. She is quite happy and loyal to all her friends, even though she's found sometimes differences of opinions come up. And for Samui's sake, she's begun trying to overcome her fear of pokemon battles, to try and prove herself brave and useful should another incident arise where she needs to be.


Somewhat naive, Lore is generally willing to do whatever anyone else who's older than her says. Easily railroaded into doing things that might not be right, however, more often than not leads to great trouble indeed. Either way, she rarely causes trouble for others, and is always quick to apologise if she thinks she's done something wrong. A generally nice person, she believes in calling everyone 'Miss', or 'Sir', or using their last names to be proper; but if she does get to know someone on a first name basis, she might as well call them by that name, too. Doting and loyal to her friends, she's someone who feels bad if she ever lets anyone down.


A young Glaceon, around the age of fifteen, with blue-to-white hair that reaches about the mid of her back and blue eyes. She's built lean in the body, modest in the bust, and appropriately curvy for a 'Morph her age. This, however, is but a first glance of Lore.

Closer inspection reveals finer details; a lithe form that is built for acrobatics, and running, with swift legs, strong arms, combine with a thick, fluffy pelt of ice blue fur that seems to almost resemble a light dusting of snow; the kind skiers look for on winter days. Like all glaceon, she has lapine-like ears, a pointy, fluffy tail tipped in a diamond of darker blue fur, and Ice-shard shaped markings of blue upon her back. Her hands and feet both are colored the same blue, with dark black silky pads on the bottom of her feet, and similar padding on her hands. Her bangs are shiny and smooth, dark blue. And down the sides of her face are long tufts of white fur, with diamond-shaped blue tips.

She tends to wear sweaters, and skirts, both the type one might imagine a girl under the care of Nuns would wear, meant to obscure her form from others. In fact one might almost assume she had an overprotective parent from how plainly she's dressed. She wears no shoes at most times. Around her neck, she wears a pink ribbon with a heart-shaped locket of lavender color. Around her wrist, a charm bracelet with of silver with 'Evolution stone' charms of precious gems.


None (As of yet)

Gym Badges

Lore has won the following Badges:


Gym membership/leadership/rank

Lore is not a member, leader, or ranking officer in any gyms at this time.

OOC Information

Name Pronunciation: Lore is said as 'More', or 'tore', while Ofuda is pronounced Oh-foo-da.

Instant Messager: Lore's player has no IM programs.

E-mail: Lore's player can be contacted through email via typomouse @ gmail.com (Minus the spaces.)

Alt Characters: Inle

Picture: Lore's player is currently looking for an artist to draw Lore. Please contact her on the MU* with all offers, however please understand no money can be paid for this service.