Loretta Truesdale

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Name:Loretta Truesdale
Gym Membership:Space Pirates (Zeta)
Badges:Loretta holds all badges to date.
Occupation:Martial Arts Instructor / Gym Leader


Loretta Truesdale is a wandering Weavile morph swordswomen, born in the high rises New Ginseng and a fighter to hir very core of being. All hir childhood life, shi's been juggled in between various of the finest and most skilled martial arts trainers and masters of swords craft, making hir an adept opponent and deadly competitive with others. When shi's not fighting for the Space Pirates, shi'll usually be busy honing hir skills alone or teaching hir students, namely Porphyrios, new techniques. Recently it'd been said that shi is now Co-Leader of the Zeta Gym and gives challenges regularly.

Background Information

Early Days

Loretta was born into the Truesdale clan, a family centered in New Ginseng, where she was raised. Her parents tested Loretta's fighting ability to it's limit from the day she was born, enrolling her to many personal martial arts professionals to develope her fighting talent as a young Sneasel, along with her childhood best friend and crush, a young male Breloom morph named Damien. All was routine fighting excerises until one day, on her fourteenth birthday. She wandered out to an outside balcony of the city and sparred with her friend to celebrate, but threw her caution to the wind in her excitement. As a result, her accidently threw Damien over the edge of the balcony and almost to his death. It was at that moment, she evolved and was able to save her friend with her new found agility.

First Steps on the Path to becoming a Warrior

After the incident with Damien, Loretta was contained as the elders of the clan discussed the rescue. To her surprise, they where rather impressed with her skill rather than intent on punishing her. So, Loretta was put under the charge of Master Daishi in his swamp dwelling in Peth, one of the most revered martial artists in the family, who taught her how to develope her hand-to-hand skills rather than her swordsmanship. She was trained under grueling routines against the hostile environment of the swamp for three years, until one day...

The Final Test

Daishi gave Loretta her final test. It was to use all her teaching, whether it be her martial arts, or her swordsmanship, to land a singal blow on her Infernape teacher. The match raged on for hours, in pouring rain, and the Weavile couldn't seem to strike her teacher once, with his superior form and mastery of combat he just seemed to side-step everything she threw at him, or counter it and hit her back with twice the force. Finally, when the two had begun to continue the battle up the largest tree in the bog, a flash of lightning blinded Daishi, and his student was gone. After Daishi realized Loretta was attacking his flank, it was too late. The student struck her teacher in the ribs powerfully with a tree limb and knocked him clear into the bogwater below.

Leaving Home Proud

Loretta had passed her test, but was also distressed, afraid that she'd killed her trainer. After retrieving him from the pond however, Daishi merely chuckled. She had passed the test, and was charged with the full fledged title of a graduated clan warrior. Returning to New Ginseng, the clan elders christined her with Adriel, her obsidian katana, and set her off into the world to seek out powerful opponents, with their hopes of her achieving new found strength and glory for the entire family.

Ascension to Glory

Only a few mere months from leaving her home, Loretta had gained all eight badges of Poqmori's gym league, a gym membership with the Space Pirates and considerable fame within the Pokemon League as well as the love of her life. Her dreams seemed to all be coming true, when she was kidnapped by a radical group of cultists known as the Disciples of Rynos.

The Birth of a Pokemon Master

After almost losing her life twice by their hands, she finally defeated the cultists with the help of her friends deep within the Rolling Hills region, which is now known as the smoldering crater. Although the Disciples' attacks had left their wounds to be mended, the Weavile had ascended beyond most others in the ranks of power, and become one of the elites; one of the Pokemon Masters of the world.


Loretta tends to be kind and understanding to others, if anything it could be said that shi's blunt in most cases and will not hide things that shi's done. If depressed or angry, shi'll usually take a stoic approach, and if shi cannot hold that, shi will snap. Might it be added that shi is absolutely insane in battle, although this has improved greatly over time.


Shi's obviously not a modest one; you can tell that by taking one look at hir. This Weavile is usually seen in slate gray sash like bindings, one to hide hir breasts and the other to conceal the upper extremity of hir legs; both which are embroidered with odd circular designs and symbols. Whether shi dresses like this to distract the people shi challenges or simply for preference is unknown. Being a swordswomen also probably means you should carry a sword with you too. Shi does, in the form of a Truesdale ancient family heirloom 'Adriel', an obsidian bladed katana which remained sheathed to the back of hir 'skirt' at all times. It has also been comfirmed she now has another katana, 'Orias', which also seems to be crystal bladed sword only white in contrast of color. Side Note: Adriel is indeed made of obsidian glass, but has never shown a crack, break or any fracture in it's usage. This being said, it cannot be broken as easily as you may think at first glance. Same seems to apply to Orias.