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Name:Lune Sakamora
Badges:Alpha(Toxicant), Beta(Iris), Beta(Orchid), Delta(Wave), Gamma(Valkrie), Eta(Foxfire), Theta(Rogue's Seal), Epsilon(Power), Iota(Soul) & Pi(Kamikaze)
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Voice Actor:Toshiyuki Morikawa
Trainer Card:


Lune Sakamora is a Godling. Throughout the majority of his life he's been shifted from place to place all over Poqmori in the service of Cresil, working for the Lord of Darkness to slay anyone and acquire anything that he demanded. This was his life for many years for the Dark Lord, until he slew the wrong person and his God denied him forgiveness. In a long downward spiral from there his soul was torn from his body and sealed away in a sword, presumably to never be heard from again.

Background Information

The Beginning of a Warrior

In the year 14875 CTS, a Riolu was born to a pair of Lucario parents. The Riolu's given name was Lune Sakamora, his eyes an icy blue and his hair a platinum blonde naturally made him stand out physically from the rest of his kind. However his outward appearance wasn't the only thing that made him stand out, his attitude was incredibly cold and uncaring compared to the rest of his species who were known for helping and being happy. Lune followed the path to becoming a Warrior at a young age, joining a martial arts training school at the age of nine made him the youngest male member of the school. Despite being the youngest male member of the school he was gifted with talents for fighting and excelled to the top of his class in a month and remained at the top for a year total until he met his match in a female Riolu who was his age named Lina Yukihana.

Entrance of a Rival

For the first time in his life Lune had not only met his match in an opponent but had been defeated by her. He became enthralled with Lina and began trying to learn everything he could about her with every method he could short of asking her himself. The two became rivals of sorts in his mind, though she never showed any real intention of this herself just playing his attempts to defeat her as some misplaced sense of pride that he was trying to regain after his defeat. The fact of the matter was that she could read everything he was doing with ease and it made him even angrier. After nearly a year of straight defeats from the female, he took his leave from the village vowing that when he returned he would defeat her even if it cost him his life in the process.

The Path to Darkness